Initially, I tried not to scribble anything on this unprecedented appointment being made by H.E Nana Akufo Addo, a historic humongous and overly bloated appointment that has gained both national and international attention. My silence was to avoid a situation of writing with emotions on the issue but the temptations have been irresistible and I must break my virginity on this matter.

First of all, the 1992 constitution of Ghana mandates the president to appoint ministers of state as well as deputy ministers.  In fact, the constitution is not explicitly clear on the number of ministers of state and deputy ministers to appoint. Article 78 clause 2 stipulates "the president shall appoint such ministers of state as may be necessary for the efficient running of the state".

I am sure, it is this constitutional provision that the NPP government is manipulating by appointing the record breaking 110 ministers. In my view, common sense should have informed the president that, the humongous number appointed is a profound burden to the public purse which they seek to protect. It is not necessary and it is never a guarantee to running an efficient government.

Per my little understanding, efficiency is about using limited resources to produce more desirable results and not more desirable resources for more results. There is nothing like efficiency in putting incalculable level of burden on the purse of the ordinary Ghanaian. Again, we are being told the economy is broke so how can the economy take care of these numbers? You see how they have exposed their own lies that they inherited a broken economy from the NDC? Hahahaha so soon!!

Let me borrow the words of the Minority Leader of Parliament, Hon Haruna Idrisu " competence is not measured by size." I see it very ridiculous for anybody to think that appointing more will make the government competent. Then why don't we appoint all Ghanaians, pay them huge emoluments, buy them luxurious cars, provide them security, give them accommodation, to make our country the most vibrant economy in the world?  Common sense should tell you that appointment is made considering the size of the economy, pressing emerging development predicaments as well as expertise. All over the world, countries have relatively endorsed lean government as the most efficient. May be the NPP is living in another world.

All the answers and justifications ensuing this controversy from government have been lame, nonsensical and unconvincingly irritating. I am exceedingly dumfounded, hearing the NPP communication machinery trying to defend this incongruity. May be they are only demonstrating patriotism to NPP than Ghana, the country they seek to develop. It is very pathetic! What is more annoying is that, the NPP communication machinery bastardized the NDC government under John Dramani Mahama when he appointed less than ninety ministers. Was it based on personal hatred? Let me refresh your memory.

What makes it justifiable today to appointed 110 and probably still counting ministers? That is the level at which double standard, hypocrisy and personal hatred has reached in Ghanaian politics where people employ dirty propaganda tools to deceive  the electorate for political power and then try to play smart on the intelligence of the very people that voted for them. It is interesting indeed!!

It has been clear so far that the appointments are rewards to party cronies and friends who sacrificed and worked for the NPP to win power. It is also clear that it is all about job for the boys even after the NPP footsoldiers chased out and ceased jobs from some public servants. Why has the president succumbed to the demands and interest of party loyalists to the detriment of mother Ghana?

I don't know whether the NPP is pretending to know or they are being clueless and ignorant that this mere distribution of political appointments to party appendages is being received with public opprobrium and ample public outcry, questioning the sensibility, honesty and confidence of government. I consider the appointment as a first test and the NPP government have failed but that is just a lesson to us all.

This singular act of gargantuan power expansionism, has the propensity to catapult corruption to unimaginable proportions. I say this because, when the size of government is too large, it increases the bureaucracy in governance, creating gabs and loopholes for corruption to escalate. So many needless portfolios in public administration only hype corruption and other forms of crimes in public administration. Yes!! That is the situation we are going to see in the days ahead and you have people still defending this conduit of corruption?

The unnecessary duplication of roles in the NPP government are very obvious and people who have objective spectacles can vividly see the harm it has started causing. There is currently a confusion of duties at the presidency. In some of the appointment letters, you see the signature of the secretary to the president, in others you see that of the communication director and then the president himself. No wonder some appointments were reversed.  Check this publication out.

In all these brouhaha, I think my good friend, the  minister of information, Hon Hamid Mustafa, should kindly resign. When Ghanaians needed an explanation surrounding the unprecedented appointment, he was there panting and sweating and ended up giving insulting answers to discerning Ghanaians by saying that the NPP did not promise Ghanaians of lean government. I refer you to this publication.

I thought he was such a good communicator to handle that ministry but he loss my respect. It took the old man, the president himself to run to GBC to defend the issue only to end up embarrassing himself with uninspiring and unintelligent answers. Why should the government communication machinery be that porous and weak, to put the president in  this pathetic situation? Where lies the competence of the NPP? I see absolute incompetence, dishonesty, incapability and incoherence in the NPP government so far. The serial callers of the NPP are rather doing better discussion on this issue than what the incapable information minister and his confused boss are doing on same issues.
We cannot allow the NPP to ruin this country by sinking the economy through party aggrandizement. We won't accept it!

I am a citizen and cannot keep mute while you gamble with the development of this country for personal gains. We shall point out the ills. They can choose not to listen but let  nobody undermine the role of public discourse in any democratic dispensation.

Shall be back........

Denis Andaban

Author: Denis Andaban

Denis Andaban is a young writer and practising journalist. He is also a young teacher who has an unrepentant passion for writing. He has written feature articles ranging from politics, social issues, academic and relationship. He also writes news for many online media portals. Currently, He is reading B A English Language Education at the University of Education, Winneba, Kumasi. Denis Andaban is a native of Fian in the Upper West Region

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