In any civilized world where freedom and justice are the fundamental principles guiding society, it sounds very medieval and extremely inhumane to destroy these very tenets of society. Rule of law is neither discriminative nor selective. A society that desires prosperity and progress, cherishes fundamental human rights.

For any group or individual, to operate on different principles apart from those stated by law, only portrays a deteriorated African society, that lacks social values and should not be supported. It is for this reason, I speak against this antisocial act of barbarism called xenophobic attack, an act that is becoming a cyclical conundrum in South Africa.

Let me start by trying to succinctly revisit certain fundamentally historical antecedents of this ugly social canker that portrays the African continent as uncivilized, barbaric and uncultured.

Before South Africa gained independence in 1994, there was a predominant  sociocultural issue that had gained global attention. That was a form of racial discrimination with the popular nomenclature, apartheid system. History tells us that blacks were largely discriminated in the area of job, education, governance and many others. The most unspeakable was, the whites and blacks could not simply coexist. Blacks settled on different geographical locations as they were not allowed to settle in the specially isolated luxurious communities of the whites. The black south Africans lived under deplorable conditions, a situation which was roundly condemned across the globe.

In 1994, the black South Africans felt that they were sidelined in the area of jobs and business and that the system favoured only  foreigners as most lucrative business ventures and jobs were being maned by foreigners to the detriment of the indigenous South Africans. They adopted what is largely described as xenophobic attacks on foreigners, burning and looting their shops and killing them in some cases.
This inhuman act has since remained with south Africans as it reoccurred in 1995, 1998, 2000, 2008, 2012 and of course, the most recent one (2017) going on.

In my view, I would have supported this xenophobic attack if it was a revolutionary tool against the white man's racist tendencies that happened in the colonial days. The world would have known that such a revolution in whatever form, was only an act to gain independence to ensure freedom, equality and justice but to adopt such a strategy after gaining independence and becoming a democratic dispensation, only amounts to a perpetration of illegality  beyond imagination. Such behavior is incongruous to democratic principles.

What has made this xenophobic attack more profane and devilish is that, colleague African immigrants are rather the target. What I find difficult to understand is, what will happen if affected countries also decide to launch reprisal attacks on south African nationals?  Those who execute this barbaric act should know that they are South Africans across the globe who have equally occupied a niche in the private business sector. At least, South Africans have telecommunications companies in Ghana and are making billions of cedis in this country. It tells us that no man is an island.

What is very pathetic though amazing, is the lackadaisical posture the continental leadership assume when it comes to such issues. Has the African Union gone into a deep slumber or it simply lacks the wherewithal to profess everlasting pragmatic remedy to such an ugly continentally anti democratic canker? In my ordinary speculation, this xenophobic attack in South Africa is a threat to the peace and unity of our continent. Well, am not a prophet of doom any way.
May be we are waiting for the worst to happen.

I still remember vividly that countries including Ghana at a point had to withdraw from any bilateral relations with South Africa in the days of *apartheid system*. For me, the rest of Africa should be ready to tell South Africa that enough is enough of that barbaric act some of their citizenry cannot just let go. If our citizens in south Africa continue to live in panic and fear, incessant attacks by uncivilized groups or individuals, then it is better we break our bilateral relations. We cannot condone such unspeakable level of terrorism.

I urge  the African Union(AU) to act beyond the usual rhetoric and find a lasting solution to this xenophobic issue.
Democratic civilization does not support such levels of barbarism. We must behave as a civilized continent and stop being a laughing stock to the rest of the world.

Denis Andaban




Denis Andaban Folder📋

His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo presented his maiden state of Nation Address yesterday,  21nd February 2017. Many Ghanaians reacted to the address with mixed feelings. In my view, the address was full of politics.

Since after the presentation of the state of Nation Address by Nana Akufo Addo, one thing remain consistent in my mind, in my quest to understand holistically, the dynamics of Ghanaian political culture.

 More questions keep coming up inside me but all my answers narrow done to one thing which I will want to emphatically express in this short and straight forward article .

It is simply the gullibility of the Ghanaian electorate.  It is very clear that the Ghanaian electorate is prone to psychological manipulation.  One does not need rocket science to understand this "polipsychology".  It all boils done to making use of the emotions of the poor innocent electorate at all cost.

When the NPP said it was going to win elections at all cost,  we limited our understanding to only violence but now I infer that the "all cost" was far a psychological strategy.  A strategy that bordered on constant needless attacks on individuals and institutions.  A strategy that discredited every single policy in this country.  They did all they could through their syndicated media cabal to malign and throw mud at the NDC governance.

  In my view,  it worked perfectly for them.  That strategy touched the emotions of the citizenry including our own into believing the mere fallacy that the NDC is incompetent. No wonder,  voter apathy which has never been an issue in our party predominated the 2016 elections which booted us out of political power.  That is the whole gullibility concept used in their political psychological strategy.

The gullibility theory which was well understood by the NPP to fit it's unrepentant desperation as it were, swayed all of us into believing, that probably, they were engaging in a sort of political comedy especially in the face of national discourse.

 It was that gullibility theory Bawumia used effectively and engaged in shameless fabrications and jaundice economic analysis to the dismay of those who know his economics prowess in global economics.  It was funny though. Through his consistent inconsistencies,  many electorates gambled his card to the npp favor.

Again,  consider the key promises of the NPP and you will better understand this gullibility theory.  The Utopian, untenable and unfeasible promises they were spewing out almost on daily basis, seemed ridiculous to the intellectual fraternity but believe me the gullibility theory was the secret. They compromised their intellectual abilities and adopted pure mass deception to execute the gullibility theory to their advantage and truly it worked.

 Come to think of this one dam, one village policy,  come to think of one million dollars for each constituency and make a comprehensive cause and effect analysis with our economy and you will understand that these policies are useless and unrealistic.

The maiden State of Nation address has only vindicated me.  After they have won power,  they need to gradually  massage the minds of the citizenry but this plan seems too obvious to even the street politician.

That strategy is not well thought because it exposes the hypocrisy and double standard of the NPP.  You cannot talk about national debt without talking about the size of the economy,  the macro and micro economy,  areas Bawumia had always used to his advantage.  Can anybody tell me why Nana never made mention of inflation rate,  interest rates, major investment in all sectors of the economy?  Any attempt to have discussed those areas would have exposed him big time.

A real state of nation address cannot border on clear selective myopia,  mere projections without fundamentals. A state of nation address cannot be a campaign platform for a rehash of utopian political promises. No! it is a serious platform. Needless blame games, opportunist pronouncements and display of lame economic appreciations.  That is only a reward of a gullible political culture.

I am over gratified,  having heard the NDC readiness to present the true state of nation address. I have this strong conviction that Ghanaians will listen to the minority because they can clearly see the successes chalked by the NDC government which any true state of nation address would have captured. In fact,  the 2017 State of Nation Address presented by Nana AKUFFO ADDO is the most uninspiring address in the history of our nation.

 The records must be set.  The NPP thinks it is being smart but the gullibility theory cannot be executed whiles they remain in power.  In the coming days, all their hypocrisy and lies will be exposed. Coming events cast their shadows.





Denis Andaban writes.....

Many students are bombarding us with unusual motivational messages as they announce their hopefulness in the upcoming elections. Many, per their postures, think that the one who posts the more attractive pictures or messages is the one who merits to be elected to whatever position they do seek to be elected into.

Frankly speaking,  some of the messages are monotonous and exclusively excruciating,  to say the least. One may have to consider using a mountain of phone batteries if you really want to stay alive on student social media pages these days.

Candidature is becoming more of beauty contest.  I believe one day,  SRC will organise photo beauty contest for these people to show the skills of their editors,  of course not themselves since some of them physically look differently from what we see being circulated.  Hehehe.... that is on a more humorous note.

 If I were a candidate,  I would act differently but since am not,  all hopefuls may consider my piece as free political counselling for lack of expression. Or will you call it a political strategy?  No I think it cannot be a political strategy once it is exposed to the whole student populace. That not withstanding, the smart ones can satisfactorily feed on it.

First and foremost,  I would have been thinking of the cause of this seeming unending leadership nemesis in student leadership. It is an indisputable fact that every now and then, we, students complain of poor leadership. In fact,  every SRC leader who had been elected, use "poor leadership" as a propaganda tool which worked effectively in their favor. Considering that fact,  it means, the most cheapest political strategy is to make a hell on incumbent leadership.  Well,  this is common in national politics too. In politics,  I always say that existing weakness is the strongest missile to power desperados.

Ironically,  hopefuls in my view have never taken time to research into the failures of our past and incumbent leaders but they are quick to research into the effective winning strategy here in campus. They understand tribalism,  religion, departments and physical outlooks and what they contribute in any election victory. That is the very simple reason why there is a cyclical leadership predicaments in students' leadership front. Understanding this simple analogy by any candidate that knowing the weaknesses and strengths of past and incumbent leaders, put them in a better political psych not only to win but to deliver to expectations.

Again,  hopefuls need an imaginary on the dichotomy between lofty ideas and the reality. The fact is that,  you may have the best of ideas but if the environment doesn't meet your ideology,  be sure of becoming the most incompetent and incapable leader.  This, the larger student body may not understand and hence the constant bastardization.

Such bastardization may be justifiable though because when you create a short path to the village market,  be sure that others will find convenience in using it too.  This is why sometimes I don't have sympathy for some student leaders who are under verbal attacks.
If I were a candidate,  I would have studied the environment and my ideology to understand the compatibility and otherwise
of same. It would help you estimate your failures and successes. That is the best confidence you can ever get as a politician.

If I were a candidate,  I will not be recycling or repeating some of the promises and strategies made by past leaders or present leaders we see as failures if that is true. It simply means that we are going to trend on same path and expect same results. Recently,  in one of my casual chats with my very good friends,  Hon Adingo and Hon Raphael,  a beautiful lady came and greeted and told us that she is a hopeful for SRC WOCOM.  I congratulated her for that bold decision since few ladies have the heart to withstand this scary, expensive and exhausting political game. We asked her to mention just one major campaign promise she has. Hmmmm..... Politicians. She gave us a very lofty and sugarcoating promise, that she would offer a sponsorship package to those who are poor.  When I pushed her further,  she gave me a very scintillating and romantic smile as an answer. You see,  what I want to say is that,  campaign goes with unique and creative ideas. We cannot always choose to follow the crowd. No!

I remember how my good friend, His Excellency David Kojo Acheampong used to be very loud in LA meetings. Today am sure if you consult him privately,  he might say it is not that easy. If I were a candidate,  I would have approached current leadership and ask to know of the realities before making my promises.  It is only when we understand  the current situations that we can make a positive change. If we continue to make political capital out of issues, then our problems will keep on escalating like wildfire. Isn't the current state of leadership an opportunity for potential politicians to learn lessons and begin to envisage alternative remedy to our contemporary challenges as an institution?

I am not discrediting any candidate but I can say without mincing words that some of these hopefuls do not even know the institutional structures and I wonder what they can do should they win by their beauty or tribal and religious affiliation.  A student recently asked me what we do in student parliament. According to the student,  he doesn't know what goes on in student parliament and Local Assembly.  You might think I'm exaggerating but that is the undiluted reality. I believe the likes of such students are many and some are hopefuls. Hmm..
Why can't such students learn these basic structures just by involvement and participation?

If I were a candidate,  I would have been thinking of going beyond mere greetings and unusual dressing to fighting for students and participating in students' activities. Unnecessary handshakes and very tempting hugs are what others use to lure gullible students to support them. Such people also, are the worse performing leaders when they get power.  That is needless to be copied by any candidate who wants to bring in creative and innovative ideas to bare. They are a good number of colleagues who started fighting for students' interest right from level hundred. If I want to mention names, people might think I am being selective but we know ourselves.

Lastly,  candidates must stay clean from any dirty propaganda.  Real leaders stay clean and focus in projecting themselves through pragmatic and realistic policies. Propaganda has taken a centre stage of politics on campus. In fact,  it is sometimes effective as indicated in my earlier rendition but I always say that it is also the conduit for needless opposition after getting power. It is the only investment that gives back incompetence and failure as returns. Take it or leave it.

I urge all students to critically dissect and digest the promises of candidates who will soon visit us in our hostels.  Don't allow beauty or handsomeness to compromise your dreams of seeing COLTEK a better place to be.

"Guantanamo team" is readily available to draw any political strategy to you on request.

Shall be back..........

Denis Andaban.


I dedicate this article to all parliamentarians of UEW-K.



Andaban's Folder 📜

Free secondary education has gained national public discourse for some time now.  This was a main subject matter in any public political discourse  when the NPP, prior to the 2012 elections, promised Ghanaians free secondary education whiles the NDC the then ruling government promised progressively free secondary education and had indeed started it before leaving power in 2017.
In fact the 1992 constitution of Ghana is very explicit on this matter. I will refer to the necessary provisions in the following paragraph.

I have always supported free education though I disagree with the wholesale implementation strategy of it by the NPP at a go. Free education would provide a level playing field for the rich and marginalized in our Ghanaian society and that is very fair for fairness and equality in a civilized developing nation like ours. I have always said that free education is feasible only through progressiveness as implied in article 38 under the directive principles of state policy. The progressive approach adopted by the erstwhile NDC government is also supported by article 25(b) which says "secondary education in its different forms including technical and vocational education shall be made generally available and accessible to all by every appropriate means,  and in particular, by the progressive introduction  of free education."

Interestingly,  the NPP before it was elected into power had always run away from any debate on how they were going to fund their free education policy. All they say is that we have the resources and that it is all about resource allocation.
Less than three months into power,  the NPP government has revealed its intention to use the heritage fund to finance its free education policy. Really!!
Kindly refer to the news item below.

Very interesting! Do the NPP actually understand the wisdom behind the heritage fund?
Well,  for the purposes of first time readers on this subject matter,  let me shortly explain the heritage fund.

The Heritage Fund is a strategic endowment reserve established to “support the development for future generations when Ghana's petroleum reserves have been depleted”, according to the Petroleum Revenue Management Act of 2011. The fund receives nine per cent of the country's annual petroleum revenue. I will forever remember  Prof Evans Atta Mills of blessed memory for leaving behind this legacy.  A legacy which envisioned to create a better future for the next generations.

It is only commonsensical for any visionary leader, to develop or support, long term goals. For the NPP to think of *"raping"* the long envisioned goal to fulfil their political promise of free education is only a sign of a leadership that lacks vision and critical thinking. It is a very cheap way of solving a problem. Any innovative leadership that is committed to implementing its agenda would certainly device innovative ideas through the necessary legislations. You cannot rob Peter to pay Paul in this manner!! It is backward thinking, lazy thinking and a clear case of desperation anchored in political expedience against economic and legal wisdom.

Clearly,  the senior minister,  Osafo Marfo,  is only consistent with his bias against long term planning for this country. He made it known during his vetting that he is personally against any development planning that is beyond ten years. What he should know therefore is that governance is about national vision and not personal convictions.  His words certainly does not match his much touted experience that attracted him his political accolade as senior minister, amidst controversy in national discourse.  He is yet to prove that experience and seniority.

What makes the NPP more hypocritical is that when a similar suggestion was made by Asiedu Nketia somewhere in 2014 that government could use the heritage fund to support the then development agenda by the NDC government, they(NPP) castigated him and indicated fiercely that any attempt by the then government to make any proposal of that sort,  would be resisted. My question is,  what is different today that the NPP think it can use the heritage fund differently from the original intended purpose of the fund?  Is the NPP being fair to discerning citizenry? Be reminded with the publication below,

I will be extremely flabbergasted if discerning citizens,  think tanks and civil society groups allow the NPP government to use this heritage fund in this manner. I am very disappointed at the senior minister and others who think that there is no wisdom behind the heritage fund. We cannot continue with this level of lazy thinking,  nonsensical approach and political convenience again visionary socioeconomic consensus.  We are becoming a laughing stock to the outside world because of our level of hypocrisy and double standards as clearly demonstrated by the senior minister Hon Osafo Marfo.
Enough of this hypocrisy!

Shall be back.........

Denis Andaban.





I have been researching about this Valentine day celebration who has taken over the world for sometime now.  Unfortunately my curiosity has not been satisfied. The fundamental information that is dominant from my research is that it originated from the old Roman Empire as a special day set aside for men to make sacrifices with animals and use the tails of those animals to whip their female counterparts. The females queued to be whipped since it was believed to be a source of fertility.

Elsewhere,  I have also read that some two people with such names were executed on 14th February of different years in Roman, precipitating the day later to be celebrated as a Saint day.  The significance per their belief, is to celebrate love. There are several other contradictory but interesting narrations about this day but that isn't my area of interest.  I'm looking at it as celebrated by the current generation across the globe.

Firstly,  I am a Christian and don't underestimate the significance of love to we Christians and in human race at large .  Of course, it is for love that our Savior,  Jesus Christ died for us. If Christians consider Valentine therefore as a Christian festival,  then, the wisdom behind it must be explained explicitly in the churches to guide the youth from any distorted beliefs about the day. Most preachers have done little about this subject matter and I will say without any equivocation that I am absolutely disappointed at most Christian leaders. The day in its current state is evil and opens a very wide path to hell. I'm not a prophet of doom though.

The mere mention of the name by the youth these days, only breeds antichristian cum immoral acts.
I have had a series of interaction with friends on how they are going to celebrate this 14th February 2017. I was not only  flabbergasted but worried of some of the responses.  While others are planning of going out with their girl friends for all day sex,  others are thinking of night clubs, swimming pools and the likes. Interestingly,  I have not heard any of them talked about going to church or making a love one or friend happy at home. What then makes it a Christian festival if these are the negative thoughts about it?

What is more annoying is the outrageous demands of ladies from their supposed boy friends and partners, ranging from red shirts and accompanying combinations, new phones,  cash,  special outings to expensive places among others. Is that our understanding of love?  It is no news to know that many people break their relationships on this profane day probably because of their inabilities to meet their expectations or because of issues of cheating and premarital sex.  One can argue that the day is synonymous to indiscriminate sex day.  Yes that is the fact!

If Africans have really borrowed any aspect of western culture that is unhealthy to the growth of the continent,  then,  certainly,  some of these useless festivals like the Valentine day,  is not an exception.  It is one of the borrowed festivals that is deeply eating up the moral fiber of our society beyond imagination.  No wonder premarital sex, adultery, lesbianism, homosexuality, among other heartless acts are considered fashionable and normal to live with. Acts that were hitherto largely alien to us. One can imagine the number of condoms that will be bought just for this day. Are the condoms being bought for offertory or special gifts?

What is more worrying is how hypocritical some religious leaders are when handling such issues. Most so-called men of God in their insatiable quest to gain more members to boom their church trade,  have been pretentious over such needless immoral acts. They preach to the demand of their members and see nothing wrong in happenings that are incongruous to basic Christian beliefs . It is very pathetic. Isn't it? The way we spent our time and resources on some needless profane activities is the reason why we continue to consume without any ability to produce in this country.

Believe me, people who cannot make an average income of hundred Ghana cedis per month,  may be able to spent more than an average of five hundred Ghana cedis. Unnecessarily extravagant in the name of Valentine day. A day many do not understand and cannot trace it's origin.

Students and teenagers are  the worse offenders and parents have opened the flood gate for them to do what they want.  You can check the dressing of teenagers tomorrow or better still go to any nearby pool or beach and see to yourself what school children do on Valentine day. I am not claiming  I am an angel. I have my fallibilities too as a man but I can state that I am never a believer or celebrant of that red festival called Valentine.  I personally abhor it because of how it is being celebrated though I am a known entertainer myself.
It is annoying to see people at tender age do certain things.  Where are we going?  Hmmmm God save us.

I urge families to show their love in their families and do not allow the young ones to go elsewhere and engage in sexual promiscuity. Couples should not cheat on each others either. The churches can better help by engaging in public preaching to correct the long standing erroneous perception about Valentine day. We cannot continue to promote immorality in the name of festivals. Enough of the profanation and moral impiety!!

Shall be back......

Denis Andaban.




The diary of Adams._


Dear Electorate,

At a moment when so called motivational and inspirational, or plagiarised and depressional messages have taken centre stage on all social media platforms, I wonder whether my letter will get a significant space in order to convey my precious message for you. But I'm compelled by the enormous magnitude of the issues involved to write it anyway.

I've been thinking quite a bit lately about what exactly we have done to warrant the current frustrations confronting us. The sufferings and murmurings have reached astronomical peak.

A narrow contemplation on the constraints being faced by the student body, links the main cause to leadership failure. Who am I to say our leaders are incompetent, I only have the right to say they are incompetent enough to make life on campus a daily challenge for the ordinary student.

But such is the price that must be paid when we mistake elections for beauty pungent. The stature of a person is not directly proportional to his thinking abilities nor ideas.

Looking at the exorbitant price that we are currently paying for electing officers based solely on their appearance, I hold on the notion that every student should allocate a reasonable share of his time to his duty in the political life on campus. Its only when we get involved that we can appreciate the fact that, the task is indeed laborious which demands leaders who are strategic in both thinking and planning.

The responsibilities of our leaders to take vital decisions cannot be over emphasized. Their choices and decisions on crucial matters which has a direct bearing on students' daily life should always stand on an unshakable rock of intellect and wisdom. This has nothing to do with appearance but has everything to do with ideas.

The chief reason for writing you this letter, is to put you on notice that the sudden encroachment of motivational speakers on all social media platforms is only a mere show, we are in a season of show and exhibition, never allow yourself to be swayed by these messages, because they will cease coming as soon as the exhibition is over.

However, what will not cease is the inadequate space for group-studies, frequent shortages of water, intermittent power supply. Whether you like it or not the plants will continue to shut down at 10 O'Clock pm, if we fail to do due diligence in choosing our next leaders.

The good news is that, we have able men and women who are capable of finding solution to our current predicament, but they can only do so when we entrust them with the power and resources needed for the task. We need to vote for these brave men and women, who are paragon of ideas, to take the mantle of leadership on campus, that is the most important step to take if we want to write a different story on campus.

The question remains who are these people, are they rocket scientists or robotics programmers? Don't let your imagination take you too far, they are our own colleagues, our friends and mates, who are deeply immersed with ideas and have long drank from the overflowing fountain of wisdom of great leaders. They don't exude flamboyance, they are quite simplistic by nature, humble but resilient and resolute.

They can easily be separated from the crowd of aspirants, but only when we follow the electoral process with keen interest. By electoral process I mean, the vetting, the debates, manifesto reading and the campaign. Let's test their sincerity by ambushing them with debates and rigorous questioning of their policies.

If we can achieve our greatest desire of voting for competent men and women, to take decisions on our behalf, then we must free ourselves from all extraneous qualifications, which are likely to influence our vote.

Let's all cogently analyse their policies against the key indicators of our wellbeing on campus, so we can filter those who want to rely on their department as a stronghold of the incompetent to drive their way to power from those with potent and realistic ideas, and also redirect those who perceive beauty to be a leadership material to the trending miss adorable.

This is one of the three letters I have in my diary for you, expect the names of the men and women of goodwill in my next letter.

You can also send me your exclusive findings via email; coltekvigilante@gmail.com

_Yours amiable brother in activism,_

Adams A. Rufai.


Nana is ironically competent.

Andaban's Folder. 📜

Just some few days into political power of the npp,  we cannot count the many incidents of illegalities, inconsistencies and incompetencies. Prior to the 2016 elections,  the npp had been competent and consistent on one main thing that the NDC lacks the wherewithal to manage the economy even at a time the nation had experienced a significant growth in all sectors of the economy.  They also said the NDC do not read and do not understand basic economics and twisted the economy debate to their advantage.

I would have expected that a change of government especially with the npp being in power,  all our economic challenges would have disappeared. What we are hearing from them is their competent and consistent blames on the erstwhile NDC government on many accounts. They have carried all their ugly excruciating noise of accusations,  propaganda and unwarranted blame game into governance.

With their(NPP) self trumpeting experience,  one would have expected Nana to tell his boys to now stop the blame game and demonstrate the competence which many are yet to see any sign amongst them. Already, we have heard the clear incompetent postures of some of the appointees before the vetting committee. For instance,  the finance minister Ken Ofori,  promises this nation that he is bringing into the country, foreign experts to manage the economy.  Could this be competence?

Surprisingly,  almost everything this NPP government is doing, is plagiarized except the unprecedented creation of non existing ministries to prosecute the parties agenda of job for the boys.

What is becoming annoying and embarrassing is how they wickedly put aside the very constitution that elected them and act as if they are a military autocrats in some undemocratic nation. You are dismissing innocent public and civil servants who are neither politicians nor earned their jobs through politics, just to find work for party boys.  That is a barbaric, uncivilized, illegal and lazy approach to job creation for the npp youth.  We don't have an NPP Ghana. Ghana is for all of us and Nana indeed hypocritically promised Ghanaians that he would be a president to all, in that plagiarized inaugural speech. Has Nana forgotten too soon?  After all,  it was a plagiarized speech!

You need to know that governance is a serious business and you cannot continue this excessive deception and expect all Ghanaians to support you!!
 I cannot support you to sack others to employ your favourites when you did promised every willing citizen a job.  Such double standard and hypocrisy really make some people say "politics is a dirty game".

You spoke against opulence  and unnecessary expenditure yet you line up a thirty man political squad to plan ghana@60 anniversary of which twenty million Ghana cedis is going to be spent. Can any broken economy finance such an event with that gargantuan amount? Monitoring from every corner,  you are overly incompetent and dishonest.

Ghanaians have started learning lessons from your political demeanor.  Stop the sleeping and sit for the job and don't send this country into a military junta!!

All that glitters is not gold.

Denis Andaban.



The View of An Ordinary Citizen.

Denis Andaban writes...........

The change that Ghanaians advocated for is here. It is a change indeed!

The happenings so far indicate an absolute change of government and governance. The NPP scored political capital out of the behaviour of some government appointees in the NDC government, calling them arrogant and so on….

Here we are today, few days into government, we see the militancy tactics  by the NPP with the full endorsement of president Nana Akufo Addo. Hooliganism among NPP fanatics as they launch coup  state institutions and the physical abuse of people they consider not to have supported them as if we are in political instability. What a change!

As if that is not enough, a very important Constitutional exercise like the vetting of ministerial nominees has now become a platform for them to show their power.  The committee chairman leading the crusade shamelessly sells his arrogance, partiality and needless street politics as he seeks to protect the incompetence of some of the nominees from the public eye.

Unfortunately, some of them rather embarrass him when they choose to answer questions he hitherto considered irrelevant. Most of the very sensitive questions that matter most and interest the nation are nullified. Is it an indirect way of telling the minority to boycott the process because they (NPP MPs) willingly illegally boycotted the 2013 vetting of ministerial nominees? I can't think far.

It is conspicuous that the minority have grilled the nominees so far and have actually cut off the rubber horns of some of them (nominees). Some have clearly demonstrated enough inconsistencies and contradictions both in terms of legalities and their own promises. May be it another political escapade for Ghanaians to explore bitterly though.

I think that quality matters most than quantity though the NPP believe in quantity and justify the nomination of party people to occupy certain questionable positions. The few minority members have demonstrated much resilience, fortitude and sagacity in the process so far. Let me thank the Hon minority leader Hon Haruna Iddrisu and his members. In fact, Hon Alhassan Suhimini has shown them how knowledgeable he is even as a new Member of Parliament. He is the reason behind the constant display of needless emotions by the chairman of the committee.

What is more interesting is that the people they keep on boasting about do not show much an appreciation and understanding of the issues in the various ministries they seek to head. Talk of the minister designate for Agric who thinks the agric sector is only about cocoa. Talk about the senior minister Yaw Osafo Marfo who does not know that we have a rent control law in this country.

As for the arrogance displayed so far, the least talk about it the better. The senior minister designate is indeed a senior and has shown his level of arrogance and I believe his juniors, so to say, will take cue. He said a whole Hon member duly elected by his constituents is too young to understand issues asked him in the interest of the nation and thinks that is not arrogance? Just within few minutes after that insult, the supposed too young Hon member educated him on the number of universities in the country. What a shame!

The likes of Alan K, Opoku Agyemang Prempeh, Ken Ofori Atta and Osafo Mafo all alluded to the fact that the NDC government was not incompetent as the NPP used to preach. Is this double standard or self-contradiction? They (NPP) now believe that borrowing is not bad, sole sourcing is legal, infrastructure is important, NHIS is working and not collapsed, physical space is needed in servicing loans among others. It is interesting. The hot seat had really done the magic and they have started confessing their sins too early.

Coming events they say cast their shadows. The NPP throughout their days in opposition has never appreciated anything of the then government. They were too good at levelling unsubstantiated allegations against dignified individuals.  They were heroes in casting aspersions beyond measure. Today when they bring facts about the involvement of some nominees in certain landmark scandals, they think it should not be heard publicly. I think the NDC is too soft and has the passion to champion the development of our country otherwise I don't see the need for supporting the current seeming notorious government at all.

Again, look at the manner in which people are being fired left right centre whilst party members and family members are being appointed. Who were those talking about tribalism and lack of regional balance in the NDC government when indeed it was conspicuously false? Who were those preaching daily against winner takes all? Is the civil society around? IEA have you forgotten too soon?

Deductively, propaganda cannot just build a nation. You may deceive the  to get into power but you cannot use propaganda and lies to develop this nation. That is just the beginning. I'm not talking about the constitutionally sacrilegious appointments going on. They say they are lawyers. We are watching.
I don't see any sign of competence so far in Nana and his party boys.


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Aside war, another devastating thing that stampedes development is corruption.  It is the main reason aside political instability that is behind the struggle of Africa over the years to capturing commanding height in global economic development. It is not too ambitious a dream to controlling and dictating the pace of economic development in the developed economies since Africa contributes significantly in the world market in terms of raw materials. We get chunk of money from our exports but our national coffers continue to leak hence our inability to experience a significant growth in our lives. We keep on envisaging all sorts of lofty economic policies in our quest to bring about progress and prosperity but one issue we fail to fight against as a people is corruption. In my piece today, I consider corruption, only as a crystal manifestation of a society that is characterized by moral degringolade.

In my view, corruption in Africa has grown to a sophisticated stage that it is quite problematic to understand. Yes we have come to know of the tendencies of individuals to use national resources for their selfish gains though we have all developed a lackadaisical attitude to nibbling the bud. It is not as though we lack the wherewithal to fight but the approach we often adopt is absolutely hypocritical, discriminatory and purely pretentious.  You cannot fight such a dangerous canker with such approaches. We are only creating a breeding ground for this canker to escalate. In fact, it has escalated to the extent that no methodology has been invented yet to measure the amount of resources we continue to lose as a continent. Not even the corruption perception index reports have been able to give accurate reports on the effects of this silent enemy called corruption. It is high time we developed new approaches to tackle it.  Any canker that is largely attitudinal requires a long term approach in fighting against it. Let’s all agree that we have all been wrong and create a new path again through a positive attitudinal approach.

The worse I fear about corruption has started manifesting in those who are supposed to lead us to wage a continental war against this canker. It would be very hazardous and perilous, should that development is not curbed with urgency. I am talking about mental corruption, a situation that is affecting our reasoning abilities to the extend we take joy in thinking negatively and producing negative results. We lack the sense of logical reasoning and sense of fair judgement. In my view, this is caused by our political history that was largely shredded with intimidation and force to the extent that people had to speak to satisfy their political masters. The African culture is older than western democracy and we should not swallow democracy hook line and sinker. This is what the late KOBINA SAKYI of Ghana warned us about, decades ago. No wonder people just say anything today even when they know it is not the truth. That is the mental corruption which is rather precipitating famine, poverty and sometimes war in our continent. We can fight corruption better through culture and tradition. We have a rich culture that used to churn out honest citizenry.

Politicians have largely been blamed for the growing levels of the canker. Though I share the view that most African politicians are corrupt, they cannot be solely blamed. Politicians are the direct product of society and if they are corrupt as we see it, then the canker has really engulfed the whole society. Always pointing fingers at politicians cannot be the ideal way to go. Over the years, the top button approach has failed to produce any positive results. We must begin to think of the button top approach where growing a more honestly patriotic citizen right from school going age, should be a long term priority.

I say this because, many of we the ordinary citizenry have equally engaged in the act either consciously or unconsciously. To me, the civil servant is the worst offender of this act. They have the technical long hands to professionally perpetuate the act. Ironically, we concentrate too much on the vulnerable politician, creating a comfortable room for the old experienced civil servants to orchestrate the act with impunity. In Africa, you hear of so many accusations and counter accusations from incumbent and previous governments but that never minimize corruption. The fact is that government goes and government comes, but the civil servant remains in the office. They are so experienced in the field that any government who fails to endorse their diabolic plans would be sabotaged. They easily incite the public against the government. This is enough a demonstration that, we need to be fair to ourselves and at least, adopt a holistic long term approach in our quest to combating the situation.

The holier than thou attitude over the years has been a catalyst to the canker and the earlier we adopt the long term attitudinal change approach, the better. We are all at fault. The most annoying thing is that, though there is a seeming proliferation of churches all over the corners of Africa, so called men of God preach little about attitude. They preach prosperity and demand humongous offers. That in itself is fuelling corruption. Pastors do not care where their congregants get their wealth from. Rather they are interested in gargantuan donations from members and in some cases, those who donate more are considered more religious and often received all sort of positive prophesies from their pastors. Men of God in most cases are not even accountable to their church members. The congregants see nothing wrong with that and that is a recipe for others to consider corruptions as normal.
I hope you have seen where we have all gone wrong? Let’s agree that we have all gone wrong and rejuvenate the whole society by ensuring discipline, real citizenship that has Africa at heart. Building a very ideally principled society cannot always be a night day wonder, as has always been the method adopted by our leaders. We need a long term approach.

Shall be back soon…………………………

Denis Andaban



The Upper West Region is seeing tremendous improvement in every facets of life.  There is one critical sector which is rapidly developing. Unfortunately many people do not pay attention to it and many talents are still undeveloped. The creative art industry has an indispensable role in economic development. For our Region to be blessed with many talents in the movie and music sectors, we must refocus our minds to developing these many talents. Today, I write this piece to add my contributions to the development of this important sector.
First and foremost, the many up growing musicians must learn to take inspiration from those who have made it. We can boast of several stars from this our young Region. At least, I can mention Samini, Nuella Wiyaala, David BB, Prince Karim, Raphius Samingos, Rasbadingu, Imoro Ayaana among others. All these guys are making us proud with their talents. They all started with a very humble beginning. In my humble opinion, these are some of the guys that that have that have motivated the many youth who are now into it. Today, the numbers of youth who are into music in the region are almost uncountable and are indeed proving their abilities. What one will expect is healthy competition and not needless rivalry at the time we need to collectively work hard to push ahead our talents. The young musicians are good but they are doing themselves more harm than good with their needless personality attack on one another.

Also, musicians if they are committed to uplifting the region through their talents must a matter of fact consider creativity and effective management. Most of these guys lack any professional managers who understand what music production, marketing and promotions are about. The few that are lucky to have managers do not even respect them in one way or the other. Once you have taken somebody as a manager, you must remain humble and submissive to him. I know what I am talking about.

Then again, let’s look at the rate at which tracks are being released. A good manager or musician will consider timing or spacing very paramount in promotion and marketing. You may release a good track but if the timing is wrong, forget of hitting. What I want to say is that you cannot be releasing singles almost every day and expect to be on top in music promotion at this level. I know of these young musicians who are very good and can go far but they must consider technicalities in the industry very necessary.

We must also consider that we have few DJs in the region who are committed to promoting the upper west music. Permit me to give credit to D J Tobile, Original Isaac, D J Derrygee, D J Alaska, D J Lwanga, D J Lasky, D J ANNAN, D J Skinny among others who are very committed to giving so much attention to our local music in their programs. We are talking about a region where we have few sponsors for entertainment programs. Do we actually appreciate the work of these DJs? I think we must find a way of bringing our DJs on-board in our marketing and promotion. I must commend all the radio stations and sound owners who create an enabling environment for our DJs to do what they are doing.

More importantly, the Upper West Musicians Union must be proactive and draw a strategic plan to streamline the activities of all musicians in the region. That is the only way we can attach more value to our music in the region.

I urge all musicians to be original and consider our culture very paramount. The support of the region would be assuring more if the music really portrays the culture of the people. I am not by this dictating the style of music by any musician but you cannot always go exotic and sometimes profane and expert to gain support. Let’s be original, creative, humble and patient enough. We have a better future ahead.
Denis Andaban popularly called in Entertainment as Rasdonkey.