The Northern students must fix our priority of self development rather than placing it on the benefit of all. Certainly, it is the Northern Boy or Girl that you see often doing all the donkey work for others to benefit and is later abandoned.

I can state unequivocally that when you go to the bigger cities in this country (Ghana) like Kumasi, Accra, Sunyani and Techiman for instance, people you find doing the hard work are always the northerners. Apparently, I do often ask myself, why is it always the northerners? Is it that we don't deserve to enjoy the conducive work environment and the associated benefits like others from other parts of the Country?

One might think I am being tribalistic in this write up but that is my opinion and opinions they say are like noises.

Indeed, out of every ten people you see doing any dirty work nine or eight are always from the north. It is high time we went back, search for our priority and place it on self development rather than the humanitarian gains (development for all).

Let me not go far but descend to our various tertiary institutions. Our institutions, UEW-K, per my three years stay on campus, I got to realize that, my Northern brothers are being recognized than ever when it is time for students' politics. Campaigning, manifesto writing, Speech writing and defending cases at the students' court hearing are mostly done by my Northern brothers. Initially I thought the trend was going to change but it seems to be a going concern at all levels including the national level.

A classical example at the national level is the vigilante groups debacle in the country. Out of the various vigilante groups noted which the government is pretentiously fighting to disband, you will realize that 70 to 80 percent of the members are bearing the names of Northerners. Our politicians do use these groups to fight for their parochial interest. Vandalism, assassination and sabotage of their opponents are hallmarks of these people. This is done to secure victory for their pay masters. My question is, if in the process of distraction you perish your life, what benefit would your family who suffered in bringing you up will benefit? Absolutely Nothing. You might even be regarded as one of the foolish persons in this country when unfortunately you are being caught in the process.

My candid advice to my colleagues Northern Brothers and sisters, I know the general perception about our part of the country is that, "we are poor" but we have all it takes to break that bounds. According to Walter Elias Disney, he said " if you can dream it , you can make it" let's join hands together, say NO and fight hard to break that mischief myths in our minds, promote peace and the development of ourselves, our sector and the country, Ghana at large.

Thank You.

Yaro D Clifford


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