LIFESTYLE: How to know a relationship is over, 28 signs to reveal the truth

Feeling unsure about the status of your relationship? 
These 28 signs will help you learn how to know a relationship is over and let you let go. 

Being in a relationship undoubtedly has its ups and downs. When you hit a rough patch it can be difficult to know whether it is just that—a tricky time but something you’ll get through or the start of your relationship’s demise. Learning how to know a relationship is over helps you get out now before things turn really ugly. 

When you love someone, or when you have invested time and effort in a relationship, it is difficult to decide when it is over. No one enjoys a breakup after all. If there is something worth fighting for there, it may be that you can find a way to turn your relationship around and get back on track once more. 


How to know a relationship is over – 28 signals to help you decide 

It is really important not to confuse these feelings for ones where you simply don’t like the idea of being alone, or don’t want to be single and starting all over again. If you stay together it has to be for the right reasons. Otherwise, you just waste more of your time, only to breakup further down the line. 

What are the indicators when it comes to understanding how to know a relationship is over? It can be difficult, but take a look at the below signs. If they sound like your relationship, it may well be time to call it quits. 

#1 You bicker constantly. Constant fighting is no fun for anyone and suggests underlying issues. If you can’t get to the bottom of them, it may be time to say goodbye to your relationship. 

#2 You fight about the same thing over and over. Are you always having the same fight? If you never resolve it, you probably will have the same fight forever. Can you let it go or will it drive you insane? 

#3 You think about cheating. Do you keep thinking about other people and what it might like to be with them instead? Do you think about cheating, have you ever got close? If you feel this way, you need to take a long hard look at your relationship. Perhaps, you would be better off calling it a day. 

#4 You have cheated. If you have cheated, you broke the trust of a relationship and you don’t respect your partner. You may have reasons why it happened but unless you are honest with them and find a way to move forward, your relationship is probably doomed. 

#5 You fantasize about a life without them. Are you constantly thinking how nice life would be without your partner? Does it feel like a weight off your mind? If so, it may be that you’d be better off without them.

#6 Your sex life has dwindled. Okay, so in a long-term relationship everyone’s sex life cools off a little, but if you barely have sex anymore, it may be that the spark has gone. 


#7 You have too much sex. Do you solve arguments through sex? Do you have sex rather than talk about things? Doesn’t sound very healthy, does it?! 

#8 You don’t spend any quality time together. You need to make time for one another in relationships. If neither of you bother yourself to do this, you may be better off out of it. 

#9 You moan about them to your friends. When you meet up with your friends do you just constantly moan about your partner to them? If they nudge you to break it off, it may be because they are bored of listening to you go on about how bad things are! 

#10 You cry about them a lot. Do you find yourself crying a lot about the relationship? It doesn’t sound like you are very happy. Time to be alone? 

#11 You don’t respect them. Respect is hugely important in a relationship. If you don’t respect them you might as well call it quits. 

#12 You don’t trust them. Trust is another important factor. Without trust what kind of relationship do you really have? 

#13 You make big decisions without them. A successful relationship shares big decisions with each other and includes one another in every aspect of your lives. If you can’t do this then you need to move on to someone else. 

#14 You put them down all the time. If you constantly make snide remarks about your partner, knocking their confidence, or putting them down you need to ask yourself why? We’re sure you didn’t do this at the beginning of your relationship, so why do it now? Perhaps you simply don’t like them anymore! 

#15 They put you down all the time. As above. If you constantly receive criticism from your partner, you might be better off out of it. 

#16 You are mean to one another. If you are deliberately spiteful and mean to one another you should ask yourself why you want to stay in a relationship like that? You could end up being bitter and angry or really hurting them and that’s no good for anyone. 

#17 You make jokes at each other’s expense. If you always mock one another this gets pretty draining and feels as though they aren’t on your side.

#18 You don’t know what to say anymore. Have you run out of things to say to one another? Do you feel like you can’t even be bothered to talk anymore? It sounds like your relationship ran out of steam. 

#19 You don’t support one another. A good relationship means supporting one another and being each other’s biggest fan. If you don’t feel this way about your partner, perhaps you would be better off with someone else. 

#20 You don’t feel happy. Really ask yourself whether you are happy? If you aren’t, choose something different. 

#21 You play the blame game. If you feel like nothing is your fault and everything is theirs and they feel the same about you, you clearly get nowhere. Time to call time on your relationship. 

#22 You’ve stopped being affectionate. If you never hold hands, cuddle, or show affection towards one another you have grown apart. It may be too late to pull it back together. 


#23 You find it hard to think of the good things. If you struggle to think of the good things about your relationship or partner this could be a sign your relationship is over. 

#24 You think about ending it all the time. This is a clear red flag when it comes to telling how to know a relationship is over. If you think about ending the relationship all the time and constantly come up with reasons why you should, it might be time to bite the bullet and just get it over with. 

#25 You intentionally sabotage the relationship. Are you deliberately sabotaging your own relationship so they’ll break up with you? If so, just be brave and do it yourself. 

#26 You want different things. Having life goals that are in some way aligned is really important. If yours aren’t you’ll probably end up moving in different directions anyway. 

#27 You never laugh together. Having fun and laughter in your relationships keeps things flirty, happy, and the spark alive. If you never laugh together anymore it’s time to put an end to it. 

#28 You fall out of love. Really ask yourself whether you are in love anymore. If the honest answer is no, you’d be better off moving on sooner rather than later. 

If you look at your relationship and honestly say these signs apply to you, it can help you understand how to know a relationship is over and truly help you move on. Doing so can be painful and tricky, but there is no point wasting more of your life on someone who simply isn’t compatible with you.


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