The Upper West Regional Communication Secretariat of the National Democratic Congress has finally taken their bite on the happenings in the Wa UDS brouhaha. Below is the full press release

8th November, 2018.

Ladies and gentlemen from the media, we are grateful for your prompt response to our call for attention, as we speak on a burning issue that is very dear to the hearts of the Chiefs and all the natives of the Upper West Region.

The events of the past two weeks pertaining to the stature of the Wa Campus of the University for Development Studies are very serious issues that cannot be swept under the carpet without any conscious efforts at addressing them or finding appropriate ways of mitigating the concerns that, the youth and chiefs have raised.

We wish to applaud the Chiefs, Youth and teeming crowd that poured out on the streets last week to peacefully protest against all latent steps that are taken either consciously or unconsciously to run down all gains that have been made as far as the Wa Campus of UDS is concern.

We unreservedly associate ourselves with the clarion call to halt all surreptitious maneuverings that are targeted at dismembering the numerical strength of the Wa Campus as well as the removal of all bottle necks associated with the timely release of subventions for the running of the Wa Campus and the completion of infrastructural development.

Ladies and gentlemen, the UDS was established by PNDC Law 279 as a potent growth pole to blend the academic world with that of practical community life situation, so as to provide the leverage for the development of Northern Ghana in particular and the country as a whole.

 There is no gainsay that, the institution has been very pivotal in the poverty alleviation drive, the enhancement of tertiary education as well as contributing to the course of national integration, as many students travel from all parts of this country to study in its campuses.
It is unfortunate though that, prevailing circumstances at the University defeats the principles that occasioned the Multi Campus system of the University, where social science programs were designated to the Wa Campus. 

The silent dismembering of faculties in the Wa Campus and the creation of rival departments on other campuses to run social science programs has occasioned the situation where the Wa Campus is gradually becoming a pale shadow of its original stature.
 The ripple repercussions are enormous as businesses are running to a halt, the process of national integration is hindered and the opportunities to access tertiary education is limited. 

This gloomy situation is the genesis of a public uproar from the Chiefs and people of the Upper West, against the University management and principal officers of the University who are accused of making decisions that weakens the numerical strength of Wa Campus in addition to paying no attention to the infrastructural needs of the Wa Campus. This has since underpinned the call for the conversion of the Wa Campus into an autonomous University so as to provide the enhanced opportunities for tertiary education and poverty alleviation.

In sync with The Government of Ghana’s agenda to set up autonomous public Universities to serve as incubators of development and public enlightenment, Government under His Excellency President John Dramani Mahama set up the Dr. Christine Amoako-Nuamah’s Committee in April, 2015 to see to the conversion of the three campuses of UDS to autonomous Universities. 
This decision was at the behest of the demand for social justice by the Chiefs and people of the Upper West Region.

After broad consultation and rigorous background checks, the Committee recommended the Wa Campus to be granted autonomy with its new name as University for Business and Integrated Development Studies (UBIDS), the Navrongo Campus also granted autonomy and renamed as University of Technology and Applied Sciences (UTAS), whilst the Tamale and Nyankpala Campuses remains as University for Development Studies (UDS).

The interim report on this matter was submitted to Government in May, 2016 and the final report submitted in August,2016. 

The report had received cabinet approval by November, 2016 and was awaiting implementation in September, 2017 when the appropriate legislation would have been created for it by the parliament of Ghana. 

Ladies and gentlemen, it is sad that, the NDC lost the 2016 general election, resulting to a hold up on the completion of this noble social intervention, that per all indications, will occasion a giant leap in the educational and economic infrastructure of the Upper West Region. 

The absolute silence of the Nana Addo’s regime on the continuation of the conversion process, puts the project in limbo with the associated upheavals and public tensions that are arising. In the midst of these distasteful circumstances and the disappointments that the people are enduring after the project seems stagnated for the past two years, we wish to make the following pronouncements:

That the call for autonomous Universities out of UDS is a call for social justice and must be treated expeditiously without further delay or recourse to any political considerations.
That the erstwhile administration under John Dramani Mahama has initiated the process and had almost completed almost every documentary process that is needed in the conversion.
Governance is a continum and His Excellency President Nana Addo should endeavor to complete the implementation of this project.
That government should show adequate commitment to the process by giving clear timelines regarding the conversion process.
That Government must show sufficient commitment to the course of Tertiary education in the Upper West Region, by completing all the stalled infrastructural projects that are currently dotted around the Wa Campus.

That government must intervene in ensuring the expeditious release of subventions from the Central Administration to the Wa Campus for the smooth running of the Campus.
Government must be fair and firm in the judicious allocation of the largesse of the state to all regions in the country.

Conclusively, we wish to reiterate our firm demand on His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo and the NPP Government, to show good faith to the demand for social justice by rising up to task to continue with the conversion process that had gotten to its pinnacle before Ghanaians ceded power over to them. Thank you.


Puo-ire Prosper



Eunice Kaminta





2nd October, 2018


We have observed with dismay the unveiling stories that have followed the distribution of expired oil and maggot/weevil infested rice by His Excellency Vice President Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.
Whilst we are yet to fathom why the second gentleman of the land could be this heartless towards vulnerable citizens, we are nonetheless amazed that in his usual pride and arrogance, he has failed to accept responsibility and humbly apologize for same.
We feel scandalized by the feverish attempt of NADMO to water down the magnitude of their ineptitude, divert the attention of the whole nation and exonerate the Vice President who by all indication has drawn the Presidency into disrepute through his action.
In the wake of the shameless attempt by NADMO, the NPP and the Presidency to cover up government’s tacit attempt to dispose off expired consumables by sharing them to vulnerable Upper Westners, we wish to profoundly state that:
1. The expired goods were brought to the region here by His Excellency the Vice President on Saturday 22nd September, 2018. It was for the sake of conveying those unwholesome goods that, the Vice President came with three (3) aircrafts.
2. The suspension of the NADMO Regional Store Keeper is akin to the situation of “a lizard eating pepper for the toad to sweat”. The real person to be held responsible for this near fatal incident is His Excellency the Vice President. It was his ineptitude and incompetence that exposed our vulnerable citizens to the hazards of eating expired food together with their attendant poisonous substances.
3. The refusal of the Presidency to render an unqualified apology and NADMO’s refusal to heed the call to immediately secure enhanced medical attention for those who suffered the externalities of eating the poisonous substance, transposes our Presidency as a heartless entity that wouldn’t mind ridding on the vulnerability of poor citizens for political glory. It equally presents our NADMO outfit as a set up in disaster in itself as it is evident that, such an entity has no clue of what proactivity in disaster management is.
4. The committee set up to investigate the unveiling circumstances is only a “rubber stamp” put up to salvage the dwindling image of the Vice President and perhaps, to attempt to cover up the disgrace the Vice President drew to himself. We expect nothing but a tea sipping jamboree that will further deplete our lean national coffers at the expense of the tax payer.
5. Rather, the nation needs a forensic audit of all NADMO stores across the country to redeem such stores from any unwholesome products. We insist that, NADMO should be held accountable for the cost of all expired products as their failure to be proactive has caused financial lost to the state.
Conclusively, we wish to admonish the general public to ignore stories circulating that, the NDC procured expired oil and rice to draw the Vice President’s name into disrepute. We also doubt the claims that, only six boxes of expired oil got mistakenly mixed up with the oil they intended to distribute. It is the naked truth that, the Vice President brought those consumables from Accra in three aircrafts. He should explain the purpose of the three aircrafts here in Wa if not for bringing those products from Accra. It is very shameful that, the Vice President will deliberately shelve his own misconduct and allow a poor NADMO store keeper to suffer for his ineptitude and incompetence.We entreat him to be bold enough to take responsibility for his incompetence and also show respect to our Chiefs, opinion leaders, flood victims and ordinary natives, by rendering a profound apology for the mess he caused. Thank you.

Puo-ire Prosper

Reg.Comm. Officer

Eunice Kaminta

Dep. Reg.Comm. Officer




25TH September, 2018.
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and thank you for responding to our call with such urgent attention.
Our hearts are heavy this afternoon as the prevailing circumstances within the governance in the country today, reinforces the age old perception of the divisiveness and the disdainful perception that, the NPP has consciously formed against the very hard working natives of the Upper West Region.
Saturday 22 September, 2018 will forever be remembered as it was the day His Excellency Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia entered our Region in Rambo style with three military aircrafts.
Our checks for the cause of the naked extravagance and overt display of opulence by our Vice President revealed he was in town to distribute relief items to our people who had suffered the externalities of torrential rains over the last three months.
Ladies and gentlemen, ordinarily, we all thought the Vice President was in town to exemplify the Age –Old Ghanaian moral etiquette of being each other’s keeper and offering solace for those who unfortunately are hit by distasteful circumstances such as the flooding that occurred in suburbs of our region. Little did we expect that our Vice President will exploit our vulnerability and use our times of grief to further his political whims and caprices.
Ladies and gentlemen, we had the shock of our lives when some of our kinsmen who had received disaster relief items realized that, the items they were given had expired and from all looks are unwholesome for human consumption. We are yet to come to terms with why our Vice President will choose to exacerbate the suffering of our people by exposing them to unquantifiable health challenges at a time they are grappling with pulling the pieces of their lives together after suffering a disaster.
We recall with a painful heart how HE Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia (then running mate to the NPP) posited himself as one who was compassionate to the plight of the people of the Upper West Region. In his quest for power at that time, he responded to the plight of children in Kperisi, who were studying on the bare floor. He combed the nooks and crannies of this region and presented himself and his flag bearer as those who would prioritize our welfare and ensure the region was served its fair share of the national cake. We are extremely shocked that the reward to the people of Kperisi and the whole Upper West after winning power is to return to the region with expired disaster relief items after the show of benevolence in opposition. Aba, Our Son H.E Dr. Bawumia. 
Today the love for kingly power and its associated glamour has blinded Dr Bawumia to our plight and has further hardened his heart to the extent that, he serves our people with expired food items at their times of vulnerability and sincere need.
Ladies and gentlemen, in other news, we read that still on same visit; Dr Bawumia gave out other relief items in addition to an amount of GHC 5000.00 to victims of floods in his home northern region. The question we ask is whether by this singular act, the Vice President seeks to consummate the saying that ‘Some Ghanaians are more Ghanaian than others’.
We are calling on the Vice President, His Excellency President Akuffo Addo on whose behalf Dr Mahamudu Bawumia donated expired consumables to our people and indeed, the entire NPP machinery within the region, to come out with contrite hearts and apologize profusely to the good people of the Upper West Region and particularly the disaster victims whom this particular act has left in greater pains.
Ladies and gentlemen, in the midst of these unpalatable happenings, we wish to make the following recommendations;
1. The Hon. Regional Minister and his Deputy will have to explain to the general public how they misled the Vice President into visiting our people with such a disastrous intervention in the time of disaster
2. The Regional NADMO Boss must be relieved of his position as it is clear that, his unwatchfulness is a threat of potential disaster upon our people.
3. With immediate effect, government should remedy the embarrassment the Vice President caused her by immediately coming to the aid of the disaster victims in a dignified and proper manner.
4. Government should do a wider search of the disaster victims and add all those who were excluded on partisan basis.
We admonish the NPP and its appointees to remember that, governance is a whole enterprise in which players must be mindful to eschew pretense, hero worship, vexatious populism. This government must also endeavor to be guided by the fact that, charity must be guided by the principles of truth, compassion and humility. We call on Dr Mahamudu Bawumia and the NPP to stop exploiting the vulnerability of our people for their own whims and caprices.
Thank you.
Puo-ire Prosper

(Regional Communication Officer)




Our Media friends, Opinion Leaders, Ladies and Gentlemen.
We welcome you all to this emergency press conference being put together by the aforementioned coalition. We do appreciate your presence even on a short invitation notice. It is our hope that the media would do us a lot of favour this morning by ensuring that the issues we raise are put on the public spectacle for the appropriate authorities and those who matter in this regard, to address the issues amicably.
We received the news on the transfer of a specialist from the Nadowli hospital. We are extremely saddened by this transfer and wish to use this medium to raise some critical issues in objecting to the said transfer.
The Nadowli District Hospital Gynecologist renders services to clients from the following districts: Nadowli/Kaleo, Daffiama-Bussie-Issa, Jirapa, Lawra, Nandom and Lambussie. 

Even some of the cases from WA municipal come to the Nadowli District Hospital gynaecologist for treatment and care. It is imperative to acknowledge that the Region in general lacks specialists especially gynaecologist.  The few particularly the gynaecologist in Nadowli hospital though being under pressure is helping a lot.  This is because the Nadowli District Hospital is centrally positioned, geographically. It is easily accessible from every part of the Region. This means that the presence of a gynaecologist in the Nadowli Hospital is strategically important. 

Our attention has been drawn to the fact that the only gynecologist is being transferred out of the hospital. We are yet to understand why the specialist is being transferred considering the fact that many Districts are under his catchment area. 

Again, the movement of the specialist (gynaecologist) implies that the people from the catchment area would be denied these specialist services. This would go a long way to affect quality healthcare delivery to vast majority of the people in the Region. 
While we acknowledge that transfers are normal administrative procedures for every organization, we think that dealing with a specialist requires a more careful approach.  This is a case where we have very few specialists in the Region and are supposed to be strategically posted to serve the majority of the people. 

Having learnt about the transfer of the said specialist (gynaecologist), we have been aggrieved and worried partly due to the fate of the vast majority of the people in the aforementioned districts and partly due to the following fundamental issues:

1. The Nadowli Hospital facilitated his training as a gynaecologist as a priority of of/for the district.  Why would a facility sponsor the training of a specialist and not benefit from him as expected? 

2. The women of the Nadowli/Kaleo and the other districts within the catchment area equally deserve specialist care. 

3. Transfers are allowed but the standard practice is that there should be replacement of such critical staff (gynaecologist) so as not to create a vacuum that would have adverse effects on the people. 

4. We are not against the transfer of Muslim Ibrahim in person but it is that speciality we cannot afford to lose.  

5. Is it the case that leadership cannot get additional specialists to serve the other parts of the Region either than robbing Peter to pay Paul? 

6. In a memo that was released two days ago, the hospital administration acknowledged that there is pressure on the medical staff just because two physician assistants are currently on strike. To the extent that limited services is now being provided. What is the logic of transferring a specialist if we do not have S adequate staff?
7. We are also reliably informed that the medical sup.(Doctor Asante) will soon be leaving for further studies. The transfer of the said gynecologist could cripple the growth and efficiency of the hospital because only one medical doctor would be left to take care of this big hospital.
8. The former Regional Director of Health Services in his wisdom posted the gynaecologist to the Nadowli hospital to take care of the North-Western part of the Region in giving special care to wives and mothers while efforts while efforts were being made to specialist to other parts of the Region. 
It is therefore unthinkable that upon assumption of office in less than three months, the current Regional Director of Health Services in acting capacity is destabilizing the very strong foundation laid by his predecessor, by transferring such limited skilled staff (gynaecologist).

This could be logically associated to somebody/people pursuing their parochial interest and this, we cannot allow to hinder the quality of Health care delivery in the Region.  

It is also worthy to note that several efforts being made by the stakeholders from Nadowli -Kaleo District to reverse the transfer of the said gynaecologist have been undermined. This strongly undermines the human element which is pivotal in every organizational management.


We are by this press statement, calling on the high office of the Regional Director of Health Services and other stakeholders to immediately reverse the transfer of the said gynaecologist or post an equivalent specialist (in this case,  a gynaecologist).  Anything short of this would be met with the strongest resistance. 
The group shall officially petition the appropriate authorities after this press conference.
We wish to add that we, the petitioners, are ever ready to use any means possibly to ensure that our legitimate demands are met, considering the health needs of the following districts that would lose the services of the said specialist:

1. Nadowli-Kaleo

2. Daffiama-Bussie-Issa

3. Jirapa

4. Lawra

5. Nandom

6. Lambussie 
We hope that major stakeholders would spearhead an amicable resolution with a sense of urgency by reversing this questionable transfer.  As citizens of Ghana who hail from the catchment area of the Nadowli hospital, we are stakeholders and must be heard.  That is the essence of democracy. We cannot sit down and allow our health facility which has earned the accolade "Upper West Korle-Bu" to collapse because of personal interest.  Decisions must be taken for the benefit of majority of the people.  

We owe mother Ghana and the Upper West Region in contributing for progress and prosperity of the people of which health is the heart of the progress and prosperity of every society. 

We are counting on the consideration and urgent attention of all stakeholders as we await a better decision on the subject matter.  We shall also decide on a next step if nothing is done about it.

We thank you all for coming and seek for your support in our quest to reversing this sad situation that put the health of many people at risk.

Thank you.
Alban Kaningen


Denis Andaban


Kontoma Joseph 


Peter Nanzonige


Ankaara John Bosco


Frederick Kaningen


Nanwaana Bernard


Cc: all media houses.

The Crusaders Congratulate NDC Upper West.


Press Statement

28th June, 2018


*The Crusaders* wish to congratulate all the contestants in the 2018 constituency elections of the NDC and all members of the party in the Upper West Region for a successful constituency congresses held across the region. The passion, maturity and enthusiasm with which all contestants went about their campaigns, and the manner in which delegates assessed the candidates is indicative of the fact that the grassroots of the party is still in love with the party.

As an active youth group of the umbrella family, we deem it a responsibility to call on the winners of the elections to be magnanimous in their victory and show leadership, since the task of uniting the party to forge the battle ahead rests very much on their shoulders. We urge them to be tolerant of divergent views, proactive in addressing issues, very open with information and inclusive and consulting when it comes to taking decisions.

To all those who did not get the nod to lead, we appreciate your commitment to the party and acknowledge your individual efforts to strengthening and consolidating the internal democracy of the party. We hence call on you to still stay active and participate in the activities of the party as you would have in your victory. All hands at this juncture, must be on deck to ensure we convincingly chase the struggling elephant into the bush.

To our gallant delegates, the zeal and passion with which you stood in the rain and sun to choose our leaders for the next four years is indicative of how deep rooted the party still sits with the ordinary Ghanaian.

All party members are hereby called upon to take responsibility in maintaining the unity of the party, for the battle ahead cannot be won by a divided house. This is the time to build bridges and not walls; to shun and disregard the things that divide us and build on those that unite us.

Let us all support the leadership of party at the constituency levels for our collective success and victory 2020.

Even as we congratulate the constituencies that had successful elections, we equally call on the contestants and delegates in the Lambusie constituency, to follow suit and exhibit the highest level of decorum and maturity in going about their elections slated for this weekends. The love of the party and the hunger to return to power should be our guiding principles. Let us show that we are one family with a common purpose. This is an internal election that demands the highest level of tolerance and love.

Finally as we are aware, very soon, we shall be having our Regional Delegates Conference. There are a number of party faithfuls, who have served the party diligently in various capacities, that will be presenting themselves for elections. Need we remind ourselves, that this is yet another in-house contest and must therefore eschew all divisive commentaries that have the tendency to further ditch the party into the abyss of electoral misfortunes? The destiny of the party lies with us and how we conduct ourselves going into the elections will indicate our chances in the 2020 elections. We all know the right thing and should therefore conform. Let us unite in our sociocultural diversities and build a stronger force, formidable enough to execute elections 2020. Let us embrace one another even after the elections. May the best candidates emerge victorious.

Once more, we congratulate all and sundry in the party and wishing potential contestants the regional elections the very best of luck.

God bless our great party, NDC
God bless our constituencies
And God bless our homeland Ghana

Osman Abdul-Latif Sinsew

Umar Tiani


The aforementioned group on 22nd March, 2018 issued a press release demanding accountability from their MP Hon. Ambrose Dery after a statement was issued by office indicating that he uses his personal resources to finance developmental projects more especially the drilling of boreholes in the constituency. 

The release of the Auditor General's report has vindicated the above youth group on the grounds that a whooping sum of Ghc95, 392.00 was given to the special assistant to the MP, honourable Ambrose Sorry unaccounted for. 
The group is again demanding accountability from the office of the MP, what this amount has been used for. Some aides of the MP in an attempt to respond to our earlier release told us that the said amount was used to pay school fees of some students in the various tertiary institutions.
Unfortunately, they couldn't back their claims with evidence albeit we demanded the list of those students. In any case, if indeed the money was used to pay schools the auditors report would have captured that in their report. This is therefore enough a justification that the money was  shared to some key members in the party instead of using it to develop the constituency which is a clear case of criminal act as indicated in the auditor general's report .
We are by this release once again, demanding the list of all those purported students who are beneficiaries of the common fund. We also want to know the amounts, the dates of applications, the dates of disbursement and schools of beneficiaries.
Also,  it will in the interest of constituents to know how that whopping amount from the MP common fund is unaccounted for. Should we conclude that the dealings of the the Assembly isn't transparent and accountable? 
Even though we believe the auditor general will take steps to ensure that such monies "diverted" into wrongful hands would possibly be retrieved,  we are very much disappointed with that magnitude of misappropriation and unaccountability within the local government structure.  
We wish to call on the special prosecutor to further investigate this fraudulent individuals and prosecute them to serve as deterrent to promote probity,  transparency and accountability within the operation of the District Assembly and for that matter the use of the MP common fund. 
Nandom constituency is a new one and we ought not to have been put to this wanton embarrassment published by the national auditor's report. 
In conclusion, we are reiterating that the Hon. MP account to us with immediate effect to clear the air concerning the above questions raised.

Joshua Dedee


Derbie Raphael



For Immediate release

Wednesday, 11th July 2018


National Service Personnel across the country who are currently undertaking our mandatory National service under subvented category (government agencies) were immobilized with shock and disbelief when the National Service Scheme(NSS) without any prior notice proceeded to deduct from our paid June allowance yesterday, an amount of fifteen Ghana cedis (GHC 15). We note that, this is not the first time the Scheme is making such an attempt to “rob the poor Service person of his meager allowance “, the last attempt was an imposition of a Life Insurance Policy on all service Persons, to which, we resisted and had to seek refuge at the law Court.

We are seriously opposed to this deduction on the basis that, it is unlawful, unfair and illegal. As Service Personnel, we are determined and prepared to take appropriate legal steps to ensure that this callous breaches on our fundamental human right and freedoms as enshrined in article 21(1)(e) of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana are restored in full.

Ladies and gentlemen, It is instructive to note that, by the terms and conditions of our service as National Service Personnel as contained in the appointment letters issued to us by the National Service Scheme, we are to be paid a monthly non-taxable allowance of five hundred and fifty nine Ghana cedis, four pesewas(GHC 559.04). We are therefore at a loss, as to why the Scheme, without our express prior consent will proceed to deduct fifteen Ghana cedis(GHC 15) from our allowances and only end up paying us five hundred and forty four Ghana cedis, four pesewas(544.04).

We aver that,

I) The said unlawful deduction was effected by the National Service Scheme and for that matter, the scheme cannot purport to shed the consequences of this act of criminality on an Association which has no capacity to take any decision to bind service personnel bearing in mind the explicit provision of article 21(1) (e) of the 199 constitution.

II) The said unlawful deduction is fraudulent in nature within the purview of section 16 of the criminal offences Act,1960(Act 29)due to the fact that, our consent was not sought before the scheme went ahead to deduct the said amount from our allowance.

III) This unlawful deduction is an act of stealing within the ambit of section 124 of the criminal Offences Act,1960(Act 29)

IV)This deduction is not grounded in any law and for that, we do consider this deduction as an illegality with intention to rob us of our meager service allowance.

V). The National service scheme Act,1980( Act 426) does not recognise NASPA and for that matter, this unlawful deduction cannot purport to be a decision of the said Association(NASPA)

National Service Personnel are determined and prepared to take appropriate legal steps to resist this unlawful, unfair and illegal deductions just as we resisted the fraudulent Insurance policy by the National Service Scheme.

We call on all our gallant National Service Personnel across the country engaged in the patriotic service to our beloved country to remain calm in this trying times, even as we take appropriate legal steps to have our rights and dignity restored.

Thank You


Ananpansah, Solomon

Dawda Eric(Equity)



JUNE 22, 2018

We wish to commend the Member of Parliament (MP) for Nandom, Hon. Ambrose Dery, who is also the Minister for the Interior, for some of the good works he doing for the people of Nandom.
However, we think the MP needs to do more in the area of education, especially the provision of infrastructure. 


Members of the Group after having moved round some schools in the District, realised that most pupils  have been left to the mercy of the  wheather. 
The Group is particularly sad that pupils at the Zimuopare Kindergarten in the Ko Zone for instance, still sit under sheds for their lessons. 
What is most disturbing is the fact that the former government of John Mahama had started two projects at Zimuopare School that were 70% complete but the current government has not continued the project almost 15 months after coming into office.
Apart. from the ZIimuopare KG, projects were started in other schools in the District which have come to a standstill since the NPP and Hon. Ambrose Dery came into power. They include the  Domagye KG, Monyupele KG, Nabugagn JHS, Dabagten JHS and Ketuo KG. 
The MP should tell us why these urgent projects have been abandoned for nearly two years now since he came into power while the children sit in the sun and rain to learn.
We believe a completion of those projects will bring relief to the pupils who are currently learning under harsh weather conditions. 
The story is not different at the Guo D/A Primary School. 
Pupils in this school sit on the bare cold cemented floor for lessons. 
With the fore-going, the group was shocked and disappointed to see the MP sharing Mathematical Sets and providing  lunch to the Junior High  students in the District who just completed recently. This, in our view, is a misplaced priority. 
Suffice it to ask the following questions. 

1. How would the pupils at Zimuopare and Guo Primary Schools get to the Junior High School to benefit from the kind of support the Hon. Ambrose Dery gives at that level if they continue to learn under the current deplorable conditions?

2. Does Hon. Ambrose Dery have interest in the success of pupils in Ko Zone? 
3. Is it true that he is discriminating against the Ko Zone because he doesn't get votes there? 
3. We were also informed that the MP allegedly said the Ko Zone now has a Minister in the person of Dr. Gyielle, Minister of State in-charge of Agriculture at the Presidency. We are confused as to why an MP would discriminate among his own constituents? 
Meanwhile, we want to remind the MP that he failed to respond appropriately to our earlier Press Release issued on 21st March, 2018. 
The said Release sought to clarify a claim that the MP was using his personal resources to dig boreholes and provide other related development needs for his constituents. 
 We wish to know whether the District Common Funds as well as the MP's Common Fund have been released? 
If yes, what have they been used for since the MP is relying on his personal resources to develop this new district?

Dedee Joshua


Derbies Raphael


Hon. Anthony A. Karbo Is Embarrassing  The Good People Of Lawra  Constituency


 Press Release
In recent times the MP for the Lawra Constituency Hon Anthony A. Karbo has featured prominently in the media for the wrong reasons. Indeed it has come as a debilitating shock to us, the constituents of Lawra constituency that our MP's name, has come up in almost all the scandals in this sub-standard government led by the super incompetent Nana Akuffo Addo within the one and half years the NPP has been in power.
We  find the conduct of the Hon Anthony Karbo in these scandals most unacceptable and therefore condemn same behaviour  in no uncertain terms. The people of Upper West Region are not known for engaging in some of these shameless acts.The question we ask is, where at all  is Hon. Anthony Karbo rushing to in his insatiable quest to amass wealth ? 
We know that the Upper West Region has produced some of the finest Members of Parliament over these years only Hon Anthony Karbo  to come and inflict this embarrassment upon us all. He must bow down his head in shame.
The Lawra constituency and the then Lawra/ Nandom constituency has had  MPs  before him,  and they had represented the constituency well in Parliament. During  the term of the former MPs, we never heard of such scandals leveled against any of them in the history of our constituency.
The behaviour of  Hon Anthony Karbo has actually dragged the good image of the  region into the mud. It is a disgrace for us to have voted for such a person.
 We thought that as a crown Prince of our land, he would have distinguished himself and served as a role model for many in the constituency and beyond but unfortunately Hon. Anthony Karbo decided to show to the world, his hidden character.
Anyway, there is nothing that can be hidden under the sun, which will not be exposed. We can now see that the under rotten belly of the elephant in him is being exposed. It is abundantly and conspicuously clear that Hon. Anthony Karbo blatantly deceived the good people of Lawra constituency just to achieve his parochial interest and not to serve his constituents.
Some of the disgraceful acts include the following;

First, it was reported in the media that, he was one of the ministers who took  the double rent allowance.
Secondly, Hon. Anthony Karbo has been  mentioned in the almighty Anas Investigative corruption Expose as one of the individuals in the government who leaks information  to cronies and friends for favours particularly in the roads sector. 
In the video our MP who is supposed to represent our interest is described by the sacked GFA President as his small boy he recommended for appointment as deputy road minister ostensibly to prepare the grounds for engaging in dubious business deals. What an insult!
Yet this is someone the president is supposed to have confidence in.
But this reminds us of the saying that you cannot completely depart from what you constantly do during your tender age. Whether good or bad, it will always raise its ugly head from time to time. One cannot have an okro mouth and expect no saliva to flow. It is impossible. 
Thirdly, the people of Lawra Constituency are further  surprised and disappointed with the recent report in the media that our MP, Hon. Anthony Karbo has become an incorrigible absentee in parliament.
 This means that we the constituents are not reaping the benefits of voting for him as our MP. The Prince cum Legislator has abandoned the main reason why the good people of Lawra constituency gave him the mandate to represent them in the honourable house, to lay bare the challenges the constituency is confronted with for redress and possible solutions by government. It therefore came to the people of Lawra constituency as a very regrettable moment and a big blow for their representative in Parliament to abandon his core duty of actually representing the Lawra constituency on the floor of Parliament but  chose to engage in self-seeking wealth activities and galavanting around as  recently exposed in the widely broadcast Anas' corruption exposé.
Looking at the current disposition of Hon. Anthony Karbo, one would not be far from right to predict that the pending ministerial reshuffle would leave him with no position. In fact, we are not the prophet of doom. We are also  not praying for that but we will not be surprised if that happens. Usually, that is the repercussion for a child that  is unable to wash its hands well. Certainly, he can't eat with elders.
Now we  understand why the Head Coach of the Senior National Team of Ghana, Mr Kwesi Apia attended our last year's Kobine festival and was in Lawra even days ahead of the ceremony. No wonder the wise saying that there can never  be smoke without fire.
We conclude by saying that putting all these things together we are disappointed with the performance of our MP,  Hon Anthony Karbo.
  Thank you
 Daanoma Aloysius

( Incoming Lawra Const. Com. Officer)



  Dery Joshua 

( Incoming Lawra Const.      Dept. Com. Officer)


   *To all media houses*

Ghana and Nigerian Actress Valerie Austine passes Away at the age of 21

Valerie Chidima Austin, a 21 year old Actress cum Singer who starred in the popular Tanganyika and Vow of Silence movies produced by Solomon Busumtwi-Sam of Tango One Films has passed on.

The Actress fell unconscious yesterday (5th April, 2018) at her Beach Road residence and was rushed to the Takoradi Hospital. She was later referred to the Cape Coast Regional Hospital where she passed on this dawn (6th April, 2018). “She was on life support when she was being sent to Cape Coast Hospital” a close friend of Valerie told

Valerie is the first child of Philadelphia Austin popularly known as Tanganyika who is the star Actress in Tanganyika and Vow of Silence movies.