Ghana Is On The Verge Of Experiencing Civil Unrest Under President Nana Akuffo Addo

The recent frail and uncertain security situation in the country resulting in loss of lives of many innocent Ghanaians is so worrying and threatening to the peace of Ghana. The supersonic speed with which our beloved country descends into lawlessness and insecurity speaks volumes of a very weak and substandard leadership of president Nana Add and his security services. The prevalence of the current situation evokes a kind of blatant lawlessness, showcasing failure on the part of the president and his "men".

It is so saddening and worrying, the nonchalance and impunity with which these crimes are executed. This indicates an emboldening of the perpetrators behind them emanate directly from the half-hearted response from the president and his security agencies. It is abundantly clear that the government is unable to get hold on very germane issues that are frustrating and cutting short, the lives of citizens of the country.

Ghanaians are seeing their security service failing and are rightly apprehensive now than ever with the security situation we find ourselves. Recent escalating happenings have propelled Ghanaians to as a matter of urgency, take our personal security with all the seriousness it deserves. A litany of unpalatable happenings ranging from murder, kidnapping, violence attack by vigilante groups among others are the dominant news headlines in our airwaves. The urge for citizens to take the law into their own hands by trying to find solutions to their insecurity keeps growing. Though this act is objectionable in this 21st century, there seems to be no alternative hence the need to chart that path.

The current unwarranted and condemnable happenings in the country seems to suggest leadership failure to fulfilling one of their constitutional responsibilities, the more reason why Ghana is on the crossroad to experiencing its fair share of civil uprising. Nobody seems to be responsible for the fast growing never-ending violence being meted out on innocent Ghanaians daily. We must therefore be responsible for our own lives since all-die-be-die is not our position.

What is more threatening and indicative of a possible civil unrest is that the hoodlums and perpetrators of these acts when arrested, are defended and released by political party bigwigs. It therefore stand to reason that those who are very lucky to have aligned themselves to powerful political party's heavy-waits at the helm of affairs, can commit such crimes with impunity and go untouched. Very unfortunate for a democratic country like Ghana.

When all these things are possible, on what ground would one argue with me on my prediction? But it behoves me to clearly make stand conspicuous. I am not one of those religious charlatans and religious demagogues who take delight in prophesying on issues of election outcomes and predicting the register of impending high-level profile deaths. Far from that! The actions and inactions of this government and its vigilante groups ever since NPP won power, are charting a path that will lead to a civil uprising. There are litany of crimes and pockets of violence they executed ranging from beating-up people and locking offices, beating judges and freeing their members in court and most recently, the shooting incident at Ayawaso by-election. The yet to be investigated shooting incident at NDC Head Quarters in Kumasi today was also executed by some members of a yet-to-be-determined vigilante group.

The level of security deterioration in the country cannot be measured. This creates fear and panic among Ghanaians. I am aware they (NPP) will vehemently try to deny this but it is a common knowledge.

A question which is not suitable for after-dinner conversation but rather a pressing practical question of significant importance is, should the ordinary Ghanaian remain unarmed as law abiding citizens to lose their lives one day for no crime committed? Is that what this government wants? This is indeed practically impossible! But take note, my statement does not in any way suggests an advocacy for Ghanaians to arm themselves. It is rather the current state of Ghana that seeks to suggest that. Unless the president and the security agencies prove beyond incompetence, Ghanaians will begin to arm themselves in order to put up a deep spirited defence when attacked.

It must also be pointed out that one contributory factor that is pushing this country to welcoming an unfriendly guest, (civil unrest) aside the security crisis is the culture of silence. This slow but dangerous comrade of destruction which was introduced by this government is gathering momentum gradually. This reminds me of what Harry Truman once said "once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fears".

Majority of Ghanaians are forced by this government to remain tongue-tied for their jobs security. The hardship is so deeply rooted in the country yet the fear for losing one's life has made it difficult for one to talk about it. Almost all Ghanaians are moaning and the averse effect of it is very destructive more than volcanic eruption. All these things that are accumulating, will explode one day in this country when citizens are unable to contain them any more.

The signs are so glaring. Government must act swiftly to reduce the unending pressure being mounted on the good people of this country or else Ghana will in no distant time, have no option than to receive genocide as her unfriendly guest.

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