Comrade Prince Razak Abdul Moomin Tachi is a young, vibrant upcoming politician who believes in Honesty, Integrity and Transparency. And making reference to these adjectives in this paragraph, this young man have indeed exhibited up to speed his ability to lead people in the last four years as the Regional Treasurer for the great NDC party in the upper west region and for that matter should be given the opportunity once again to lead the party in this office.

Below are few achievements under his leadership as the Regional Treasurer in the last four years.

Through his dynamic and innovative thinking of doing things right, this vibrant Young man ensured that all constituencies in the region opened Bank Accounts.
The brain behind this move is to ensure that monies meant for constituencies are not channelled through individual hands to reduce the tendency of monies getting missing before they get to their required destinations and also to improve transparency in the way and manner party funds are disbursed.

Again, many people think that communicating the ideology and philosophy of a political to the masses is the sole responsibility of the party's elected communication officer but that isn't the case.......as a Regional Treasurer, PRINCE RAZAK TACHI made it a habit to always apportion his schedules to enable him get some time to go to the Radio station once in a while to speak in defence of the party pertaining the kind of policies the government that time and the position of the party on certain matters of national importance if any.
Further more, I want to assure all members of the NDC in the upper west region that when am given the Nod once again, he will continue working hard to ensure that the party's Financial grounds are well established to enable us as a political party that is poised to win power to execute a rebost campaign come 2020 that is geared towards Victory, Insha Allah.
And talking about establishing the party's financial muscle, the following would be undertaken regrossly.

1. A comprehensive fund raising modules for the party would be established through a broad level stakeholder approach.

2. Ensure that every constituency treasurer and deputy in the region is thought how to catch the fish and not only know how to eat the fish.

3. Ensure that through dialogue, there is an approved method in percentages that would be use in the disbursement of funds to the constituencies from the national level taking into consideration the population and the landmark of the constituencies in order to avoid any inconvenience interms of some constituencies suffering from logistics and resource constraints like what happened in the just ended constituency elections where some constituencies even as we speak, are still struggling to pay off their debts incurred during the elections as a results of the flat percentage rate used by the party's National Executive Committee which saw all the constituencies nationwide being given GH¢5,000.00 each not taking into consideration the size of the constituency interns of the number of Polling Stations, number of delegates involved, Proximity of the towns with regards to Transportation and the landmark of the constituency.

In conclusion, I will on this note appeal to all our hardworking and intelligent delegates in and across the Upper West Region to Please VOTE and VOTE massively for PRINCE RAZAK ABDUL MOOMIN TACHI once again as the UPPER REGIONAL TREASURER For the NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS (NDC).

Prince Razak Abdul Moomin Tachi

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