The Northern students must fix our priority of self development rather than placing it on the benefit of all. Certainly, it is the Northern Boy or Girl that you see often doing all the donkey work for others to benefit and is later abandoned.

I can state unequivocally that when you go to the bigger cities in this country (Ghana) like Kumasi, Accra, Sunyani and Techiman for instance, people you find doing the hard work are always the northerners. Apparently, I do often ask myself, why is it always the northerners? Is it that we don't deserve to enjoy the conducive work environment and the associated benefits like others from other parts of the Country?

One might think I am being tribalistic in this write up but that is my opinion and opinions they say are like noises.

Indeed, out of every ten people you see doing any dirty work nine or eight are always from the north. It is high time we went back, search for our priority and place it on self development rather than the humanitarian gains (development for all).

Let me not go far but descend to our various tertiary institutions. Our institutions, UEW-K, per my three years stay on campus, I got to realize that, my Northern brothers are being recognized than ever when it is time for students' politics. Campaigning, manifesto writing, Speech writing and defending cases at the students' court hearing are mostly done by my Northern brothers. Initially I thought the trend was going to change but it seems to be a going concern at all levels including the national level.

A classical example at the national level is the vigilante groups debacle in the country. Out of the various vigilante groups noted which the government is pretentiously fighting to disband, you will realize that 70 to 80 percent of the members are bearing the names of Northerners. Our politicians do use these groups to fight for their parochial interest. Vandalism, assassination and sabotage of their opponents are hallmarks of these people. This is done to secure victory for their pay masters. My question is, if in the process of distraction you perish your life, what benefit would your family who suffered in bringing you up will benefit? Absolutely Nothing. You might even be regarded as one of the foolish persons in this country when unfortunately you are being caught in the process.

My candid advice to my colleagues Northern Brothers and sisters, I know the general perception about our part of the country is that, "we are poor" but we have all it takes to break that bounds. According to Walter Elias Disney, he said " if you can dream it , you can make it" let's join hands together, say NO and fight hard to break that mischief myths in our minds, promote peace and the development of ourselves, our sector and the country, Ghana at large.

Thank You.

Yaro D Clifford



In times when unemployment is on the rise, the efforts of any individual to reduce this unspeakable act cannot be overlooked. It is based on this assertion the people of Kulmasa cannot hide their joy for a son, brother, uncle, father, grandfather etc who has the society at heart and contributing significantly to the development of his community, district, region and Ghana at large. It is largely argued that most rich people do not give back to the society after their service to the nation is over, well Mr Kassim has made the story different. Read with me to know how this man has made the story different.

Mr Kassim is a 64-year-old man who have been very successful in life by reckoned of his hard work. He is a retired banker who has been in the banking industry for close to 34 years. After his retirement he could have stayed elsewhere but because of his love for society and his desire to make the world a better living place for others, he came back to his village where he was born and groomed to share with his people the little he has acquired. Most people cannot hide their joy and happiness whenever his name is mentioned. For the people of Kulmasa and its environs, alone this man would have been the first gentleman of mother Ghana because even with the little he has, he have proven his worth.

A year after his retirement he returned to his hometown to set up a water purification factory (pure water ) in the community of which he has employed several of our youth who were idling and becoming a burden on the society. He has also renovated an abandoned classroom which has been well furnished and stuffed with books for the community Junior High School. He did not stop there recently an NGO donated a number of computers to the community school at the district capital and he bore the transportation cost and the renovation of the computer laboratory for the installation of the computers. Again he has been helping to pay the school fees for people who would have terminated their education because of financial constraints. Due to his reputation and dignity in the banking industry he has also helped few people to acquire jobs in the sector. You can mention and mention a junk of societal problems this man has helped solved and will never get finished.

On personal basis you cannot count the number of people he has helped in their weddings, naming ceremonies, funerals ect. Just mention the personal pressing needs of our people that have been solved and he has a hand in it. He also ensures that workers posted to the community have the greatest hospitality and a conducive environment to work and stay comfortable for their stay. Also as part of his kind nature part of his "pure water factory " has been mechanised as borehole as a source of portable water for the community use. This has brought relief on many women who use to walked long distances for water and also reduce the pressure on our two boreholes. I call him a one-man crusader towards developing the society and the country. He is indeed following the principle of been the change you want to see in the society.

These are the kind of inspiring people we need in our communities to bring the change our society needs not politicians who only comes around for campaign after which the only person you get to speak to at his office is his secretary. My people lets wising up, lets stand for our rights and desist from dirty and politics of deceit. I also want to use this opportunity to create the indulgence of our youth to join hands and educate our parents that a bag of rice, a pack of Maggi, a pack of tea from a politician cannot bring us portable water, cannot bring us quality health services, cannot bring us good roads, cannot bring us quality education and that we won't vote for such politician because they are tempering with our future now and generations to come. It is often said that a society that does not celebrates its heroes is not worth dying for. Is on this note the people of Kulmasa and its environs cannot hide their joy but express their gratitude to you for your numerous developmental projects that have helped reduce unemployment, send children back to school, provide us with portable drinking water, ensure quality education etc.

We are indeed grateful and may the good Lord replenish all that you have lost in your quest to making the society a better living place for others. Also other few well-meaning people have also contributed their quota to the development of our community we say a big thank you. We also thank those who still intend to cultivate the habit of giving back to the society, because is the only way we can develop as a community, district and a nation at large and not through politicians who have nothing to offer than bags of rice and sugar. Abraham Lincoln once said that "you cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today. " Yes, it is our responsibility to develop our community lets face it today or never.

God bless Kulmasa, bless Sawla-Tuna-Kalba district, and bless our homeland Ghana.

Saakawahid29@gmail com.

My Assin constituents are lazy, ungrateful and wicked – Ken Agyapong spits venom

Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong has described his constituents as a bunch of lazy, ungrateful and wicked-minded people who do not want to work in order to fend for their families but are only interested in being dolled with money, reports.

According to him, he has consistently made an effort to establish a factory in Assin to employ residents but they have in one way or the other sabotage the efforts to the extent that they left parts of the equipment to be stolen rendering it ineffective.
In a recent interview he granted a local journalist in the area obtained the audio, a seeming angry businessman said he has been habouring the pain of the conduct of his people for long and the time had come to voice out his frustration.

“Truth be told, I will not establish the factory here. If you are serious and want me to buy your produce I will do that but to put up a factory here which will be destroyed I will never do that. I am not afraid of anyone and will speak the truth to your face. When they travel out of this town they are hardworking but when here they are lazy. I am not afraid of anyone. Will tell you straight else they will never change”, he angrily stated.

Explaining what has provoked his anger, the New Party (NPP) firebrand stated “I cultivated about 598 acres of rice which stretched from Assin Dompim to Assin Asempaneye with 800 workers but at the end, they didn’t even harvest 1000 bags of rice. You see that the Assin Nyankomasi fruit factory has also not functioned efficiently. One of the farmers said when he brought his oranges the guys who loaded the produce were not paid so he’s sending his produce to others in Burkina Faso. If you don’t change your bad mindset”.

Continuing his reason for lashing out at the constituents he said “When you are establishing anything here, the workers from the community feel they are doing you are favour. They are wicked-minded and hate to work. Look at the Dompem factory, later they allowed the machines to be stolen. I wanted to dash it to someone but they have stolen all the electrical panels. They used the ceiling to steal parts of the machine rendering the machine useless.

If you do not stop your wickedness, we will always come and distribute things to you this way and leave. I have haboured this issue in me for long. We all want to come home and develop but the mindset of residents of Assin makes it difficult for development to go on. I have seen you enjoy me coming around and dolling out money to you…carry on if that is what excites you. Unless you change, if you do not change, don’t expect anything good”, he advised.


Derbie Raphael Celebrates Dr. Richard Kuuire, The 2016 NDC Parliamentary Candidate for Nandom Constituency

Derbie Raphael Celebrates Dr. Richard Kuuire, The 2016 NDC Parliamentary Candidate for Nandom Constituency

Today marks one of those uncommon blissful days which cannot go unnoticed. The day is  christened as blissful and uncommon because it is the day on which an icon, somebody who is an epitome of development and positive change within the Nandom Constituency and beyond. Dr. Richard Kuuire has indeed been a blessing to many people, individuals and families. Of course, some people may doubt and disbelief it, that is their problem. But the records are there, very glaring to speak for him. This proves the saying that one life transformed by education has the propensity of affecting many lives.

The life-transforming and life-changing developmental projects this selfless man brought to the good people of Nandom are invaluable. His magnanimity towards the poor, less privileged, orphans, widows, widowers, the sick and the entire people of Nandom cannot be over-emphasied. Lots of both young and old men and women are able to provide meals on the tables of their families because of Dr. Richard Kuuire.

It is without gain say that his posture and composure do not belie the attributes he portrays in the general public. A very humble, gentle, generous, calm, decent, respectful and more importantly, God fearing person. Others may take some of his attributes as his weakness but that is how God made him. It is uncharacteristic of him to attack, insults or even frown at you no matter how unsavory and derogatory comments some people may use against him guessfully, for the purpose of making him unpopular probably for cheap political points or their self aggrandizement. Let me make myself clear, Dr. Richard Kuuire is a mature levelheaded person who doesn't allow his emotions to take the better part of him. He handles issues maturely and diplomatically. A very enviable way of handling issues. A rare attribute one may join the prisons service to acquire, so I think. This makes him a distinguished leader and not a manager. It is indeed true that he who preaches peace will be known by many outside  his catchment area.

Water, they say, is life. Dr. Richard Kuuire who out of his benevolent acts, sunk an appreciable number of boreholes to ameliorate the water crises that bedeviled some communities in the Nandom Constituency. Over thirty-eight (38) boreholes have been single-handedly sunk by this man. What is more a blessing than this?

Surprisingly, this is someone who has never been a DCE or MP yet he has been able to do all things. Indeed, this piece does not is not meant to recount what he did for the good people of Nandom but just to celebrate with him on this special day of his. That notwithstanding, it is worthwhile I catalogue some of the things he is doing for "Nandome" that are commendable.

I am a young man who have a different view point regarding the way Ghanaians appreciate and celebrate their heroes and heroines. I do not believing in eulogising them after they depart from this planet earth. Of what significance is it to praise the dead?

It is in the light of this that I took it upon myself to succinctly lace these few but powerful and inspiring words together to add my small but loud melodious voice to the numerous voices celebrating this milestone in Dr. Richard Kuuire's life.

I pray fervently, that the good Lord will continue to protect and guide you in your going out and coming in. The Almighty God who sees the unseeable part of you will grand you what desire and seek from him. May the He replenish all that you spent on the people. May God reward you in multiples. May live long to enjoy the fruits of your labour. I sincerely wish I could join you in the jollification this evening but distance wouldn't permit me to make it there.

Happy Birthday. Enjoy your day.


Man kills giant snake trying to swallow his daughter

But for the timely intervention of Eklu Awayi, a native of Dzodze Awayikorpe in the Ketu North Municipality of the Volta Region, his daughter and wife would have been devoured by a massive python in their farm.

Narrating the incident, the 38-year-old man said he was on his farm with the wife and less than a year old daughter when he heard unusual screams from the baby.

Alarmed by the screaming he rushed to the scene to meet a long python of about 4 meters about to swallow his baby.

He said he tried to fight off the animal but it coiled around him. In a struggle, he managed to hold the neck of the animal and tied it with a rope to over overpower it.

Eklu was grateful to God for saving the lives of his family and recounted how fear gripped him at the sight of the scene.

Residents of Dzodze were thrown into a state of shock and fear when the warrior coiled the dead python around his neck and brought it to the central business area.

After the triumphant display, he later went to the St Anthony’s Hospital with his family for medical checkup.

The predicaments of students and teachers of Guo primary school

Written by Derbie Raphael

Guo is one of the largest communities in the Nandom district in the Upper West Region. Nandom district is also one of the newly created districts in the Upper West Region of Ghana. The people of Guo are largely peasant farmers and petty traders. Their major source of income is through the sale of 'pito' and some of their farm produce.

It is one of the communities that is heavily stricken by poverty. As a result, most of the people are uneducated and that is seriously affecting the community as of now. Pupils in the community are still struggling to get quality education. In all sincerity, the few who were lucky to have had formal education are finding it uneasy to progress as compared to their colleagues elsewhere. This is because the dependency ratio on them is so high that I can't speculate.

Guo D/A primary school is the second highly populated school in the Nandom district yet it cannot boast of basic things like furniture, textbooks among other materials for its pupils. I am not oblivious that most schools are be devilled with this problem but the situation at Guo is exceptional and need urgent attention. In fact, anyone who doubts this information can personally do follow up to witness things for himself or herself.

Parents and guardians of Guo were so exhilarated when the FCUBE finally comes to stay. They excitedly lauded the initiator of this policy because they think it will in no small way liberate them from hardship as their children go to school without paying a penny as well as being fed in same manner.

It however came as a surprise to these hopeful parents and guardians regarding the kind of education government is giving to their children. Free things are indeed costly as the axiom goes. The zeal and unrepentant quest of Ghana's government to making education free and accessible to every child of school going age came under question when parents realised that their children have no furniture to sit on and learn in their various classrooms. In fact, my visit to the school recently has raised numerous unanswered questions as I write this article. Are our leaders really interested in the education of the ordinary Ghanaian child? Are they interested in quantitative or qualitative education of the ordinary children? The attitude of our leaders towards our education leaves no iota of doubt in me that approximate, what I essentially view as a classic symptomatology of a deliberate attempt, to cajole the poor to keep rewarding them generously by consistantly voting them into power. This is unfortunate! This attitude of our leaders must be condemned in no uncertain terms. They must stop playing total zero-sum politics with us. I am sometimes tempted to believing that the positions of our leaders are being threatened because of the level of intelligence of these village boys and girls. They are afraid that these village boys and girls may end up succeeding them instead of their (politicians) own children, hence their indifferent attitude to providing quality education to the deprived areas like Guo. But this mindset is everything objectionable in our contemporary Ghanaian society.
Indeed, let me admit that I wrote this article out of passion after my visit to Guo primary school. Sadly speaking, I was taken aback when I saw students from class one to class four in the Guo primary school sitting on the bare floor in the classrooms while teaching and learning was ongoing. They lie on their stomachs while writing. I could not control my tears on that day. This is absolutely unfathomable in this 21st century. You can imagine the health implications of sitting on a very cold floor to learn. No wonder most of these children are suffering from pneumonia and other cold related diseases. My readers, can you imagine what your child will go through after sitting on a very cold cemented floor for hours after a heavy downpour of rain? That is exactly what primary one to primary four pupils in Guo D/A primary school are going through in school at this season of heavy rains.

It is so pathetic that government has made senior high schools free when basic schools are not fully equipped to supply qualified students to the senior high schools. This may sound political but that is the hard truth. Those of you who teach in the senior high schools can attest to the fact that most of the students are not qualified to be there yet they there because of the parochial interest of our leaders. How can students lie on their stomachs and write legibly? How can they concentrate while sitting on very cold floor? How are the teachers expected to move and manage these classes? Hmmmmmm leaders of Mother Ghana must rise and think outside the box. This may sound insulting but sincerely speaking, I am being charitable and economical with unsavory comments. You will use more harsh words if you witness what I am talking about. Pupils are rashed to hospital while others go back home day in day out because of the extremely cold nature of the floor they sit on to learn. It is so sadornic! Very very sad for pupils to study under such a deplorable condition while our leaders are hastily implementing premature policies. A complete misplaced priority! Why don't we properly enforce a holistic and quality Free Compulsory and Universal Basic Education if we are indeed interested in the well being of these children?

It will surprise you to know the amount of money parents and guardians spend on their children in Guo primary school as a result of lack of furniture. They don't pay school fees. They don't also pay for feeding but what they spend on soap alone is colossal enough to cater for their wards fees if they are to pay fees. My encounter with the teachers indicated that parents unrelentlessly complain of washing their wards uniforms on daily bases which is widening their poverty gap. The uniforms get torn within no time because of the constant washing.
With the condition under which these pupils study, one do not need to be told that teaching and learning is not going on well in the school. This is because pupils lose concentration, more especially in the morning or after a heavy downpour of rain when the floor becomes too cold.

Also, according to the teachers, supervising the pupils work becomes difficult since the condition under which they learn is uncomfortable. Classroom management is very poor as pupils sit in no particular order in the class. Pupils exercise books as well as other teaching and learning materials becomes too dirty and some get torn in no time.

Both the students and teachers are presently with cup in hand begging the government, NGOs and all benevolent persons to come to their aid. "We will be highly grateful if the government, NGO or any benevolent persons could help salvage us from this problem". Let me hasten to add that the future of this country lies in the hands of these children who are currently learning on a bare floor in Guo primary school and other unknown schools across the country that are in similar condition.

Let me use this platform to plead that with Mission Ghana and any other groups that have children's education at heart to come out and support Guo D/A primary school with anything that you can do to help these pupils realised their potentials and develop them for the development of mother Ghana.

Supreme Court awards GHC45,000 to teacher wrongfully jailed 15 years

The Supreme Court has awarded a Ghc45, 0000 compensation to Mr Eric Asante, the teacher who was wrongfully jailed for 15 years on allegation of defiling and impregnating a student.

Apart from the Ghc45,000, the court also ordered the government of Ghana to pay the 13-year salary of Mr Asante, which he lost as a result of his wrongful incarceration.

Mr Asante wanted compensation in excess of GH?7.3m for loss of income, psychological trauma, mental disorder among other things

But in a unanimous decision Wednesday, a five member panel of the court held that Mr Asante failed to prove that he suffered any mental or emotional disorder while incarcerated.

The court, accordingly, decided to award him GH?3,180 for each year he spent behind bars.

Mr Asante spent 13 years behind bars and was therefore awarded Ghc45,000.

The panel was presided over by Mr Justice Anin Yeboah.

Other members were Mr Justice Paul Baffoe-Bonnie, Mr Justice Sule Gbadegbe, Mr Justice Gabriel Pwamang and Mr Justice Yaw Appau.


But counsel for Mr Asante, Mr Victor Kwesi Opeku, has expressed his disappointment at the amount awarded to his client.

In an interview after the ruling, he said the decision of the Supreme Court meant that the state had been let off the hook for an injustice on his client.

“I am very disappointed that the court threw out all the claims we made and awarded a paltry sum of Ghc45,000.

For a state to completely destroy a young person’s life for 13 years and get away with Ghc45,000 is not deterrent enough


On September 5, 2005, Mr Asante was jailed 15 years in hard labour by the Tamale High Court for allegedly defiling and impregnating a 13-year-old girl who was his student.
The student claimed that Mr Asante was her lover and that he had, on many occasions, had sexual relations with her.

Throughout the trial, and even in prison, Mr Asante consistently denied the charges levelled against him, insisting that he never had any amorous relationship with the girl.

He, therefore, initiated an appeal at the Court of Appeal to prove his innocence, but, in October 2006, the Court of Appeal dismissed his appeal and upheld his conviction.

Not satisfied, Mr Asante appealed to the Supreme Court in 2012. The apex court ordered a DNA test to be conducted to ascertain whether or not the teacher was the father of the child.

In a unanimous decision on January 26, 2017, the five-member panel held that the DNA test proved that Mr Asante was not the biological father of the baby and, therefore, he could not have been responsible for the pregnancy that brought forth the child.

According to the court, apart from the pregnancy, the prosecution in the trial that led to the conviction failed to present any other evidence that the alleged victim had been defiled by Mr Asante.

It further held that the so-called victim of the defilement, by lying that the teacher had impregnated her, was dishonest and, therefore, her testimony was deliberately false.


Change your attitude

Switzerland doesn't produce cocoa but yet, it is the country that produces the best chocolate in the world.

They also farm and rear animals four months in every year yet it is the country that produces the best milk.

The second producer of cocoa in the world and the second miner of gold in Africa, Ghana is still a developing country and depends on other countries for help.

Also, Ghana has many natural resources such as diamond, bauxite and many others yet cannot compare herself to countries that do not have these resources.Why?

High rate of unemployment, widespread of poverty, high mortality rate, teenage pregnancy,streetism,and many others are the problems facing Ghanaians. What did we do to deserve what we are going through?

It is about time we stopped seeing members of other political parties as enemies. It is about time we stopped 'poly-tricking' the citizens. It is about time we used the money we borrow for its purpose.

Let us not use the country's money for our own gluttony. Let us avoid bribery and corruption. Let us avoid nepotism and favouritism. Let us educate our education. Let us be united.Systems must work as well.

The development of Ghana depends on you and me.Change your attitude for a better Ghana.



Parents be responsible

A parent will compare their child to others who are better, forgetting that everyone has a unique talent. Parents,be responsible

A parent will choose for the child even if the child has no interest. Parents,be responsible

A parent will walk out each morning without thinking about what their children will eat. Parents,be responsible

A parent will look unconcerned seeing their child in possession of goodies they can't afford without questioning. Parents,be responsible

A parent will give birth and refuse to cater for the children. Parents,be responsible

A parent will send the young child to the street to sell, as their colleagues are in class studying. Parents,be responsible

A parent will see the child joining bad companies but will refuse advice. parents,be responsible

A parent will send the child to school but will never bother to visit for their welfare. Parents,be responsible

A parent would be defending the child even if they(the children) are wrong in an act . Parents,be responsible

A parent will be in support of a female child having indiscriminate sex for money. Parents,be responsible

A parent will find it uncomfortable in engaging their female on sex education. Parents,be responsible

To be a parent isn't an easy task.
It is therefore advisable to be financially and morally sound before rushing to be a parent.

Responsibility is the key and therefore, be a responsible parent

By:Musah Abdul Razak Churchill


How social media has undermined Ghana’s Uniqueness

In this 21st century, connecting with families and friends globally has become the integral part of life by just a click away. Thumps up for social media making the young and the aged lively in the global village.

One can count out of millions functions and importance that these platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snap chat, whatsapp just to mention few have brought to existence.

If not anything much, It helps people make new friends every now and then. As global platform, trending on the internet it's a place where majority of youth these days get new vacancies or online jobs.

For its wider spectrum reaching people all round, It is also a place to advertise products. It would be recalled how Jack Ma, the director of Alibaba. Com placed all small businesses in China on the internet thereby making goods and services readily available for all across globe.

One cannot neglect its sigh of relief that many get from the social media as It has become a place of entertainment to many. In acquisition of first hand information, knowledge among others, the social media's role is pivotal.

It is however easy to vow that the future is exciting because it requires no or minimal skills for it's manipulation.
All you need is a smartphone and data.

Notwithstanding it's numerous advantages, social media is doing more harm than good to the Ghanaian society.

Interestingly,it has become the first and last thing that people do after they woke up or before they sleep. A Ghanaian will wake up from bed and the first thing that will come to mind is to pick up his or her phone, check out the number of messages, likes and comments they have on their social media platforms.

One would
downplay how the above action is inimical to the Ghanaian uniqueness. But
To justify it further, its time consuming factors and other related issues are on the rise as discussed below.

To begin with, social media as all have embraced is a contributing factor for the poor performance of most students in the country.
Despite its role as a platform of acquiring more knowledge, it can be tugged for the poor performance of students as many spend their time on social media more than on their books.
Majority also use their phones throughout the day without leaving it an inch to rest.

Although pupils especially from the junior high to senior high across the country are not permitted to send phones to school per regulations, some disregard these rules and sneak their phones to school where they spend much time on it watching movies, playing games and sharing photos rather than concentrating on their books which adversely affect their performance academically.

For the recent increase malpractice among West African Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) candidates, Social media's role can be attributed for the rampant Act.

One can boldly say without a shadow of doubt that several WASSCE candidates are always in possession of phones .You may ask Why? But this is simple, with the hope that someone will feed them with questions prior to exams or during exams period.

Although the examination body - WAEC and Ghana education service (GES) pledged to block these loopholes for exams malpractice, the act continues and is on the rise. A lot of people however argued that some officials of WAEC and GES are to be blamed for the Act.

In addition to the above, Before the revolution of the new media, letter writing with good English and nice grammars were appreciated by all. sometimes it gets fascinated seeing a well written letter with good grammar. But that was then, now Social media's influence on the writing and speaking of good English by the Ghanaian youth is gradually galloping.

Today in Ghana, you will hardly see most of the youth speaking correct English or writing impeccably. This is because majority are now addicted to social media language known as shortcuts or shorthand. Some would like to use 'é' instead of the, 'b/n' instead of between, 'r/p' instead of relationship, 'cos' instead of because, 'dey' instead of they and many others.

What. of terminologies and jargons? Some would also result to the use of jargons and pidgins when chatting. This at the end, has become the usual act which either formally or not is used in both their conversations and write ups.

It would be advisable to write formally even when chatting with peers but one would say it is not convenience, fast and speed however, while we consider speed let us not downgrade its repercussion.

Furthermore, decline in productivity at the both public and the private sector can be said, is as a result of social media. Responding to messages, checking of likes and posting of more content online is time consuming and it takes work time from individuals who are expected to perform a specific task.

Sometimes others work haphazardly in a hurry manner just to get back online or just to be free for snap chatting.

It has now gotten to a time where nurses at the various hospitals across board engage in whatsapping, face booking, tweeting,snap chatting etc as patients wait for them in pain.

For nudity and pornographic images, both the young and the old have found it interesting sharing such images across. One can narrate how an alleged ''kitchen stool'' sex video gone viral, what about Rashida Black beauty's sex video?

For heinous crime like the murder of the late Major captain Maxwell Mahama, for accident like the late songstress Ebony reigns among others were seen viral on the social media projecting the country to the out world as not safe.

The social media further exposes the Ghanaian youth to certain bad practices such as making new love and breaking up of marriages online. For the recent change in dressing among the youth, it's disgusting. Due to it's free operation without restrictions, one would choose to wear or put on whatever clothes they find convenient online or to get posted online for more likes and comments.

The intention of invention of Social media is mainly to help bring people globally under one umbrella. It would therefore be recommended if Ghanaians can use the social media in a beneficial way

Musah Abdul Razak Churchill