Your Mindset is the moulding block of your physiological being and future.

It has been a while ever since I dropped my ink for some emotional and psychological reasons but as the popular Ghanaian's community saying goes, the downfall of a man is never the end of this life, in bouncing back to my passion, I would want to share with my dear readers a piece which I have entitled " Your mindset is the moulding block of your physiological being and future ".

In my experience and research, I have come across many writers who laced their words on motivational thoughts of which most of them in their messages try in building the self conference ,perseverance and determination level of their readers and on that, I got to realized for myself that, the whole secret behind every successful person lies on two key words which I termed as The Determinants of Future. The first key word is Determination and the second word is Mindset. I will first want to torch on the Mindset and deal with the Determination in my subsequent piece to come.

With the issue of the Mindset, in simplicity means your future lies in your Mindset. One other thing I have realized is that, the mind has never ceased a minute from working although I used to believe what my grandmother told me some years ago that your Mind rest or stop working when you are asleep I wish it was today, I would have asked my grandmother a simply question which is, if it is indeed true then why is it that when you sleep and had a dream, you are able to recall vividly whatever transpired in the dream? You see, the point is, you may failed to put the thoughts from your mind into coherent and judicious use and working hard towards it but that doesn't mean you don't have great mind because the controller of your physical body is the Mindset.

Henry Ford once said, "whether you think you can or you can't either way you are right" hence to live and enjoy the future you desire to see yourself can never be attained if you cannot see it for yourself today in your mind's eye. In the quest to become one of the icon in the society, try as much as possible to see yourself to be the person you admire and desire to be, work hard towards it and I assure you will certainly become that person one day. The obligation therefore lies with you to decide what you want. Believe you can have it. Believe you deserve it. Believe it is possible for you. Close your eyes everyday for several minutes and visualize having what you want. Feel it. Believe it is already yours and finally don't forget to pray over it. That is what I termed as The Psychological Block for Physiological Development.

In the biblical context, Proverbs 23:7, of the Bible says, " As man thinketh in his heart, so he is" the big secret is in your thoughts to backed this point, one Buddha ever sighted that, " all that we are is the result of what we have thought. It is founded on our thoughts and made up of our thoughts " my dear reader I want you to use a minute to take a logical review of your life today. Are you the person you thought of becoming some days or years back? What was the strategy you used in your quest to becoming that person you desire to be? Has the strategy work for you? If your answer is No, one thing I would want you to know is that no matter how best your strategy may be it still requires a lot of effort to ensure that your chosen strategy achieved the result you expected and all this depends on the Mindset.

One brothers of mine Joseph Ziekye ever told me that, "where there is a vision, there is a provision". And after the conversation, I keep asking myself a question that, where would the provision come from? Is it going to come from within me or someone else? But with the little experience that I have had from my interaction with people, I got to know that indeed I have great values in me just that, I have failed at many times to realize those values and that is my problem, yours may also be the same or similar to mine but today, I want you to know that everything we do is from the mind so change your Mindset today and it will change your entire life, your future and your destiny but remember to keep most of your plans to yourself that is the secret because not everyone you associate with want your success.

I would like to conclude by eating the words of one popular Ghanaian motivational speaker Emmanuel Dei-Tumi " we are in the era of mind power not man power. Developed your mind".

By: Yaro D. Clifford

Tel: 0201563016

“Cold Fires”- Gladys Mbilla

Lies fly, spread and eats into thoughts,
Devouring and burning to ashes, like wild fires,
Turns greens from fresh to ash,
Scald and tear apart the soul like lashes
On the flesh of an apple,
Turning everything that has life into nothing.

They reason together,
They make twists and turns,
They are political hip-pop-crites,
They turn colours to white
And make everything zig zag.
Turn meat to team, to tame and to mate.
Life’s no time’s fool,
Nor time’s a human tool
With which to toy
About all that’s meant to being joy.

What we seek, we don’t find,
What we find we cannot bind,
Oh! If life were for sale,
Many would buy for retail,
Only to waste our resources
Yet many others’ toil will be in vain.

They say, seek ye first the kingdom of power, money
And all the state and everything thereof shall be added unto thee.
They take, ingest, but reject the truth,
They digest, direct and turn inside out since there be no proof.
They make right as wrong and wrong, right.
They tell us grass is green at our feet,
But makes THAT grass greener at their feet.
Their lies lies bare before our very eyes,
Yet, they deceive, deject and destroy our sweat.

Lies mongers, deceit brewers bloodthirsty greed traders,
With their lives rooted in lies
That spreads like bushfires that
Eats off our pride in unity as a people.
My people, sharpen your thoughts,
Straighten your eyes of discernment,
And broaden your horizons of reasoning
For there’s hope for US all humanity.

Mbilla Gladys Alasid.

Butterflies in Summer-Gladys Mbilla


I was sitting quietly out in a garden on a summer’s Mayday,
When life was an open book for a hopeful maiden,
Reflecting on the springs of tumultuous friendships
And of your forbidden presence in a garden of unworthy warship,
When I was bitter and wrought with grief,
Meditating which sought to make my life brief,
Then I spotted you, chasing a butterfly beautifully.

Like butterflies that transcends the ordinary into the Heavens,
Taking along my great wishes up to the spirits,
And whet my Fridays, wet my Saturdays and it blessed my Sundays.
I had journeyed far and I had journeyed wide,
Across fields and across streams with a heavy tide.
We’ve become as two butterflies and my grief heart got healed.
My heart enchanted by your graceful moments,
And my tears scatter and flutter as is our love’s development.

There were days loving you became very tough,
And many things between us went so wrong,
Why go on when things have become so rough?
But that love we shared has been there all along.
Our love is like a light that gives us our sight,
Many Goliaths stand tall between us at times but we’ve always known there is a light.
You and me share in many things not fair,
But we’d get through ’cause there’s something special we both share.

Come next Mayday in the next summer’s day,
We shall be like two butterflies having fun on a holiday.
Just remember a happy life depends on a liver,
Just like an apple tree planted by the side of a river.
Life’s worth living when lived with the right purpose,
Love’s worth sharing when shared with the right person.

Love conquers all iniquities.

Written by; The Princess of Zion;

Mbilla Gladys Alasid.

“If Walls Had Ears”- Mbilla Gladys


If walls had ears, to hear what goes on in rooms,
If walls had thoughts, they’d realise life is so corrupt.
If walls had eyes, to see how trouble linger and loom, and
If walls had mouths, they’d raise fists to interrupt.
If only walls had EARS,
Many of our fathers would still be here.

If walls had eyes to see, it’d have
Sighted some sitting silently shouting schemes to make friends fall.
How Judas tip toed, told, took and counted out,
The coins to sell out his Lord to his best enemies,
Never aware it was the yeast of the Pharisees.
If only walls had EYES,
Muamar Gaddafi’s Libya would still be here.

If walls had ears, to hear what goes on in rooms,
Tale tank tongues to tarnish the themes thought,
Of how offspring could be groomed,
The cuddles, chuckles and cheeky calls sought.
If only walls had EARS,
Marcus Garvey might still be here.

If walls had mouths, to tell of betrayals,
Shouting out what heard it from many in wonderland,
Declaring Gaius Cacius Longinius as traitor, not Brutus,
And the lily lies laid lustfully in need for a five seconds love,
The whispers, the hisses, kisses, the groans , moans and at long last the disses.
If only walls had MOUTHS,
Martin Luther King Jnr could still be here.

If walls had thoughts, it’ll realise life
Is so ugly from the inside, its beautiful.
If walls could reason, it’ll imagine life
Is so warlike from the insight, its so peaceful.
If walls could speak out, man’s inhumanity to man.
The human injustices, the survivals of the fittest,
Life’s so corrupt, it is survival for the swiftest.
If only walls had EARS,
My Africa, OUR Africa would be a better place for humany.

Written by;

The Princess of Zion;

Mbilla Gladys Alasid.


“Mother Africa” a sensational poem by Mbilla Gladys


Mother Africa’s heart gushily bleed,
For her children turn to worship of greed,
Instead of marrying the apostle’s creed,
Their hearts are full of disgusting deeds,
As a cream with which they smear their unending needs.
Oh mother Africa, your spirit indeed weeps.

2. Where have the true sons of Africa gone?
Mandela, Nkrumah and all with whom the pride of African originality adorned And left the true identity of Africa forlorn?
Has our true mentals of Africanism drowned in the Mississippi?
While our true African consciousness travelled across to Philippi?
The monkey, gorilla, baboon, don’t they live together in the forest?
Why then can’t the west man, the east man, the north man and the south man live together as brothers?

3. The upper class animals,
The lower class animals.The unreasonable and unrepentant humans,
The reasonable homo sapiens,
We are all but belong to the group of mammals Oh mother Africa your thoughts indeed bleed.

Some may call it xenophobia,
Others choose to term it badoo boys mafia,
Yet others brand it as mob injustice,
Thou shall not trash another’s soul in the form of a mania,
These bloods tend to stain the pride of Africa,
As against them that were purely shed for the emancipation of Africa,
Mother Africa laments ’cause her children turned beasts,
In place of her usual children of peace.

Where has gone the mental photosynthesis of an African child?
What happened to the moral block laying an African parent?
Mother Africa weeps unending pain,
In place of her usual rejoicing gain,
‘Cause she perceives her generation going down the drain.
Oh mother Africa, your soul indeed weeps.

I used to hear of brother against brother
But only in mysteries from wonderlands,
I used to hear, the roasting of children’s flesh
But only in tales tangs from distant lands,
I used to go to bed with my offspring living happily under my shed.
But my heart now bleeds all through the night.

My pride depleted by unknown family,
My precious jewels heaped away by friendly enemies,
With my hope for tomorrow nipped at the bud,
Do I still have children left who love peace?
Apart from they that have turned beasts?
I’m no longer Africa, the beacon of peace,
‘Cause my very soul is tattered into pieces.

Can I ever nurse any hope for tomorrow?
When all I do is to beg and to borrow?
With all my virginity and pride depleted?
How could I be content when the souls of my firstborn sons weep out from the ground disappointed?
Is this me? Is this where I was supposed to be?

Arise all children of our mother Africa,
Yield to the commanding pleas of Africa,
Come, west, east, south and north,
Let’s create a mental wall around our Africa,
That we may value our our own sweat
To build the Africa that we must desire.
Born with no no silver spoons
But resting on golden stools.



Mbilla Gladys Alasid.