The Upper West Region is seeing tremendous improvement in every facets of life.  There is one critical sector which is rapidly developing. Unfortunately many people do not pay attention to it and many talents are still undeveloped. The creative art industry has an indispensable role in economic development. For our Region to be blessed with many talents in the movie and music sectors, we must refocus our minds to developing these many talents. Today, I write this piece to add my contributions to the development of this important sector.
First and foremost, the many up growing musicians must learn to take inspiration from those who have made it. We can boast of several stars from this our young Region. At least, I can mention Samini, Nuella Wiyaala, David BB, Prince Karim, Raphius Samingos, Rasbadingu, Imoro Ayaana among others. All these guys are making us proud with their talents. They all started with a very humble beginning. In my humble opinion, these are some of the guys that that have that have motivated the many youth who are now into it. Today, the numbers of youth who are into music in the region are almost uncountable and are indeed proving their abilities. What one will expect is healthy competition and not needless rivalry at the time we need to collectively work hard to push ahead our talents. The young musicians are good but they are doing themselves more harm than good with their needless personality attack on one another.

Also, musicians if they are committed to uplifting the region through their talents must a matter of fact consider creativity and effective management. Most of these guys lack any professional managers who understand what music production, marketing and promotions are about. The few that are lucky to have managers do not even respect them in one way or the other. Once you have taken somebody as a manager, you must remain humble and submissive to him. I know what I am talking about.

Then again, let’s look at the rate at which tracks are being released. A good manager or musician will consider timing or spacing very paramount in promotion and marketing. You may release a good track but if the timing is wrong, forget of hitting. What I want to say is that you cannot be releasing singles almost every day and expect to be on top in music promotion at this level. I know of these young musicians who are very good and can go far but they must consider technicalities in the industry very necessary.

We must also consider that we have few DJs in the region who are committed to promoting the upper west music. Permit me to give credit to D J Tobile, Original Isaac, D J Derrygee, D J Alaska, D J Lwanga, D J Lasky, D J ANNAN, D J Skinny among others who are very committed to giving so much attention to our local music in their programs. We are talking about a region where we have few sponsors for entertainment programs. Do we actually appreciate the work of these DJs? I think we must find a way of bringing our DJs on-board in our marketing and promotion. I must commend all the radio stations and sound owners who create an enabling environment for our DJs to do what they are doing.

More importantly, the Upper West Musicians Union must be proactive and draw a strategic plan to streamline the activities of all musicians in the region. That is the only way we can attach more value to our music in the region.

I urge all musicians to be original and consider our culture very paramount. The support of the region would be assuring more if the music really portrays the culture of the people. I am not by this dictating the style of music by any musician but you cannot always go exotic and sometimes profane and expert to gain support. Let’s be original, creative, humble and patient enough. We have a better future ahead.
Denis Andaban popularly called in Entertainment as Rasdonkey.

Author: Denis Andaban

Denis Andaban is a young writer and practising journalist. He is also a young teacher who has an unrepentant passion for writing. He has written feature articles ranging from politics, social issues, academic and relationship. He also writes news for many online media portals. Currently, He is reading B A English Language Education at the University of Education, Winneba, Kumasi. Denis Andaban is a native of Fian in the Upper West Region


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