Our choices or sources of entertainment,news etc varies but there are reasons you will surely stick to no other television channel than Konkonsa Tv.

The wait is over as the well branded and anticipated televission channel Konkonsa Tv finally goes on air

Konkonsa Tv which is the second Televission station under Nana Abosomakotere Multi-media started airing on Monday 8th April 2019 after the successfull launch of AB TV in the year 2018.

Konkonsa Tv is set to feed it viewers with multi content programmes.

Content on Konkonsa Tv includes Sports, General News, social issues, movies, Music and more.
With the emergence of many media house in the country, Konkonsa Tv will ready to compete with other giant tv stations by providing carefully selected content that will meet the epectations of all category of people. The station promises also to ensure local content. The rich culture of the country shall always be portrayed.

Nana Abosomakotere Multi-media is a fast rising multi media company that comprises of Radio stations, Fueling stations, Television stations amongs others own by Mr. Musah Mohamed , a business Man.

The C.E.O Mr.Musah Mohamed (Nana Abosomakotre)who is a 'wala' by tribe and from the Upper West region Of Ghana has assured the masses that, good and entertaining programmes will be aired to keep viewers glued.

The new station is located in the capital city of the country, Accra specifically around Caprice.

Re-scan your Satellite decoder to watch Konkonsa Tv on all free to air decoders around the world

Denis Andaban

I found love after a ‘powerful’ one-night stand – Pascaline Edwards

Pascaline Edwards has revealed that she found the man she is currently dating after she experienced a ‘powerful’ one night stand with him.

The 47-year- old experienced actress made this revelation when she appeared as a guest on a GHONE TV show ‘Duvet’, as monitored by YEN.com.gh on the night of Thursday, October 25, 2018.

In the interview, popular veteran actress, Pascaline Edwards, opened up on her sexual and love life.

Narrating how their love affair started, Pascaline said he was with the guy alone in a room, and before she could say jack “things had started knocking things”.

His hands were around my thighs, and before I realised, he had started to unhook my bra but he couldn’t find the hook because there was no bra,” Pascaline Edwards said.

She explained that she wore no bra on that day, and this even excited the man the more because he was pleased to see that even though she wore no bra “the things were standing.”

“Later, he told me that actually attracted me to him because he said in his head then the things (referring to the breasts) would be fine oo,” Pascaline Edwards said.

That night’s encounter, according to the popular actress was so powerful that she can’t forget it.

In her own words, “before I realized, I had started confessing when the action itself started.”

According to her, she and this powerful guy are still dating after three years, and admitted to loving him every day because they are deeply in love with each other.

She added that the man makes her feel good all the time because their sex life is very “spicy and innovative, which she can’t find anywhere.”

Asked what get her in the mood, Pascaline said she expects her partner to do the little things to get her excited.

When u are coming home from work, bring me a bottle of my favourite drink, the moment I see that bottle, I know whatsapp,” she revealed, adding that her man lives up to her expectation.

The popular actress also advised couple who are married to ensure that their sex life is not boring so as to save their marriage

She lamented that most women get relaxed after marriage and don’t care about their love and sex life anymore, making their husband find them boring.

She also said that some men don’t know how to kiss, and that they kiss as if they want to bite the woman’s tongue away.

Pascaline Edwards has carved a niche for herself in the movie industry.

She has acted alongside others including Fred Amugi, late George Williams, Psalm Adjetefio popularly called TT, Brew Riverson Jnr, and many others.

Source: yen.com.gh

Meet the adorable kids of Kumawood actor Kwaku Manu

The Ghanaian movie industry has taken a swift turn. A few years ago, nobody cares about the Kumawood or their stars and the lives they live offset

Kwaku Manu has a very lovely family; a beautiful wife and three pretty kids.

He can not hide the joy and decided to share this beautiful photo of his kids on Instagram with the caption.

"I love my Children "

See his beautiful kids below:


Source: pulse.com.gh

I Will Wed Shatta Michy Next Year – Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale says he and his fiance, Shatta Michy, are planning to marry in 2019.

Wale revealed on the Super Morning Show on Joy FM, Friday, October 26, that they are currently “working on our wedding” next year but will not reveal the exact date.

The main highlight of Shatta Wale’s ‘Reign’ album launch was his surprise proposal to his baby mama Shatta Michy.

The dancehall act surprised many, including the mother of his two kids, Majesty and Cherisa, when he went down on one knee to propose to Shatta Michy at the Fantasy Dome at the Trade Fair Centre in Accra.

Rubbishing reports that the proposal was fake, Shatta Wale, told SMS host, Daniel Dadzie that he gave the love of his life a gold ring.

“It was gold ring I put on her finger” stressing that the act can’t be fake. “She didn’t even know about.”

“She was my better half,” the ‘My Level’ hit singer said.

The proposal, he explained, was inspired by the fact that he wanted “to do something nice for her.”

That is why he had to pop the all-important question “in front of the world, let the world know that,” she is the woman in his life.

Source: myjoyonline.com

Sarkodie Begged Me To Produce Him – Shatta Wale

Dancehall artiste, Charles Nii Armah Mensah says rapper Sarkodie is a “small boy” when it comes to Ghana’s music industry.

He said on Joy FM‘s Super Morning Show on Friday that he is surprised Sarkodie has forgotten days when he begged him to produce some songs for him when he (Sarkodie) was an up and coming artiste.

He, therefore wondered why Sarkodie would go ahead to release a diss song against him.

“Sarkodie is a small boy; he is my junior when it comes to music. He has told me to produce him before. He has forgotten and thinks I am his colleague. Now he wants to act like a grown man…”

The repercussions of the diss song, he said, would affect Sarkodie in the line of his career.

Source: adomonline.com

Derbie Raphael Celebrates Dr. Richard Kuuire, The 2016 NDC Parliamentary Candidate for Nandom Constituency

Derbie Raphael Celebrates Dr. Richard Kuuire, The 2016 NDC Parliamentary Candidate for Nandom Constituency

Today marks one of those uncommon blissful days which cannot go unnoticed. The day is  christened as blissful and uncommon because it is the day on which an icon, somebody who is an epitome of development and positive change within the Nandom Constituency and beyond. Dr. Richard Kuuire has indeed been a blessing to many people, individuals and families. Of course, some people may doubt and disbelief it, that is their problem. But the records are there, very glaring to speak for him. This proves the saying that one life transformed by education has the propensity of affecting many lives.

The life-transforming and life-changing developmental projects this selfless man brought to the good people of Nandom are invaluable. His magnanimity towards the poor, less privileged, orphans, widows, widowers, the sick and the entire people of Nandom cannot be over-emphasied. Lots of both young and old men and women are able to provide meals on the tables of their families because of Dr. Richard Kuuire.

It is without gain say that his posture and composure do not belie the attributes he portrays in the general public. A very humble, gentle, generous, calm, decent, respectful and more importantly, God fearing person. Others may take some of his attributes as his weakness but that is how God made him. It is uncharacteristic of him to attack, insults or even frown at you no matter how unsavory and derogatory comments some people may use against him guessfully, for the purpose of making him unpopular probably for cheap political points or their self aggrandizement. Let me make myself clear, Dr. Richard Kuuire is a mature levelheaded person who doesn't allow his emotions to take the better part of him. He handles issues maturely and diplomatically. A very enviable way of handling issues. A rare attribute one may join the prisons service to acquire, so I think. This makes him a distinguished leader and not a manager. It is indeed true that he who preaches peace will be known by many outside  his catchment area.

Water, they say, is life. Dr. Richard Kuuire who out of his benevolent acts, sunk an appreciable number of boreholes to ameliorate the water crises that bedeviled some communities in the Nandom Constituency. Over thirty-eight (38) boreholes have been single-handedly sunk by this man. What is more a blessing than this?

Surprisingly, this is someone who has never been a DCE or MP yet he has been able to do all things. Indeed, this piece does not is not meant to recount what he did for the good people of Nandom but just to celebrate with him on this special day of his. That notwithstanding, it is worthwhile I catalogue some of the things he is doing for "Nandome" that are commendable.

I am a young man who have a different view point regarding the way Ghanaians appreciate and celebrate their heroes and heroines. I do not believing in eulogising them after they depart from this planet earth. Of what significance is it to praise the dead?

It is in the light of this that I took it upon myself to succinctly lace these few but powerful and inspiring words together to add my small but loud melodious voice to the numerous voices celebrating this milestone in Dr. Richard Kuuire's life.

I pray fervently, that the good Lord will continue to protect and guide you in your going out and coming in. The Almighty God who sees the unseeable part of you will grand you what desire and seek from him. May the He replenish all that you spent on the people. May God reward you in multiples. May live long to enjoy the fruits of your labour. I sincerely wish I could join you in the jollification this evening but distance wouldn't permit me to make it there.

Happy Birthday. Enjoy your day.



Ghana Most Beautiful Is Here Again; Nang Ruby (Nuo) Represents Upper West Region

Ghana Most Beautiful Is Here Again; Nang Ruby (Nuo) Represents Upper West Region

The Upper West contestant and mirror of this year's Ghana Most Beautiful (GMB) is a very humble, respectful, hardworking and intelligent lady. She is dynamic and well cultured. In fact, her charisma, dexterity coupled with her intellectual sagacity is unquestionable. 

Nang Ruby (Nuo) is a native of Upper West Region, the region that is small in size but large in human and material resources. She was born on 21st June, 1995. She had her elementary education at Fountain Gate International (Primary and JHS). Nuo proceeded to Queen of Peace Senior High in the Nadowli-Kaleo district, the district where the 2nd Deputy Speaker of Parliament, the longest serving MP in Ghana, comes from. She finally attended Wa Nursing Training College.

It is often refreshing and intriguing watching young beautiful ladies (contestants) display their skills, talents, potentials and knowledge of their enviable culture to the admiration of the whole world.

The varieties of culture among Ghanaians is something that is very enviable. The difference cultures in Ghana makes it practically impossible for one ethnic group to assume the posture of cultural superiority over the other ethnic groups.

It is on this score that Ghana Most Beautiful, the most interactive, entertaining, educative and effective platform, on yearly basis, serves as a projector that magnifies the different enviable cultural values that we have, discourages bad cultural practices, teaches moral lessons and advertises the rich resources that Ghana haveto the whole world. It is an incontestable fact that Ghana Most Beautiful has been a wonderful life-transforming beauty pageant that has greatly and positively impacted society with the best of cultures, beauty, speeches and performances.

Having watched the adverts on Television, it indicates that this year's contest is under the catchphrase, "This is the life" and it promises to entertain and educate viewers by dishing out what is anticipated to be exciting and inviting performances from the various contestants weekly.

The official launch of GMB 2018 took place today, Sunday, 16th September at the Takoradi Jubilee Park.

Nang Ruby (Nuo) is calling on the good people of Ghana; it doesn't matter which region you belong, to support her in whichever way, be it financial, material, etc during this life-transforming and life-impacting contest. Voting has started and you can text Nuo to the short code 1413.

Pelpuo Osman




Wiyaala drops ‘When the Lord Get Us Ready’

Wiyaala is going in the opposite direction to 95% of the Ghana music industry. Nowhere is that more apparent than in her latest release “When The Lord Get Us Ready” from her upcoming album “Sissala Goddess”.

In an age when most music is computer produced in backroom studios, the Upper West songstress has gone again for a fully featured and arranged studio production incorporating live instruments and the latest recording and mastering techniques.

And it shows. Quality is writ large all over this song. Wiyaala juxtaposes a traditional African incantation with an inspirational gospel pop chorus. The core message being, whoever your God, he, she or nature has blessed you with a special talent empowering you to move forward.

Wiyaala says: "The beginnings of this song was a studio jam with Atongo Zimba in June 2015 in Amsterdam, which we took to the stage of The Hague African Festival two days later. I played the song live at some of my gigs in Ghana and decided to record it in 2017.

The song is important to me because I didn't just sit in my village and wonder what could have been. I knew I had talent and was compelled to begin my journey. A higher power drove me forward and I became my own inspiration."

Released on Djimba World Records, "When The Lord Get Us Ready" was written by Wiyaala and Atongo Zimba, arranged by Melissa Van der Spuy, produced by Jurgen Von Wechmar and recorded at Sunset Recording Studio in Stellenbosch, South Africa. In the video for the song, Wiyaala makes her debut as a video director.

Sadly, it’s unlikely a song like this will make it to Ghana radio playlists since it lacks the repetitive hook lines and Afrobeat/dancehall style currently popular in Ghana. However, Wiyaala’s target audience seems to be something beyond Ghana or the African diaspora. Her heavy international touring schedule is promoting a strong African roots tradition with a modern Afropop twist to crossover audiences.

And in that, she alongside her northern peers King Ayisoba and Atongo Zimba, seem to be on the right track if Ghanaian artists are looking to create credible international careers. And it makes sense.

As Ghanaian rapper Manifest has already pointed out, you don’t paid royalties in Ghana whereas you do when you perform in countries with royalty collection systems that work.

“When The Lord Get Us Ready” is available to stream or buy on all digital platforms.

Watch the video “When The Lord Get Us Ready” here.

Source: Isshak Abdullai

Tamale Mayor Throws Dirt On Fancy Gadam’s Name After Recent Incident

Fancy Gadam, the face of Tamale entertainment, was in the news recently for one of the biggest shows ever to be held in Tamale. The show which slated for 30th June and was supposed to be held at the Tamale Sports Stadium with main acts being Fancy Gadam himself and Nigeria’s Dancehall sensation Patoranking had massive hype on all platforms.

Unfortunately for the Gadam Nation boss, right after Patoranking touched down in Tamale on Friday ahead of the show, the usual convoy by Zylofon Cash crew and Fancy Gadam’s fans which was supposed to lead the artistes to their Chief had an accident.

About 6 fans of Fancy Gadam and 2 Zylofon cash staffs died through this gory accident and due to this, the show had to be called off. Fancy Gadam made a public statement that he couldn’t continue the show because he doesn’t have the courage and strength to continue a show knowing very well that he has lost his fans right before the show.

This incident raised issues from both loved ones and haters of the young talented artiste. One of the surprising comments from concerned people in Tamale was that of the Mayor in Tamale.

Although Fancy Gadam has built a good reputation for himself in Tamale, his Mayor came out to make derogatory comments about him concerning the accident.

In an interview, he stated emphatically that Fancy Gadam is disrespectful and that he has taken Tamale to himself and he does everything he wants. In his words, he stated “Fancy Gadam is a very disrespectful boy and he thinks he can do anything he wants. Just look at what has happened. I won’t allow that boy to host any show in this town ever again. Does he think Tamale belongs to him? He wakes up and does anything he wants...”

This comment made us skeptical and we wanted to find out what is actually making this Mayor spew these things. From close sources, we found out that Fancy Gadam has a show that he had to perform and the Mayor also called him to come and perform for him at that same time at a different event. Fancy Gadam told the Mayor that he’s really sorry and that he wouldn’t be able to make it to his show. This made the Mayor furious and it created his dislike for Fancy Gadam.

Rumor has it that another artiste in Tamale, Macassio, is also behind all these allegations. A lot of false things has been said about Fancy Gadam and it’s quite sad how he trying to put his city on the map has turned into hatred.

The Mayor has now succeeded in making people think Fancy Gadam has used his fans for rituals which is why they passed away in the gory accident.

After a phone interview with Fancy Gadam, I can boldly say the artiste is innocent and these allegations leveled against him are false. These allegations are either engineered by the Mayor himself or Macassio who’s also a contender in Tamale.

Stay tuned for more info.

I’m Not Copying Ebony’s Style – Wendy Shay

The late Ebony Reigns was on top of her game when she was alive . Indeed she was a legend and a force to reckon with in a male dominated industry.

Ebony Reigns effort was not in vain as she won the artiste of the year at the 2018 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards posthumously.

However, the latest recruitment of Ruff Town records, Wendy Shay who is tagged as Ebony’s replacement has said that she is not copying the late Ebony Reigns.

According to Wendy Shay, she is doing her own style and Ghanaians should accept her for who she is.

But speaking on Hitz Gallery on Hitz FM on Friday which was hosted by Dr Pounds, Wendy Shay said she just came to the music scene and Ghanaians should stop tagging her as Ebony's replacement . She proceeded by saying that she is unique in her own way.

"I need time to show Ghanaians that this is Wendy Shay and it might take a little bit of time . If I work hard Ghanaians will know am coming with a different agenda and this is my true self so people should appreciate me . At the end of the day ,Ghanaians will accept my style and not see me to be copying the Late Ebony's style . I'm just going to do my thing ,more hits , more songs each day and nights. I believe Ghanaians will accept me for who I am" she said .

Wendy Shay also disclosed that she met Bullet, the CEO of RuffTown Records in December last year, which was before the demise of Ebony Reigns .

According to the 'uber driver' hit maker, she met Bullet again in March, 2018 to finalize a 5-year contract with Rufftown Records .

Her latest single dubbed ‘Uber Driver’ with controversial lyrics is receiving massive airplay. It is a great feat for a new artiste.

Wendy Shay was introduced by the boss of Rufftown records , Bullet as his new recruit at the 2018 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards ( VGMA).