In times when unemployment is on the rise, the efforts of any individual to reduce this unspeakable act cannot be overlooked. It is based on this assertion the people of Kulmasa cannot hide their joy for a son, brother, uncle, father, grandfather etc who has the society at heart and contributing significantly to the development of his community, district, region and Ghana at large. It is largely argued that most rich people do not give back to the society after their service to the nation is over, well Mr Kassim has made the story different. Read with me to know how this man has made the story different.

Mr Kassim is a 64-year-old man who have been very successful in life by reckoned of his hard work. He is a retired banker who has been in the banking industry for close to 34 years. After his retirement he could have stayed elsewhere but because of his love for society and his desire to make the world a better living place for others, he came back to his village where he was born and groomed to share with his people the little he has acquired. Most people cannot hide their joy and happiness whenever his name is mentioned. For the people of Kulmasa and its environs, alone this man would have been the first gentleman of mother Ghana because even with the little he has, he have proven his worth.

A year after his retirement he returned to his hometown to set up a water purification factory (pure water ) in the community of which he has employed several of our youth who were idling and becoming a burden on the society. He has also renovated an abandoned classroom which has been well furnished and stuffed with books for the community Junior High School. He did not stop there recently an NGO donated a number of computers to the community school at the district capital and he bore the transportation cost and the renovation of the computer laboratory for the installation of the computers. Again he has been helping to pay the school fees for people who would have terminated their education because of financial constraints. Due to his reputation and dignity in the banking industry he has also helped few people to acquire jobs in the sector. You can mention and mention a junk of societal problems this man has helped solved and will never get finished.

On personal basis you cannot count the number of people he has helped in their weddings, naming ceremonies, funerals ect. Just mention the personal pressing needs of our people that have been solved and he has a hand in it. He also ensures that workers posted to the community have the greatest hospitality and a conducive environment to work and stay comfortable for their stay. Also as part of his kind nature part of his "pure water factory " has been mechanised as borehole as a source of portable water for the community use. This has brought relief on many women who use to walked long distances for water and also reduce the pressure on our two boreholes. I call him a one-man crusader towards developing the society and the country. He is indeed following the principle of been the change you want to see in the society.

These are the kind of inspiring people we need in our communities to bring the change our society needs not politicians who only comes around for campaign after which the only person you get to speak to at his office is his secretary. My people lets wising up, lets stand for our rights and desist from dirty and politics of deceit. I also want to use this opportunity to create the indulgence of our youth to join hands and educate our parents that a bag of rice, a pack of Maggi, a pack of tea from a politician cannot bring us portable water, cannot bring us quality health services, cannot bring us good roads, cannot bring us quality education and that we won't vote for such politician because they are tempering with our future now and generations to come. It is often said that a society that does not celebrates its heroes is not worth dying for. Is on this note the people of Kulmasa and its environs cannot hide their joy but express their gratitude to you for your numerous developmental projects that have helped reduce unemployment, send children back to school, provide us with portable drinking water, ensure quality education etc.

We are indeed grateful and may the good Lord replenish all that you have lost in your quest to making the society a better living place for others. Also other few well-meaning people have also contributed their quota to the development of our community we say a big thank you. We also thank those who still intend to cultivate the habit of giving back to the society, because is the only way we can develop as a community, district and a nation at large and not through politicians who have nothing to offer than bags of rice and sugar. Abraham Lincoln once said that "you cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today. " Yes, it is our responsibility to develop our community lets face it today or never.

God bless Kulmasa, bless Sawla-Tuna-Kalba district, and bless our homeland Ghana.

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