The previous footsteps of the current SRC President in his unflinching desire to uphold the students paramountcy and always fight for the best interest of the students' body of Coltek is something that the students body need to appraise him for that.

Last year by this time, you were always moving from class to class, from student to student to preach to them all the gospel of this institution and to the best of my knowledge, you were been pictured as one of the Messiahs who was coming to remedy students from and after the then stressful administration of your predecessor then Joseph Clifford Tuffuor.

The students body voted massively for you with the hope and conviction that you were coming to lead us to the promised Land, but as at now, we are indeed totally dumfounded and very flabbergasted as to whether we are indeed going to the promised Land as anticipated.

Mr President, you have now less than Three(3) months to vacate from your office, let me ask before I forget, coltek and the students body want to know, what can we boast of from your administration as at now?

The whole of the first semester of this academic year, we were waiting patiently as the popular saying goes, "patience pays" to see or hear positive dynamics from you but as it stands now, the sounds of your drums seems
not to be different from that of the past. It is time we begin to ask this, Mr President, what is really the problem?

Last semester, you could not even hold the second Local Assembly Meeting (LA) for members to at least have a privy to what is happening in your administration. Mr President, I want to ask again, was that another strategy?

At the just ended Local Assembly (LA) Meeting, we were expecting to drink the afore waited cool water from your pot but to our dismay, you d
swayed us again by rather presenting Court Cases, Procurement process and awarded contracts of which we are not even sure of it been ready at the said time captured in your message.

Mr President please permit me to at Least ejaculate prematurely for once, by asking again that what concrete or physical project do you have for Coltek and the students body as it stands now?

What are the Level 200 to level 400 students going to benefit from your administration?
Should we still have the trust that you are the Messiah of the today's Coltek?

If the challenges on the seat is too difficult for you to fight alone, we are still the patriotic students of Coltek and there is nothing wrong to admit to your shortfalls, we are ever ready to support you fight and win for the good name of Coltek to be elevated and that is the more reason why we voted massively for you to assumed that seat.

I think what we are seeing now should serve as a lesson to the students body and as a warning to the current Aspirants. We can even decided that this coming academic year we don't want anybody to occupy that seat again and see how the students body would function, because it is not a bad idea to have a plan "B" if the plan "A" is not yielding the outcome that you expected.

I shall be back.

Thank You.

Written by:

Yaro D. Clifford



Our choices or sources of entertainment,news etc varies but there are reasons you will surely stick to no other television channel than Konkonsa Tv.

The wait is over as the well branded and anticipated televission channel Konkonsa Tv finally goes on air

Konkonsa Tv which is the second Televission station under Nana Abosomakotere Multi-media started airing on Monday 8th April 2019 after the successfull launch of AB TV in the year 2018.

Konkonsa Tv is set to feed it viewers with multi content programmes.

Content on Konkonsa Tv includes Sports, General News, social issues, movies, Music and more.
With the emergence of many media house in the country, Konkonsa Tv will ready to compete with other giant tv stations by providing carefully selected content that will meet the epectations of all category of people. The station promises also to ensure local content. The rich culture of the country shall always be portrayed.

Nana Abosomakotere Multi-media is a fast rising multi media company that comprises of Radio stations, Fueling stations, Television stations amongs others own by Mr. Musah Mohamed , a business Man.

The C.E.O Mr.Musah Mohamed (Nana Abosomakotre)who is a 'wala' by tribe and from the Upper West region Of Ghana has assured the masses that, good and entertaining programmes will be aired to keep viewers glued.

The new station is located in the capital city of the country, Accra specifically around Caprice.

Re-scan your Satellite decoder to watch Konkonsa Tv on all free to air decoders around the world

Denis Andaban


In recent times, the high rate of road accident has generated a lot of public discourse on its effect on the human resource of the nation. One school of thought held the argument that, the phenomenon has unleashed horrible scenes of the death of loves than any known killer disease in the past few years in the country. In a related development, the politicians have continued to play gamble with the lives of the ordinary citizens as regards road carnage living our roads as safe havens for disaster.

Even though it is objective and true in the deepest sense possible that some drivers are to be blamed for most roads accidents, it is my sincere and most considered judgement that the blame should not be put squarely on their doorsteps. Speaking through an objective lens, the causes of road accident and its resultant effect on the human resource of the country is a multifaceted one and the cause would not be traced if we keep on romancing with the truth.

Taking it a step further, It will shock you to know that statistics from the Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate shows that an average of six ( 6 ) people die in road accident every day in Ghana according to DSP Mr Alexander Obeng on Xyz 93.1fm (Monday 16th April 2018).

To strengthened his argument, he held that statistics from his outfit shows an average of 59 people get injured nationwide through road accident every day since the beginning of 2018.He further intimated that if an estimated number of Five Hundred and Ninety Two (592) Ghanaians could die mercilessly through road accidents within a period of three months (1st January- 31st march) this year, and over Three Thousand Three Hundred (3300) could equally sustained various degrees of injuries, then of course going by this hypothesis obviously it paints a gloomy picture for the nation as regards productivity.

The Sawla-Kulmasa road in question is so deplorable that it is unfit for any car to ply on that road. Yet this is the irony of a very important road in the recently curved Savanna Region that links the country to some parts of the Northern Region and to the Upper West Region through to neighboring countries like Burkina Faso.

Indeed, its contribution to socio-economic growth remains non-negotiable since the Northern Region is considered to be the food basket of the country. To this end, the immediate need to maintain the Sawla-Kulmasa road needs to be considered with the urgent attention that it deserves and should remain a top most priority to the authorities concern.

Most surprisingly but sad to note is the fact that, our leaders ply this road every day and seems not to care or noticed the deplorable nature of the road. It appears apparently perhaps that, the kinds of cars they use are immune to road accident. It is obvious we the citizens are always at the disadvantage when it comes to issues of this nature. One cannot understand why the leaders will immediately turn a deaf ear to all their campaign promises of fixing roads the very day they assume office. Needless to remind them that, the very taxes we pay are meant for development issues such as fixing of our roads and not the buying of expensive cars and sitting in air-conditioned chambers.

On one hand, while our roads are becoming death traps, we cannot get portable drinking water, our children learn under trees and people are dying in the hospital because there are no drugs. Our necessities are sacrifice for their greedy needs.

In a flashback, last year the president on his visit to the Afram Plains said he has to travel with his Minister for Roads and Highways because he wants him to see the deplorable state of our roads. I humbly submit that he travels with same to the Upper West region by road if that is what will take the president to fix our roads. It beats my imagination how major roads like the Sawla-Kumasa and of course several others in the country would be in such deplorable states.

In a related development, the National Road Safety Commission must be commended for the bold and decisive decision of educating the populace on road safety measures. This gesture, to all intents and purposes is most appreciated. However, it is my candid opinion that the initiative would be an exercise in futility if our major roads remain in this unspeakable condition. One wonders whether our leaders are privy to our crisis or it is sheer negligence and or dereliction of responsibility. Indeed, something must be done, and done now.

Interestingly, the District Chief executive and all those closer to the armpit of the President seems unperturbed about the situation and remain bootlickers to the powers that the people entrusted in them. Needless to remind our Member of Parliament that the people have the power to vote for and vote against any uninspiring person they deem necessary at any material moment. The authorities concern should wake up from their slumber to save the people of Sawla-Kulmasa now, and awake, you must.

Unfortunately, reports had it that, armed robbers have taken advantage of the road to execute their devilish plans since vehicles cannot move faster on this part of the road. Much money is spent by Vehicle and drivers to regularly maintain their car which affects their daily income and sustenance. It is sad to that vehicles have to create different routes because the main road is just a death trap.

In conclusion, I call on the authorities concern, to act as a matter of urgency to rescue the people of Sawla-Kulmasa from the merciless jaws of road accident. It is my hope that if the Sawla-Kulmasa road is fixed, it will greatly facilitate socio-economic development in this part of the region and the nation as a whole.


50th Anniversary Celebration of Wa School for the Deaf, the Contribution of Pro-NDC Whatsapp Platform “Meet Ur MP’s/ fmr MP’s n MMDCE’s” Platform

Wa school for the deaf was established in 1969. The school is located in the outskirt of the Wa town. It is directly opposite Wa Senior High School. Wa School for the deaf serves as the only school in the Upper West Region which admits students who are hearing impaired across the length and breadth of the country. The numerical strength of the school currently stands at 262 students.

As the school marks its 50th anniversary, plans are far advanced towards the celebration of this milestone. Among these plans is the launching of the anniversary.

Today, 23rd March, 2019 happens to be the day for the launching of the 50th Anniversary. This took place at the school premises. The dignitaries present were the Most Rev. Bishop Baawour, members of the regional house of chiefs, Pro-NDC Whatsapp platform, "Meet Ur MP's/ fmr MP's n MMDCE's", and staff of the school.

On this special day of the school for the deaf, a Pro-NDC platform christened "Meet Ur MP's/fmr MP's and MMDCE's", participated in this special day of this school. In fact, this was the only political party that honoured the invitation. No other political party honoured this all important programme. This is significant enough to showcasing how committed and honest the NDC is to undoing discrimination against the disables in this country.

As part of our social responsibilities and objectives as a purpose driven NDC Whatsapp platform, we made donation of several varied items valued Ghc4000 to the school. We further bought the anniversary cloth to support them in advertising the programme.

We did this to show the love and care we have for our younger brothers and sisters who are hearing impaired. This further reflects the all inclusiveness the NDC as a party stands for. The NDC party does not discriminate against the disables this is the reason why it is the first political party in the history of Ghana to have appointed a visually impaired person, Hon. Seidu Danaa as a minister. It can be inferred that the NDC believes strongly in the famous saying, "disability is not inability". It is on this score that we socialised and solidarised with our younger brothers and sisters in this school to inspire and give them hope.

Quite apart from that members of this Pro-NDC platform went ahead to play a football match with these students and that was the excited part of the programme.

During the programme, opportunity was given to representative of "Meet Ur MP's/ fmr MP's n MMDCE's" to say a word. Below is the speech presented by this noble and purpose driven Whatsapp platform.


Madam Chairperson, Headmaster, Our Lord Bishop of Catholic Wa diocese, Most Rev. Richard Baawour, Representive of Regional Director of Education, Invited Guest, Staff and Students of the School for the Deaf, members of NDC present, Media, Ladies and Gentlemen. As members of a Pro-NDC WhatsApp platform by name "Meet Ur MPs /fmr MPs and MMDCEs", we are grateful for the honour done us to be part of this 50th anniversary celebration of the school for the deaf.

As social democrats, NDC holds people living with disabilities in high esteem and as a result we were the first political party in Ghana to appoint a person living with disability to the high office of a minister, in the person of Hon. Dr. Seidu Danaa.

In this direction, we are here today to socialize and to solidarise with our younger brothers and sisters and to add our voice to the fact that disability is not inability.

We will also wish to state that we will continue to collaborate and give support to the school in whatever way possible to help our brothers and sisters living with disabilities to realize their dreams. We are very hopeful that the next NDC government to be led by His Excellency John Dramani Mahama will give a facelift to the Wa School for the Deaf and we are assuring you that persons living with disability will continue to be part of the NDC family and future government.

As part of our support for the launching of your 50th anniversary celebration, we are donating assorted items valued at GHC 4000.00, which include:

Two (2) sewing machines

One (1) set of weaving machine

Three hundred (300) bowls with lids

Three hundred (300) cups with lids

Three hundred (300) exercise books

Two (2) footballs

Twenty-five (25) cartons of soft drinks and

Two (2) boxes of biscuits

In conclusion, Madam Chairperson, the door of the NDC is still opened and the school should not hesitate to knock on it for support when the need arises.

Thank you very much.

Eye Zu
Eye Za

Mr. Ishmael Dibkuu
Regional Elections Director (NDC)
Group Administrator

Government officials begged me to ‘destroy’ Anas – Ken Agyapong

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, has revealed that some big men within the party asked him to destroy renowned investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas.
The controversial politician confessed that after mounting a spirited defense for the party, some members with the NPP have now decided to embarrass and destroy his reputation.
Mr. Agyapong in the wake of the Number 12 documentary, which exposed massive corruption at the Ghana Football Association leading to the resignation of GFA President Kwasi Nyantakyi, attacked Anas on several occasions calling him a fraud and a criminal person.
He further released some pictures he claimed were that of the investigative journalist.
But in an interview on Oman FM, the NPP firebrand added that he will not seek a re-election due to how the NPP is embarrassing him after he was used to destroy Anas and the Tiger Eye PI firm.
[quad id=6]

“After mounting a spirited defense for the party against undercover journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, I was disgraced in parliament like a child,” the fuming Assin Central lawmaker said.
He added: “Look at how the party is using me and eventually will disgrace me. I have had enough and I am quitting, I am telling you in plain words. Before the Anas video came out, those who had the chance to preview it were alarmed and knew it will put the party in a bad light. They sent emissaries to my house at dawn to go and defend the party; thereafter they disgraced me in parliament.

[quad id=6]
“Anybody who is at the NPP headquarters lobbying to be a Minister if I am not an MP he cannot run me down. Nobody can also come and ask me to leave my house at 7am and go to defend the party on radio or television. Politics is not the only means through which one can make it. I am tired of NPP and the embarrassments.”

[quad id=6]
“I have decided not to contest again because of NPP and their conduct. The way they are using me and making me to face all sorts of embarrassment I do not think I can continue. You can record and go and play to them. Where I have lived my life up to and they are treating me, I am calling it quits,” Mr. Agyapong stated.



The Northern students must fix our priority of self development rather than placing it on the benefit of all. Certainly, it is the Northern Boy or Girl that you see often doing all the donkey work for others to benefit and is later abandoned.

I can state unequivocally that when you go to the bigger cities in this country (Ghana) like Kumasi, Accra, Sunyani and Techiman for instance, people you find doing the hard work are always the northerners. Apparently, I do often ask myself, why is it always the northerners? Is it that we don't deserve to enjoy the conducive work environment and the associated benefits like others from other parts of the Country?

One might think I am being tribalistic in this write up but that is my opinion and opinions they say are like noises.

Indeed, out of every ten people you see doing any dirty work nine or eight are always from the north. It is high time we went back, search for our priority and place it on self development rather than the humanitarian gains (development for all).

Let me not go far but descend to our various tertiary institutions. Our institutions, UEW-K, per my three years stay on campus, I got to realize that, my Northern brothers are being recognized than ever when it is time for students' politics. Campaigning, manifesto writing, Speech writing and defending cases at the students' court hearing are mostly done by my Northern brothers. Initially I thought the trend was going to change but it seems to be a going concern at all levels including the national level.

A classical example at the national level is the vigilante groups debacle in the country. Out of the various vigilante groups noted which the government is pretentiously fighting to disband, you will realize that 70 to 80 percent of the members are bearing the names of Northerners. Our politicians do use these groups to fight for their parochial interest. Vandalism, assassination and sabotage of their opponents are hallmarks of these people. This is done to secure victory for their pay masters. My question is, if in the process of distraction you perish your life, what benefit would your family who suffered in bringing you up will benefit? Absolutely Nothing. You might even be regarded as one of the foolish persons in this country when unfortunately you are being caught in the process.

My candid advice to my colleagues Northern Brothers and sisters, I know the general perception about our part of the country is that, "we are poor" but we have all it takes to break that bounds. According to Walter Elias Disney, he said " if you can dream it , you can make it" let's join hands together, say NO and fight hard to break that mischief myths in our minds, promote peace and the development of ourselves, our sector and the country, Ghana at large.

Thank You.

Yaro D Clifford



It is time I add my voice to the unending debate on campus, on the topic which set of leaders, lead UEW-K for the one year. Worldwide we are facing leadership crisis in business, industry, government, labour, education and even our churches and Mosques are all said to be starving from effective leadership of which UEW-K is not an exception.

We may have many people trying to fill the vacancies and take up the mantle of leadership but the question is, are they really out to fight for students interest and welfare or are out to create, loot and share?
In fact, civilization must experience progress, and progress depends on leadership. So you can see how sensitive and critical this area of leadership is. Much attention, dedication and commitment must be given to it since it seeks to address students problems and fights for their welfare.

Let me start this whole story by attempting to define who a leader is. A leader is someone who is in charge at his work place, performing the duties of leading a group of people. It all involves establishing a clear vision , sharing your vision with others for them to follow willingly, providing information, knowledge and methods of realizing this vision.

Over the past few years UEW-K has faced a lot of challenges in choosing leaders which has affected us negatively to a great extend. Because most of these leaders were resourced parsimonious and only a few were resource spendthrift.
Considering this trend you will see clearly how our only resource which is our finance has suffered because most of our leaders are resource parsimonious. In fact, we are here today because of the actions and inactions of our leaders and the caliber of people we choose to lead us.

Leadership is not about bold, big or diabolic you are is about wisdom, competence and the desire to serve humanity and leave a good mark for one self. I must however admit that diabolism is part of politics but in situation where it is extreme you must quickly distance yourself from such person's as they will have nothing good to offer at the end of the day. Such people must be booted and hooted out before they manage their way into office. Campus politics is very dynamic and flexible so you need inside knowledge and resourceful guidance before you can choose the right person to lead. Politics is a game of win or lose but you don't win an election at all cost. Just share your vision, sell your ideas and allow students to make their decisions.

We must not be giving monies , credit or even promise appointments before we support candidates. No we are above that. In fact, some of us suffered a lot before paying our school fees and SRC dues, so we must allow any greedy politician to squander, loot and share our monies. We must get value for our monies irrespective of who you are as our leader. Let's do the right thing so that we can hold leaders accountable for their spendings because it is one of the many qualities of a leader he must be held accountable. It's true everyone has a candidate he/she supports but let do our background checks well and know the people we seek to support very well before even convincing others to join us blindly as we have.

The last set of leaders we need is leaders with extreme diabolism, sugar quoted words and fake boldness and pretense just to convince us to put him/her in office to execute his devilish plans. This year propaganda must stop, dirty politics and politics of tribalism and regions of origins must stop. We are all human beings irrespective of your tribe or region we all deserve the opportunity to be leaders. And no candidate should hide behind any false and dubious ways just to seek students votes, let's come clean and do the right thing and we shall be voted for. Just be clear in your doings and allow students decide your fate.

Again we don't need media men to lead us, nor do we need people with packed CVs. We have seen SRC Presidents with packed CVs who have failed worth fully, some very bold and could bring the whole local assemble meeting to a hault even when they don't have a case. We need a committed, dedicated, visionary and above all God fearing people to lead us.

Follow students let's go back to the drawing board, think very well, subject our candidates to serious scrutiny and know why they really want power before we vote them. We deserve better services from our leaders but we must first make the right choices.

Moreover let's seek guidance and ask questions from those ahead then coupled with our own principles and beliefs then we can vote wisely.

Let's do clean politics and stop the propaganda and UEW-K shall work again. I also pray that the good Lord guide us through this elections. Students must be served and served well. Wishing all hopefuls the best of luck in your quest of seeking to become a leader. Students interest first my stands.
God bless students of UEW-K
God bless UEW-K and
God bless our homeland Ghana.

Wahidu Saaka
Accounting level 200

Ayawaso West Wuogon looked like Afghanistan – Mahama

Former President John Dramani Mahama has expressed disappointment in his successor, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, for describing the violence during the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election as an “isolated incident”.
He said if the president had borne the brunt of the violence, he would not have described the events as such.
The former president was commenting on the incident in an interview on Accra-based Radio Gold. Despite the widely condemned violence, President Akufo-Addo had congratulated the winner, Lydia Seyram Alhassan, in a statement.
The three-time leader of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) had described events during the by-elections as isolated.
The violence during the January 31 by-election led to gunshots fired, particularly around the residence of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) candidate.

Gunshots were fired at the residence of Delali Kwasi Brempong, whose party withdrew from the by-elections A scuffle at the La Bawaleshie Presbyterian Polling Station involving uniformed men said to be National Security Council operatives has received nationwide condemnation.
The masked men are believed to be trained militia of the NPP. They attacked all manner of persons including Member of Parliament of Ningo Prampram Constituency Sam Nartey George.
“It looked like Afghanistan,” Mr Mahama said in the interview on Friday. “You can’t believe this is Ghana.”

The former president had already met with the diplomatic community to apprise them of how events unfolded at Ayawaso West Wuogon Constituency.
He said the issues have to be dealt with immediately.

This comes a day after President Akufo-Addo called on the leadership of both the NPP and the NDC to meet to voluntarily disband all militias within their folds.

Akufo-Addo wants NPP, NDC to disband vigilante groups or else… He said the security agencies will be on stand-by for an outcome of the meeting.
The president at the delivery of his State of the Nation address on Thursday said he will initiate a legislation on the matter if the parties are not able to come out with a feasible resolution.


President Akuffo Addo on Thursday during the presentation of our current state as a Nation touched on a very sensitive issue, political vigilantism, I know many a Ghanaian was keen to know what our president and commander in chief had to say on this disgraceful menace.

The president rightly condemned it in no uncertain terms and we at Crossfire Ghana want to congratulate him for that. Moving on, he hinted that he has directed his party, the New patriotic party, to meet with the National Democratic Congress to fashion out ways to cure this political canker.

He further said if they are not able to do it, he will present a legislative instrument to parliament to enact a law banning it. We were taken back by the suggestion or directive by the president. We say this because we expected the president to have said that he had authorised his party to disband their vigilante groups. We know in his last state of the Nation address, he condemned it. It was rife then his party's invisible, Delta and khandaha forces had tormented and forced his own appointees out of office. His party stepped in and nothing happened till they went to disrupt a court session. How then can parties who are beneficiaries of these criminal acts stop it?

We, on this note want to appeal to the president to begin from his own party by ordering for the disbandment of the known vigilante groups, then he can lead the crusade to get our parliament to enact a law to criminalize this canker.

We also wish to appeal to the police service to as a matter of urgency look for the killers of the Gentleman who was murdered in cold blood at the NDC Regional office in Kumasi.

We pray those who were caught on tape in the Ayawaso west WUOGON issue will be dealt with devoid of political consideration.
Thank you.

Nana Osei Tutu
(0244 506776)

Political Vigilantism

Ghana has suddenly become a society entrapped in a restless and relentless consumerism where materialism become the new religion and money the new God. It is against this background that every unemployed youth in the country wants to associate himself with powerful party bigwigs in order to put food on the table for their families. This informs the reasons behind the adventurous actions being taken by members in these groups.

Activities of these groups are very inimical to the peace of the country hence igniting a loud unending calls, emanating from well meaning Ghanaians to wage war against the very activities and existence of these political vigilante groups in Ghana. The activities of these private political party's security groups have taken center stage in our various media outlets in recent times. The existence of these groups, which stems from the various political parties in Ghana, notably, the two major parties; NPP and NDC, is being questioned as their activities breakdown the moral fibre of the country's security. Reasons behind the establishment of these groups are premised on what they termed "biased and ineffective security personnel" in the country. Against this backdrop, the two major political parties severally complained bitterly about neglect and unprofessional treatment meted out against their members by the national security personnel at a particular point in time. Ghanaians unanimously condemn these groups because there is no moral equivalence between the actions and inactions.

Extensive discussions regarding the activities of these groups remain unabated since NPP came to power. It does happens so because our punitive laws have been left to sleep on the books for far too long, because of the institutional enforcement inaction of men and women who are supposed to uphold these laws but are not doing so. The government and the security agencies are sleeping on their jobs.

The dastardly acts being perpetrated by these groups are everything objectionable in a democratic nation like Ghana hence the loud calls for their disbandment. The question I asked is that is it practically possible that we can disband these groups? Yes! This is possible if the government of the day portray that indeed they will serve the interest of the citizenry and not party members. It is also possible if the political parties come to consensus to undo this canker they have brought on Ghanaians.

Now the question of whether or not we should integrate members of these groups into the official national security services as a way of disbanding them is the bowl of contention between many Ghanaians. Another question which should not be an after-dinner conversation but rather a question of pressing practical importance is that where do we place these people after disbanding and rendering them jobless? Don't you think these guys will come together and form a larger and more powerful gang which will serve as a terrorist group as Boko Haram in Nigeria? I envisage this happening and when it happens, it's still the ordinary Ghanaian who will face the repercussions.

We have to as a nation, critically think and take swift measures against this canker that is militating against the very existing peace in this country.

I conclude by making a clarion call on the government and all politicians to serve the interest of the citizens and desist from the selective ways of dealing with the good people of the country. Politicians and leaders should also stop the pick and choose recruitment of their party fateful into our security services for that has been the very foundation for so many security crisis in Ghana.