Denis Andaban Celebrates Gideon Opoku Dankwa(GOD) Of UEW-K.

I don't know why but this month happens to be a great month with great things. At least, many of my wonderful friends and counterparts in student activism have celebrated their birthdays this month. What makes the month more special is this day which marks the birthday of my friend, teammate and colleague in the enterprise of student politics.

We met as soon as after reporting for level 100. His calm posture, humility but deep understanding of grassroot politics make him my twin brother. He calls me his boss and mentor and same way do I consider him. He won the student best parliamentarian 2017, an award program instituted by NUGS, UEW-K. Winning that award is not something easy considering the caliber of Honorable members we have in students' Parliament, UEW-K Republic.
We are talking about a house where wisdom is displayed in the air almost daily.

When he took the decision to contest for NUGS president, I was not surprise at all, considering his continuous penchant in student politics. It is unfortunate that he could not ascend the throne.

He is still active in students' affair and must be encouraged to support those who won power. After all, we all stand for one thing, development of COLTEK.

On this special day as he celebrates his birthday, it is only fair that I render him this short eulogy since it has become our special way of demonstrating our fraternity, comradeship and partners on Students' agenda.

We still have some good experiences to tell. When we started, people called us names like *amateurs* but we never gave up. Your enthusiasm to learn from others speak volume of your political future and I believe strongly that we shall not end it here.

I therefore extend my best wishes to Hon Scholar. I can only pray that God grant you more wisdom, strength and long life. The Guantanamo agenda is still on and we must go back and pick our pens.

I wish you a very happy birthday.
I urge all friends to join me say *Happy Birthday To Hon Scholar*

Author: Denis Andaban

Denis Andaban is a young writer and practising journalist. He is also a young teacher who has an unrepentant passion for writing. He has written feature articles ranging from politics, social issues, academic and relationship. He also writes news for many online media portals. Currently, He is reading B A English Language Education at the University of Education, Winneba, Kumasi. Denis Andaban is a native of Fian in the Upper West Region

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