Peace,  is undoubtedly a great recipe for the growth and advancement of every nation. When there is absence of peace, development becomes a distant dream, and when that happens, it is the poor masses that suffer the untold consequences thereof. 

Ghana, for decades now has carved an enviable accolade for herself as being the oasis of peace in the West Africa sub region and Africa as a whole.  In this regard, one would have thought that the Akuffo Addo led failing and impotent government, if for nothing at all, would protect and preserve the peaceful Ghana that was handed over to him and his disillusioned team on 7th January, 2017. Unfortunately, the opposite has been the case. The pockets of violence we are witnessing today as a country can not just be termed as political vigilantism, but indeed a fertile grounds for breeding terrorism. 


These invincible forces, delta forces and their sister terrorism camps in almost every region, have since the December 2016 polls,  perpetrated a lot of deadly and violent attacks which have claimed many innocent lives and left several others wounded. But one would ask, What motivates these terrorists to mount this kind of impunity?.  It would be recalled, that Sammy Awuku : the National Youth Organiser of the NPP in the build up to the 2016 elections charged his party supporters to 'Take Positions', (obviously, by means of violence) as soon as NPP is declared winners of the polls.  Kennedy Agyapong, an NPP MP also remarked on Adom TV morning show 'Badwam' that he is solidly behind these infamous vigilante groups and that he will fiercely resist any attempt by government to clamp down on them. 

Logically, what becomes tragically clear is that these 'terrorists' draw their motivation from powerful political elements within the NPP and that makes them do what they do without any concrete punishment meted out to them. The pronouncement on the Delta 13 case, leaves no one in doubt that government is not serious and committed about the fight against this risinmñb
What is even worrying is the loud silence of our security agencies especially the Ghana Police Service, who are conspicuously missing in the wake of this insecure atmosphere created by the NPP hooligans.  It would not be far placed to assert that the police personnel kowtow to powerful forces within government to create room for the pockets of violence to thrive. That is why the police is not bold enough arrest and prosecute the perpetrators of these mayhem here and there even right before their eyes. 

I Ebenezer, a *citizen* and not a spectator call on all civil societies, the clergy, media houses, stakeholders, and all manner of persons who are lovers of peace to join this crusade and with a *Ghanaian Voice* and in unison, sing the chorus : *SAY NO TO NPP POLITICAL TERRORISM*.

If this 419 NPP government cannot make Ghana the 'Heaven' they promised, they should at least give us our peace. 


© Ebenezer Assan

  Cape Coast Technical University


  1. Indeed. Peace is very hard to achieve and very easy to destroy. Usually all it takes is a single action and the sequence of events starts unfolding. Incredible write up

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