The Unprecedented Orientation Of Lambussie Constituency NDC Branch Executives

The constituency executives of the Lambussie Constituency organised their maiden and unprecedented capacity building orientation for their branch executives. It was a well organised and power packed programme spearheaded by their dynamic and indefatigable youth organiser, Mr. Alipo, and the communication officer, under the theme: "The role of the Youth wing in rejuvenating the grassroots for speedy re-organisational process of the party. Operation heal all the wounds, cement all the cracks and be solid for victory 2020".

The programme which was held at the premises of the constituency chairman was well patronised by the branch executives, constituency executives, regional executives, the member of parliament and some other well meaning comrades. Indeed, the programme served as a projector that magnified their unflinching quest to recapturing power come 2020. It was organised with the core aim of fortifying, rejuvenating and equipping the constituency executives with the necessary skills in preparation for victory in the 2020 election.

The constituency youth commander, Mr. Alipo, briefing the audience on the purpose of the programme stated that the programme was the first of it kind so far. "This programme is the first ever being organised in the constituency. We organised it at this particular time to properly equip, fortify, rejuvenate and strengthen our branch executives to start championing the crusade of operation win hands down". He added, "this orientation will equip us with the necessary skills and some technical techniques that will automatically strengthen us and make our work towards the 2020 election simpler and easier. This will safe us from the convenient game theory of political deception from this substandard government ".

The first speaker, Mr. Prosper Puoire, the vociferous and dynamic Upper West NDC Communication Officer, spoke on the topic, "Equipping the youth with the requisite skills and aptitude to enable them participate actively in healing the wounds and cementing the cracks as part of the re-organisation process". He painstakingly took the audience through the enviable ideological orientation of the NDC. He further entreated those on social media to share the current happenings in this government with all party members at the branch level. "I plead with those of you on social media to update all our party members at the branch level, the current happenings in this government so that our people will be abreast with issues. This will enable them to communicate effectively to the people in and around the constituency. When this is done Ghanaians will not be deceived again". He said, "at any level you are speaking, the people look at where you are saying what you are telling them. They look at the personality doing the talking, that is who is communicating? And finally, what at all are you communicating to them"? Mr. Prosper vehemently stated "these are the basic things people look out from you executives".

Again, the regional communication officer charged the executives to start organising branch meetings if they have not started. He said, "you have to start holding branch meetings with our people at the branch levels if you have not started. It is very significant to meet often and discuss few things about the forward movement of the party. It is not only the duties of the constituency or regional executives to call meetings at the branch levels. We have to put aside personal issues and benefit greatly from the branch meetings. We must be hospitable not only to our comrades but also to non-comrades so that we can win more souls for NDC. This is the time. Our elders do say that slow runners begin running early, that they may reach the middle of their journey before the fast runners start their journey".

Mr. Prosper Puoire further admonished executives to be vigilant with hearsay because hypocrites are many. He said, "the NDC parliamentary elections will be coming off soon. We have to be very careful with hearsay. The hypocrites and hearsay at all levels are likely to take the center stage in our party in a no distant time as we journey towards this crucial exercise. Let us play crucial roles in electing credible and winnable flagbearer and parliamentary candidates".

The second speaker, the gallant and humble Regional Youth Organiser, Mr. Nicodemus Dery, spoke on the topic, "Conscientising the youth in social democracy ". He told the audience that each and everyone has a sacrosanct responsibility to ensuring victory come 2020, but the sacrosanctity of that collective effort can only be manifested if we ourselves make up our minds. He said, "each of us has a responsibility, our responsibilities are not to blame one another but to work for victory. We have to work so that we all will benefit from the party's development when we come to power. Anybody who fails to work will not benefit when we win. No contribution, no chop. He went further to ask a rhetorical question, "how are we re-organising ourselves to win the 2020 election?

He charged the youth to prepare themselves for the 2020 election. "We the Youth must get prepared to police the ballot boxes in the 2020 election. We will not sit down and allow the NPP and its invisible forces to hijack the electoral processes. We must not remain in opposition after the 2020 election. We will win the election but it all depends on us".

Commander Sylvester Bawilse Boyuo who is a former police commander took members through the topic, "Conscientizing the youth towards protecting the ballot box,
Presidential and parliamentary election 2020; the role of the NDC youth wing of Lambussie constituency". He said that the youth are the strong pillars in every vibrant political party. The victory of any party depends largely on the youth wing. One major key role the youth play is protecting the ballot box as polling agents or party agents during elections. He said that the constitution has given room for every presidential or parliamentary candidate to present agents to guard their boxes. It is the youth who have the strength and are also on the ground, so they know the nitty-gritty of the constituency, hence the need for them to be engaged in this regard. Commamander Sylvester Boyuo having taken the audience through the electoral processes, called on the youth to avail themselves for the protection of the ballot boxes in the 2020 election. He added that lack of party agents and less commitment displayed by some of the polling agents were some of the contributory factors to the party's defeat in the 2016 election.

The regional women organiser also charged the women to play active roles in the activities as the party tightens its belt to recapture power. She said, "we, women are numerically stronger than the men yet we don't see you in your numbers playing key roles in re-organising the party. We have lots of associations and women groups, let's use those groups to win more souls for our party. She concluded by challenging the women, "those of you women who will be able to win five new souls for NDC will be rewarded greatly".

The Regional Organiser, Hon. Nuhu Putiaha, represented the regional chairman, Mr. Bunas as he is famously called. In his speech delivered by Hon. Nuhu Putiaha, he commended the Lambussie Constituency Executives for their proactiveness. He said, "it has not been long when we were elected but this is the fourth time we are here for power packed programmes of great magnitude. This constituency has been the pace setter in the region. They chart the path for others to emulate. That is highly commendable.

"Again, chairman Bunas ask me to tell you that the NDC presidential and parliamentary elections will be coming off very soon, so we must not allow the love for our candidates to degenerate into a deep seated cracks among us. We have to be circumspect in our utterances so that we can still work together as a party after the primaries".
Finally, the member of parliament of the constituency, Hon. Edward Dery, added that the other executives should also try their best possible to win at least five new souls for the party to enable the party win the 2020 election.

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