Land guards are threatening my life — Kennedy Agyapong

New Patriotic Party (NPP) firebrand Kennedy Agyapong says he feels threatened following attempts by some senior police officers in collusion with land guards in the country to take his life. 

“Some police personnel have conspired with land guards to kill me,” he revealed on Net 2 TV on Wednesday. 

The Assin Central lawmaker who has been a pain on the neck of land guards since the Director General of Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service, COP Bright Oduro was ousted, has threatened to name and shame those involved. 


“I have pictures of top police officers who are enjoying grasscutter meat with land guards. It’s not only Bright Oduro alone, there are others. 

"I will give the police service a crusade for everybody to see police officers who take bribes and demand lands from land guards and then shield them,” he alleged.

COP Bright Oduro was asked to proceed on leave earlier this week by the decision of Cabinet, but the decision did not sit well him and as a result has granted media interviews to express serious concerns about what he described as unfair treatment being meted out to him. 

He accused Kennedy Agyapong of being the cause of his unfair treatment, claiming that he was asked to proceed on leave based on allegations by the MP that he had links with land guards. 

But Kennedy Agyapong says the evidence in his possession against COP Bright Oduro and other top officers are explosive, hence it would be better for him to keep silent. 

“The President should sack the ten top hierarchy of the police service because not even a single one of them is clean when it comes is dealing with land guards,” he suggested. 

The outspoken MP warned COP Bright Oduro to keep mute otherwise he will suffer the consequences of his public utterances.
“I want to tell Bright Oduro that there was an investigation before he was asked to proceed on leave. 

According to Mr Agyapong, the young police officers whose lives were in danger approached him they need protection from the NPP government to fight the land guard canker in the capital. 

He said they told him, if they are given the protection they need, "then we should come to East Legon police station and demand for the docket of all the land cases and we will see those behind them.”


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