USAG Executives must be commended for their exceptionality

USAG stands for University Students' Association of Ghana. It is the umbrella of all University Students in Ghana.

A lot of people maybe wondering why I choose to greet the palms of our able  USAG executives at this very juncture. "Those whose palm kernel was cracked for them by a benevolent spirit," Chenua Achebe said, "should not forget to show appreciation."

Great indignation stirred in my heart when power was handed over to Tizoo and his team after one and a half year of leadership by the NKosuo led USAG. My fear had to do with the time which Tizoo would hand over since he has barely four months for his tenure to end.

 I noticed with much grief the gross incompetence, corruption, disrespect for rule of law, cronyism  that hunged menacingly on USAG during the era of the Nkusuo led USAG. 

During that time , I remember vividly how we had congress at Kesben University which ended in fight and chaos. We moved to Methodist University at Tema for an emergency congress. The situation was worst as police escorts had to save the USAG president in the mist of a disgruntled and tempestuous mob who were roaring to devour him and his team. 

The electoral commission led by Tinkaro amazed me that day as they decided to organise an election on a third floor. How pathetic and laughable Ghanaian student leaders could be! Money gone wasted, emergency congress was unsuccessful for a second time. The rest was history.

You see the sad story of our time? That was the time I was a senate member. As loud as I am , my heart was seethed with enormous grudge that I had nothing to say than to laugh miserably into my palm as though I was watching a comedy.

Today, the story seems to be changing, we are indeed observing a powerful wind of change. Tizoo( Emmanuel Kwateng) who just took over power some few months ago, is setting the records by enlarging the coast and making straight the rugged path. Though I was not present at the just ended senate, I was thrilled by the news of an adoption of a reviewed constitution of USAG.

Want to catch the amazing stuff?The venue for a new congress was determined.If this is not selflessness and service for the best interest, then, tell me what it is. A team that barely had power is willing to relax the air which had been stretched taut for almost one and a half year of bad leadership! Fantastic. My congratulations to the entire executives of USAG. Ayekoo.

 My best regards to the great Barrister Danny( FC) and Ellen( Wocom). I am proud of you guys. 

NOTE: My pen is watching and I encourage the team to defy the odds by making the upcoming congress great. I shall not hesitate to criticize any wrong.

Yours brother in Students Struggle.

 Eric Dumenu

Tel: +233240687802

Fmr. Local NUGS President of UEWK

Author: Denis Andaban

Denis Andaban is a young writer and practising journalist. He is also a young teacher who has an unrepentant passion for writing. He has written feature articles ranging from politics, social issues, academic and relationship. He also writes news for many online media portals. Currently, He is reading B A English Language Education at the University of Education, Winneba, Kumasi. Denis Andaban is a native of Fian in the Upper West Region

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