It is time I add my voice to the unending debate on campus, on the topic which set of leaders, lead UEW-K for the one year. Worldwide we are facing leadership crisis in business, industry, government, labour, education and even our churches and Mosques are all said to be starving from effective leadership of which UEW-K is not an exception.

We may have many people trying to fill the vacancies and take up the mantle of leadership but the question is, are they really out to fight for students interest and welfare or are out to create, loot and share?
In fact, civilization must experience progress, and progress depends on leadership. So you can see how sensitive and critical this area of leadership is. Much attention, dedication and commitment must be given to it since it seeks to address students problems and fights for their welfare.

Let me start this whole story by attempting to define who a leader is. A leader is someone who is in charge at his work place, performing the duties of leading a group of people. It all involves establishing a clear vision , sharing your vision with others for them to follow willingly, providing information, knowledge and methods of realizing this vision.

Over the past few years UEW-K has faced a lot of challenges in choosing leaders which has affected us negatively to a great extend. Because most of these leaders were resourced parsimonious and only a few were resource spendthrift.
Considering this trend you will see clearly how our only resource which is our finance has suffered because most of our leaders are resource parsimonious. In fact, we are here today because of the actions and inactions of our leaders and the caliber of people we choose to lead us.

Leadership is not about bold, big or diabolic you are is about wisdom, competence and the desire to serve humanity and leave a good mark for one self. I must however admit that diabolism is part of politics but in situation where it is extreme you must quickly distance yourself from such person's as they will have nothing good to offer at the end of the day. Such people must be booted and hooted out before they manage their way into office. Campus politics is very dynamic and flexible so you need inside knowledge and resourceful guidance before you can choose the right person to lead. Politics is a game of win or lose but you don't win an election at all cost. Just share your vision, sell your ideas and allow students to make their decisions.

We must not be giving monies , credit or even promise appointments before we support candidates. No we are above that. In fact, some of us suffered a lot before paying our school fees and SRC dues, so we must allow any greedy politician to squander, loot and share our monies. We must get value for our monies irrespective of who you are as our leader. Let's do the right thing so that we can hold leaders accountable for their spendings because it is one of the many qualities of a leader he must be held accountable. It's true everyone has a candidate he/she supports but let do our background checks well and know the people we seek to support very well before even convincing others to join us blindly as we have.

The last set of leaders we need is leaders with extreme diabolism, sugar quoted words and fake boldness and pretense just to convince us to put him/her in office to execute his devilish plans. This year propaganda must stop, dirty politics and politics of tribalism and regions of origins must stop. We are all human beings irrespective of your tribe or region we all deserve the opportunity to be leaders. And no candidate should hide behind any false and dubious ways just to seek students votes, let's come clean and do the right thing and we shall be voted for. Just be clear in your doings and allow students decide your fate.

Again we don't need media men to lead us, nor do we need people with packed CVs. We have seen SRC Presidents with packed CVs who have failed worth fully, some very bold and could bring the whole local assemble meeting to a hault even when they don't have a case. We need a committed, dedicated, visionary and above all God fearing people to lead us.

Follow students let's go back to the drawing board, think very well, subject our candidates to serious scrutiny and know why they really want power before we vote them. We deserve better services from our leaders but we must first make the right choices.

Moreover let's seek guidance and ask questions from those ahead then coupled with our own principles and beliefs then we can vote wisely.

Let's do clean politics and stop the propaganda and UEW-K shall work again. I also pray that the good Lord guide us through this elections. Students must be served and served well. Wishing all hopefuls the best of luck in your quest of seeking to become a leader. Students interest first my stands.
God bless students of UEW-K
God bless UEW-K and
God bless our homeland Ghana.

Wahidu Saaka
Accounting level 200

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