I have been researching about this Valentine day celebration who has taken over the world for sometime now.  Unfortunately my curiosity has not been satisfied. The fundamental information that is dominant from my research is that it originated from the old Roman Empire as a special day set aside for men to make sacrifices with animals and use the tails of those animals to whip their female counterparts. The females queued to be whipped since it was believed to be a source of fertility.

Elsewhere,  I have also read that some two people with such names were executed on 14th February of different years in Roman, precipitating the day later to be celebrated as a Saint day.  The significance per their belief, is to celebrate love. There are several other contradictory but interesting narrations about this day but that isn't my area of interest.  I'm looking at it as celebrated by the current generation across the globe.

Firstly,  I am a Christian and don't underestimate the significance of love to we Christians and in human race at large .  Of course, it is for love that our Savior,  Jesus Christ died for us. If Christians consider Valentine therefore as a Christian festival,  then, the wisdom behind it must be explained explicitly in the churches to guide the youth from any distorted beliefs about the day. Most preachers have done little about this subject matter and I will say without any equivocation that I am absolutely disappointed at most Christian leaders. The day in its current state is evil and opens a very wide path to hell. I'm not a prophet of doom though.

The mere mention of the name by the youth these days, only breeds antichristian cum immoral acts.
I have had a series of interaction with friends on how they are going to celebrate this 14th February 2017. I was not only  flabbergasted but worried of some of the responses.  While others are planning of going out with their girl friends for all day sex,  others are thinking of night clubs, swimming pools and the likes. Interestingly,  I have not heard any of them talked about going to church or making a love one or friend happy at home. What then makes it a Christian festival if these are the negative thoughts about it?

What is more annoying is the outrageous demands of ladies from their supposed boy friends and partners, ranging from red shirts and accompanying combinations, new phones,  cash,  special outings to expensive places among others. Is that our understanding of love?  It is no news to know that many people break their relationships on this profane day probably because of their inabilities to meet their expectations or because of issues of cheating and premarital sex.  One can argue that the day is synonymous to indiscriminate sex day.  Yes that is the fact!

If Africans have really borrowed any aspect of western culture that is unhealthy to the growth of the continent,  then,  certainly,  some of these useless festivals like the Valentine day,  is not an exception.  It is one of the borrowed festivals that is deeply eating up the moral fiber of our society beyond imagination.  No wonder premarital sex, adultery, lesbianism, homosexuality, among other heartless acts are considered fashionable and normal to live with. Acts that were hitherto largely alien to us. One can imagine the number of condoms that will be bought just for this day. Are the condoms being bought for offertory or special gifts?

What is more worrying is how hypocritical some religious leaders are when handling such issues. Most so-called men of God in their insatiable quest to gain more members to boom their church trade,  have been pretentious over such needless immoral acts. They preach to the demand of their members and see nothing wrong in happenings that are incongruous to basic Christian beliefs . It is very pathetic. Isn't it? The way we spent our time and resources on some needless profane activities is the reason why we continue to consume without any ability to produce in this country.

Believe me, people who cannot make an average income of hundred Ghana cedis per month,  may be able to spent more than an average of five hundred Ghana cedis. Unnecessarily extravagant in the name of Valentine day. A day many do not understand and cannot trace it's origin.

Students and teenagers are  the worse offenders and parents have opened the flood gate for them to do what they want.  You can check the dressing of teenagers tomorrow or better still go to any nearby pool or beach and see to yourself what school children do on Valentine day. I am not claiming  I am an angel. I have my fallibilities too as a man but I can state that I am never a believer or celebrant of that red festival called Valentine.  I personally abhor it because of how it is being celebrated though I am a known entertainer myself.
It is annoying to see people at tender age do certain things.  Where are we going?  Hmmmm God save us.

I urge families to show their love in their families and do not allow the young ones to go elsewhere and engage in sexual promiscuity. Couples should not cheat on each others either. The churches can better help by engaging in public preaching to correct the long standing erroneous perception about Valentine day. We cannot continue to promote immorality in the name of festivals. Enough of the profanation and moral impiety!!

Shall be back......

Denis Andaban.

Author: Denis Andaban

Denis Andaban is a young writer and practising journalist. He is also a young teacher who has an unrepentant passion for writing. He has written feature articles ranging from politics, social issues, academic and relationship. He also writes news for many online media portals. Currently, He is reading B A English Language Education at the University of Education, Winneba, Kumasi. Denis Andaban is a native of Fian in the Upper West Region

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