Derbie Raphael Celebrates Dr. Richard Kuuire, The 2016 NDC Parliamentary Candidate for Nandom Constituency

Derbie Raphael Celebrates Dr. Richard Kuuire, The 2016 NDC Parliamentary Candidate for Nandom Constituency

Today marks one of those uncommon blissful days which cannot go unnoticed. The day is  christened as blissful and uncommon because it is the day on which an icon, somebody who is an epitome of development and positive change within the Nandom Constituency and beyond. Dr. Richard Kuuire has indeed been a blessing to many people, individuals and families. Of course, some people may doubt and disbelief it, that is their problem. But the records are there, very glaring to speak for him. This proves the saying that one life transformed by education has the propensity of affecting many lives.

The life-transforming and life-changing developmental projects this selfless man brought to the good people of Nandom are invaluable. His magnanimity towards the poor, less privileged, orphans, widows, widowers, the sick and the entire people of Nandom cannot be over-emphasied. Lots of both young and old men and women are able to provide meals on the tables of their families because of Dr. Richard Kuuire.

It is without gain say that his posture and composure do not belie the attributes he portrays in the general public. A very humble, gentle, generous, calm, decent, respectful and more importantly, God fearing person. Others may take some of his attributes as his weakness but that is how God made him. It is uncharacteristic of him to attack, insults or even frown at you no matter how unsavory and derogatory comments some people may use against him guessfully, for the purpose of making him unpopular probably for cheap political points or their self aggrandizement. Let me make myself clear, Dr. Richard Kuuire is a mature levelheaded person who doesn't allow his emotions to take the better part of him. He handles issues maturely and diplomatically. A very enviable way of handling issues. A rare attribute one may join the prisons service to acquire, so I think. This makes him a distinguished leader and not a manager. It is indeed true that he who preaches peace will be known by many outside  his catchment area.

Water, they say, is life. Dr. Richard Kuuire who out of his benevolent acts, sunk an appreciable number of boreholes to ameliorate the water crises that bedeviled some communities in the Nandom Constituency. Over thirty-eight (38) boreholes have been single-handedly sunk by this man. What is more a blessing than this?

Surprisingly, this is someone who has never been a DCE or MP yet he has been able to do all things. Indeed, this piece does not is not meant to recount what he did for the good people of Nandom but just to celebrate with him on this special day of his. That notwithstanding, it is worthwhile I catalogue some of the things he is doing for "Nandome" that are commendable.

I am a young man who have a different view point regarding the way Ghanaians appreciate and celebrate their heroes and heroines. I do not believing in eulogising them after they depart from this planet earth. Of what significance is it to praise the dead?

It is in the light of this that I took it upon myself to succinctly lace these few but powerful and inspiring words together to add my small but loud melodious voice to the numerous voices celebrating this milestone in Dr. Richard Kuuire's life.

I pray fervently, that the good Lord will continue to protect and guide you in your going out and coming in. The Almighty God who sees the unseeable part of you will grand you what desire and seek from him. May the He replenish all that you spent on the people. May God reward you in multiples. May live long to enjoy the fruits of your labour. I sincerely wish I could join you in the jollification this evening but distance wouldn't permit me to make it there.

Happy Birthday. Enjoy your day.


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