The SRC President of the University of Education, Winneba, Kumasi, Master Clifford Tuffour  addressed SANDWICH students on the role of the SRC. The program which was attended by about 800 students was meant to orientate the fresh students for the 2017/2018 academic year.

The SRC President Speaking to the students admonished students to be supportive to the SRC leadership by way of taking part in SRC programs as well as paying their SRC dues.

He also assured them of doing his best to create an enabling environments for sound academic work. Below is the full speech delivered by the president.


Mr. Chairman, the Principal, Ag. College  Registrar,  Vice Dean of Students Affairs, Deans of Faculties, Heads of Departments, Senior staff, Colleagues SRC Executives, Dear Students, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am highly elated for the time given me to interact with my dear colleagues Junior Members of UEW-K. According to Pele "success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do." Let me use this opportunity to on behalf of the SRC, warmly welcome you all to this Noble institution, University of Education Winneba, Kumasi. I can assure you that you have chosen the best institution and I congratulate you all for your successful enrollment into this University.

The Student Representative Council by the University of Education Winneba Act 2004, Act 672 of the Parliament of Ghana is the official organ of students' of the University and plays several functions as explicitly stipulated in article 4 of the SRC constitution. For the purposes of this program, permit me to  touch on some of the key roles of the Student Representative Council in UEW.

Firstly, the SRC is responsible for promoting the general welfare and interest of students, coordinating the social, cultural, intellectual and recreational activities of the students in the University. Academic excellence requires an enabling and conducive environment and as such, the SRC places premium in ensuring that the interest, challenges, strength and weaknesses of students are taken care of by the University, in order to have a very motivational, inspiring and peaceful relationship among members of the University's community. The strength of the SRC therefore emanates from all students whose powers and interest are what the Council represents. It is therefore incumbent on all, to always channel any grievances, relative to the general welfare of students, through the SRC for a possible redress.

Secondly, the University's community is a larger community with cultural diversity. The SRC harness this cultural diversity as strength in enabling a holistic education. The SRC does this by providing numerous platforms to promote cordial relationship among all sections of the University and for maintaining good relationship with past students, both local and foreign, of the University through the Alumni association. In my view the SRC is a bigger family that every University student must belong, respect and pay loyalty and commitment to. I encourage you all to see one another as family members, the only way we can better relate and learn together. SRC in its bid shall contribute to strengthen the bond among us through a series of well coordinated programs to ensure a peaceful coexistence among us as a family.

In addition, the SRC has the mandate to express the views and grievances of students of the university on national and international issues not exclusively issues affecting the University through the National Union of Ghana Students. This is because; students are a major stakeholder of education and as such should be in the capacity to contribute to policy formulation, implementation and evaluation. It is on that score that we must have a united voice through the SRC in national and international discourse. As postulated by Albert Einstein "in the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity."  I urge you all to see the SRC as an opportunity in every situation you find yourself.

Ladies and gentlemen, there are numerous organizations and association on campus. The SRC is the Umbrella association and as such stands to always streamline the operations and activities of these organizations and associations for the general good of the students.

There is a saying that all work and no play, makes jack a dull boy. The SRC considers socialization as an important tool for social integration, unity and tolerance. Apart from organizing various programs at different levels to cater for such, SRC week is always celebrated annually by all students. We often mark this occasion by organizing programs including leadership seminars, capacity building and training and various entertainment programs.

Ladies and gentlemen, I can assure you as the SRC President of UEW_K, that we are very much committed to working assiduously to cater for the general interest and welfare of you all so that you can have a holistic education on this Noble Institution. I however admonish that you support leadership by paying your dues and participating in programs and activities organized by SRC. It is said by Helen Keller that "talents win games but teamwork and intelligence wins championship." It is the hope of SRC to offer you the best of inclusive and proactive leadership. It is also my sincere hope that together we can put SRC in a better capacity to promote the general welfare of all students. My doors are opened to every student. Feel free to approach the SRC Secretariat with any challenge and we shall totally give you the needed support, guidance or redress.

I thank you for giving me audience and I pray that you have a better stay on campus.

Long live SRC
Long live UEW-K
Long live GHANA

Thank you.
Clifford Joseph Tuffour
(SRC President, UEW-K)



The name is a household name in the COLTEK community because of his unrepentant passion for student activism, student politics and leadership in general. His popularity is enough for any one to call him a grassroot man. A man who is very strategic, tolerant and very sociable.

Of course, I got to know this gentleman as far back as 2010 and have stayed in same house with him for about two years. I have really Learnt a lot from him especially when he was a head teacher.  I know his in and out beyond his campus life and I can state emphatically that he has a lot to offer to this nation in the near future.

What amazes me is his the level of humility. With his background and intellectual sagacity, he still remains down to earth. That is the caliber of leaders this country needs to develop. Today let me add this piece of information to readers that Dapilaah is a PRINCE, the son of a famous and influential Paramount chief. I think that being a son of a famous Chief like Naa Dapilaa, is probably the secret behind his proficiency in proverbial speeches. Such demonstration of linguistic intelligence is very common among people from the Ghanaian royal families. Dapilaa cannot speak without proverbs and I have always enjoyed every conversation with him.

His passion for politics is quite conspicuous but his political strategy is very unique and enviable unlike many youth who engage in politics of lies, insults and vilification. He relates well with his opponents and live by his political convictions. He is very smart and strong politically. It is his smartness and great influence that has earned the respect of his followers, largely, students of the University of Education. His influence and strong political convictions transmogrified his name Dapilaa to "the pillar". He was so strong in the all political spheres on campus that some followers of him decide to name his " the pillar". Personally I think that one could not have described this gem better without the statement, now a name "the Pillar". One good thing deserves the other. No wonder he is part of those who laid a strong foundation for students' Parliament. Indeed he was the Speaker for the 9th Parliament and he worked assiduously to make student Parliament, UEW-K among the best in the country today.

Apart from the proverbial speeches, there is one legacy he has left in the COLTEK community that many may not have noticed. He has his brand of dressing, very unique. Well, as a prince, he knows how to blend tradition and fashion. I see that many a student now try to dress like him. I think those who are members of the COLTEK community know what I'm talking about. At least, one can easily remember his quality smocks and famous hat.

One would require an endless space and time to tell a more accurate and full story of this gentleman. Certainly I don't have that capacity to tell my readers everything I know about him. Any attempt would probably produce a standard M. A thesis. Well I'm still an undergraduate student. Hihihihi..........

Rt Hon Speaker (rtd) Dapilaa Abdulai, let me use this opportunity to let you know that some of us have been monitoring you from far and near and have indeed gained a lot from you directly and indirectly. The little experience gained from you is the reason some of us are still striving to learn more from the student Parliament and equally contribute immensely to add up to what you left. I'm sure that, student parliamentarians will always have a name like Dapilaa to remember in our future political lives.

As you celebrate your birthday today, it is only fair on my part to join the numerous colleagues, friends and relatives to extend my sincerest eulogy, felicitation and best wishes to you. I chose to use my ink to celebrate you because you admonished me never to let my pen rest. In such a  day of jollification, it is only prudent I tilt my pen against its wish, to halt the flow of my unstoppable ink so as you can give audience to other colleagues who certainly are banging, belling and flattering your walls with equally melodious  hymns of wishes.

I pray that the Great Allah will grant you all your heats desires. May the beginning of another year in your life be the beginning of abundant grace in your life. Amen.

I wish you a very happy birthday Mr. Speaker(rtd)

From your Junior Colleague In The Students' Struggle.
Denis Andaban


Celebrating Larbi Ofori Jnr. Rt. Hon. Speaker(rtd), UEW-K.

It is indeed an undiluted fact that a nation that does not honour its heroes, is not a nation worth dying for. We live in a continent where only the dead is celebrated whiles many  industrious, enterprising and committed young patriotic citizens are left demoralised without any form of motivation, to ginger them to offer their best for national development. This is the more reason why I often make time to dedicate my folder to motivate colleagues who are doing their best in student politics.

In the comity of such enterprising student leaders, Hon Larbi Jnr is one individual who has distinguished himself among student leaders in Ghana. He was a very loud member of Parliament, UEW-K Republic before he became the Director of Public Affairs in the 9th Parliament and subsequently the Speaker for the 10th Parliament. Such a chronological consistent rapid rise is only a manifestation of commitment and hard work. Under his leadership of the house, as the Speaker, he contributed so much to the development of Student Parliament. Having has the opportunity to work with him, I see him going far in student politics.

Hon Ofori Larbi has been very visible and loud wherever he finds himself. One thing I will always remember about him is his use of flamboyant vocabularies. Sometimes, one would have to carry along a University Dictionary to help you decode his loaded expressions. Indeed, that is a common practice in the house. Student Parliamentarians are noted for their linguistic intelligence.

The calibre of Larbi Ofori Junior are those we expect to see in the national front somewhere, sometime. I would not be surprised should he pop out in national Student politics. Some of us shall give him every needed support for the love of God and country.
At least, he is an admixture of character. Sometimes very diabolic and mischievous and other times very straight forward in issues. Hahaha....that is just by the way.
Such is needed to survive in our environment decorated with politics of complexities where those who understand it, have the enthusiasm to face the hot and cold of it.

I understand, today is the birth day of this affable, eloquent and laconic figure of UEW-K.
I there want to wish my boss and friend a very happy birthday. As you celebrate this day, kindly look at your many years of leadership and draw imaginary lines in between your strengths and weaknesses. I believe strongly, that would help you make better choices as you go along. May the Good Lord bestow on you, more wisdom, strength and good health to enable you continue to offer this nation what you like doing. Though I am not around to join the merrymaking and jollification, I humbly celebrate this day of yours in my mind, heart and soul. I wish you a happy birthday.
Sorry, one more thing. Extend my regards to Beatrice.

Denis Andaban