Latest Anas Exposé Within the GFA is a Lesson to Student Leaders – NUGS Secretary Hopeful 

A controversial and outspoken student activist from the Mampong Ashanti satellite of the University of Education Winneba has called on student leaders to learn and draw lessons from the recent Anas exposé entitled 'Number 12(#12)'. The latest exposé within the nation's sporting discipline , specifically the Football Association.

He made this call during an interview with Hope 93.1 FM in Ho on Thursday June 7th .

He explained that students are the future leaders of this country and that ,the latest Anas's exposé is a good call on the need for student leaders to cultivate and exercise the spirit of accountability to their various students at all levels of education in the country .

 "It is a very timely exposé because this is the season most student unions prepare and decide on the kinds of leaders to elect and that , this latest exposé is a good call for students , most especially delegates to make the right choices on a paramount basis of their prior leadership from their various individual satellite campuses . To add to that ,  it is also a good call for delegates to be circumspect in the kind of leaders to endorse in the upcoming elections especially the mother union of all student unions in Ghana, the National Union of Ghana Students(NUGS)" .The student activist said .

He went on to then advice other student unions including the University Students Association of Ghana(USAG) , Private University Students Association of Ghana(PUSAG) , Ghana Union of Professional Students(GUPS) amongst others.

"I would also want to use this opportunity to urge current leaders most especially at all level s of our educational ladder to exercise accountability and be dedicated and focused on rendering their service to mother Ghana to the benefit of all because leaders are agents for change and that , their leadership today within the students domain is only a narrow picture of how they will lead as they incline to face the more broader world" .The NUGS secretary aspirant added .

Upon being asked what his word of advice to the government would be on the latest expose , the NUGS secretary aspirant added , "I would advice the government to handle this scandal in a more professional manner , having made reference to the leaked document bearing the statement written by the embattled President of the Ghana Football Association(GFA) which shouldn't have been so".

He went on to commend the government for its intervention as a matter of urgency and urged the government to do everything within its powers to restore the lost confidence entrusted in the association over the years to awaken the spirit of Ghanaian football and make it interesting.

Thank you all ..!!

Long Live Africa ,

Long Live Ghana , 

Long Live Student Unions and Leaders.
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