UDS graduates the first batch of Doctors of Medical Laboratory Science

Meet the first batch of professional doctors of Medical Laboratory Science in Ghana!

This makes them the first in Africa.

In 2009 when WAHO thought it necessary to advance the diagnostic sector across it's member states by proposing this medical specialty to train professionals to the highest standard it didn't sound very possible. Their dream of seeing professionals in this specialty work across boarders irrespective of the state in which there were trained could not come to fruition except when professionals have enough time to gain all the required body of knowledge and pass a West African professional licence examination.
It seemed like a joke when rumours broke out UDS was starting the MLS.D program in Ghana!  Second university in the world.
Many thought it was just the usual talks. But today, we have the first batch out and changing the status quo. I can't mention all their names here  but some of these elite group of professionals are living the dream of WAHO today by working in laboratories outside of Ghana!
So I am proud to say, we have moved from the certificate program (LABASS)  where we were trained on the bench to an elite phase of the profession Doctor of Medical Laboratory Science trained in universities and teaching hospitals. It was through the sweat of great men that got the profession where it is today!
  There is no successful revolution in the history of man except it was fought aggressively by people that was threatened by it.
I know fellow professionals still have a lot of unanswered questions about the new development. While some of this questions may be genuine, most are used as tools to ridicule the progress being made!
Nonetheless we would do well to enlighten the public and fellow professionals on this page as time goes by. It reminds me when the bachelor degree of Laboratory scientist was being rolled out, a lot was heard from people both outside the profession and fellow professionals. "you don't need degree to work in the lab." "it is just a waste of time and resources" what is the difference between the diploma and degree? " were some of the comments making rounds!  Today do we have to say what the change has brought?
The questions I want to end with are: What kind of a man fights against his own progress?
What bad could professional advancement result to that makes it deserve sabotage?

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