Building trust is the most difficult issue in human relationship. Anytime, I chance the word "trust" I think of this young, obedient and humble character called DJ Annan. I must be candid in my opinion not to exaggerate the attitude and character of Pascal. He always want to be part of every initiative I take. When I started a football team in the Nadowli Town with my little resources with my very close friend Master Peter Awaab, Pascal, a very young versatile defender was part of the team. He always would want more analysis from me not only on the pitch but at home. Those who didn't know I was nor only a player but a coach in football can take it from there.Today, as I type, this guy is one of the most phenomenal defender in his vicinity.

In 2011, when I set up my entertainment company and was struggling to have more influential young DJs to survive competition, he availed himself together with DJ Fine Boy, now a soldier. We branded the name and took over the market and the name Rasdonkey became a household name.

Indeed learning a skill leads to perfection but talent also does the magic. I thought this guy how to connect and play the soundz quite shortly. After he had gained crowd confidence, he developed steadily as the youngest DJ among all my DJs and this is where he is. DJ Annan can call himself a young promising DJ because of his hardwork, respect and obedience. Sometimes, I was harsh on him, but he learns how to humble himself.

At a time, my most experienced DJ and Technician, DJ Fine Boy(Shady) was working seriously to get into the military with to and fro movement to Accra, many thought Rasdonkey Soundz would have collapsed but DJ Annan assumed a more greater responsibility and made the brand still visible. He led his colleagues DJ Atom, DJ Bombastic, DJ Particle, DJ Bright, and few others with good leadership skills. I sometimes left everything to his care and observe.

I will not be fair if I don't put it on record that he is very reliable and committed to duty. Now, he is my sole manager  and he has done effective management for two years now. He will sometimes call me " master we have to survive". That is the sign of charisma and I must work hard to develop this guy in the near future. At a time that we are facing challenges with our sound because of lack of capital to reinvest after we lost a colossal amount of money to financial investment companies, he still push and often call me to motivate me. Such a person you call a young DJ? He might look young but I think he is very matured, per his dealings.

It is therefore important that as he celebrate his milestone, I join colleagues in the entertainment industry in the upper west region, Rasdonkey Entertainment, friends and relatives, to extend my sincere best wishes and felicitations to him. He deserves to be celebrated and will officially be celebrated when I finally come home. He must be motivated, inspired to go higher. His dexterity, sagacity and ingenuity shall make him a national figure very soon.

Let me also use this opportunity to pray that God grant him his heart desire and continue to strengthen the bond that exist between us. It is rather sad that I am physically absent but that notwithstanding, I am with you in spirit.

I urge all friends and fans of Rasdonkey to make my boy the happiest person tonight. I expect a more peaceful tumultuous jollification party.

Pascal, maintain the status quo and improve it. The sky is just your beginning. Monkeys don't give birth to puppies. You have found yourself in good hands. It is just a matter of time.  Follow the steps and aspire for greater heights. I'm very sure with your commitment and loyalty, we shall rebrand Rasdonkey Entertainment and take over the market again. We have done it before even under more disheartening circumstances.

May you live long to fulfill your heart desires.

I wish you a very joyous day.
Happy birthday.
I love you.

Author: Denis Andaban

Denis Andaban is a young writer and practising journalist. He is also a young teacher who has an unrepentant passion for writing. He has written feature articles ranging from politics, social issues, academic and relationship. He also writes news for many online media portals. Currently, He is reading B A English Language Education at the University of Education, Winneba, Kumasi. Denis Andaban is a native of Fian in the Upper West Region

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