Bill Gate back to his position after few days off being the World’s Richest to Jeff Bezos

​I know this comes with a shock as  Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has overtook Bill Gates to being the world's richest for few days and as at the Bill Gate is back to his position as the World's Richest .It came as a shock as Amazon CEO raised all of a sudden to overthrown Bill Gate who has managed to top the list more than anyone according to history.

Jeff Bezos has a fortune of about $90 billion for the first time ever.

According to Jeff Bezos, he is trying to change the world rather than get rich. Tracking of billionaires around the world started in the year 1987.Now Bezos is the seventh person to hold the title of the world richest person and third American to top global ranks with likes of Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffet and Bill Gate


Brief History of the World’s richest person from 2000-2017

2017- Bill Gate now Jeff Bezos

2016- Bill Gate

2015- Bill Gate

2014- Bill Gate

2013-Carlos Slim and Family

2012-Carlos Slim and Family

2011-Carlos Slim and Family

2010-Carlos Slim and Family

2009- Bill Gate

2008­-Warren Buffett

2007- Bill Gate

2006- Bill Gate

2005- Bill Gate

2004- Bill Gate

2003- Bill Gate

2002- Bill Gate

2001 – Bill Gate

2000 – Bill Gate

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