In recent times, the high rate of road accident has generated a lot of public discourse on its effect on the human resource of the nation. One school of thought held the argument that, the phenomenon has unleashed horrible scenes of the death of loves than any known killer disease in the past few years in the country. In a related development, the politicians have continued to play gamble with the lives of the ordinary citizens as regards road carnage living our roads as safe havens for disaster.

Even though it is objective and true in the deepest sense possible that some drivers are to be blamed for most roads accidents, it is my sincere and most considered judgement that the blame should not be put squarely on their doorsteps. Speaking through an objective lens, the causes of road accident and its resultant effect on the human resource of the country is a multifaceted one and the cause would not be traced if we keep on romancing with the truth.

Taking it a step further, It will shock you to know that statistics from the Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate shows that an average of six ( 6 ) people die in road accident every day in Ghana according to DSP Mr Alexander Obeng on Xyz 93.1fm (Monday 16th April 2018).

To strengthened his argument, he held that statistics from his outfit shows an average of 59 people get injured nationwide through road accident every day since the beginning of 2018.He further intimated that if an estimated number of Five Hundred and Ninety Two (592) Ghanaians could die mercilessly through road accidents within a period of three months (1st January- 31st march) this year, and over Three Thousand Three Hundred (3300) could equally sustained various degrees of injuries, then of course going by this hypothesis obviously it paints a gloomy picture for the nation as regards productivity.

The Sawla-Kulmasa road in question is so deplorable that it is unfit for any car to ply on that road. Yet this is the irony of a very important road in the recently curved Savanna Region that links the country to some parts of the Northern Region and to the Upper West Region through to neighboring countries like Burkina Faso.

Indeed, its contribution to socio-economic growth remains non-negotiable since the Northern Region is considered to be the food basket of the country. To this end, the immediate need to maintain the Sawla-Kulmasa road needs to be considered with the urgent attention that it deserves and should remain a top most priority to the authorities concern.

Most surprisingly but sad to note is the fact that, our leaders ply this road every day and seems not to care or noticed the deplorable nature of the road. It appears apparently perhaps that, the kinds of cars they use are immune to road accident. It is obvious we the citizens are always at the disadvantage when it comes to issues of this nature. One cannot understand why the leaders will immediately turn a deaf ear to all their campaign promises of fixing roads the very day they assume office. Needless to remind them that, the very taxes we pay are meant for development issues such as fixing of our roads and not the buying of expensive cars and sitting in air-conditioned chambers.

On one hand, while our roads are becoming death traps, we cannot get portable drinking water, our children learn under trees and people are dying in the hospital because there are no drugs. Our necessities are sacrifice for their greedy needs.

In a flashback, last year the president on his visit to the Afram Plains said he has to travel with his Minister for Roads and Highways because he wants him to see the deplorable state of our roads. I humbly submit that he travels with same to the Upper West region by road if that is what will take the president to fix our roads. It beats my imagination how major roads like the Sawla-Kumasa and of course several others in the country would be in such deplorable states.

In a related development, the National Road Safety Commission must be commended for the bold and decisive decision of educating the populace on road safety measures. This gesture, to all intents and purposes is most appreciated. However, it is my candid opinion that the initiative would be an exercise in futility if our major roads remain in this unspeakable condition. One wonders whether our leaders are privy to our crisis or it is sheer negligence and or dereliction of responsibility. Indeed, something must be done, and done now.

Interestingly, the District Chief executive and all those closer to the armpit of the President seems unperturbed about the situation and remain bootlickers to the powers that the people entrusted in them. Needless to remind our Member of Parliament that the people have the power to vote for and vote against any uninspiring person they deem necessary at any material moment. The authorities concern should wake up from their slumber to save the people of Sawla-Kulmasa now, and awake, you must.

Unfortunately, reports had it that, armed robbers have taken advantage of the road to execute their devilish plans since vehicles cannot move faster on this part of the road. Much money is spent by Vehicle and drivers to regularly maintain their car which affects their daily income and sustenance. It is sad to that vehicles have to create different routes because the main road is just a death trap.

In conclusion, I call on the authorities concern, to act as a matter of urgency to rescue the people of Sawla-Kulmasa from the merciless jaws of road accident. It is my hope that if the Sawla-Kulmasa road is fixed, it will greatly facilitate socio-economic development in this part of the region and the nation as a whole.


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