CID invites Ken Agyapong over killing of Anas’ undercover partner

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service, has officially invited Member of Parliament for Assin Central, the Honorable Kennedy Agyapong over the murder of investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas partner, Mr Ahmed Hussein-Suale, has confirmed.

The police said they will leave no stone unturned in getting to the bottom of the murder. They said Mr Kennedy Agyapong is only being invited as a person of interest.

Mr Ahmed Hussein Suale who worked with the Tiger Eye Private Investigations operated by ace journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, was gunned down by unknown assailants at Madina on Wednesday.
Hussein-Suale was shot three times, twice in the chest and another in the neck late Wednesday night while driving home by unidentified men riding a motorbike. He is the first journalist in the country to be killed this year.
According. to the CID, it is following all leads, indicating that all persons suspected to be linked to the murder will be invited to assist in the investigations.

Kennedy Agyapong is expected to tell the police what he knows about the murder.
'I am innocent'
Meanwhile, even before his official invitation from the police cane, Kennedy Agyapong has stated emphatically that he knows nothing about the murder.
He spoke on NEAT FM’s morning show ‘Ghana Montie’.
He avers that the young journalist never offended him whiles alive so it’s unfortunate that he has been linked to his ‘unfortunate’ death.

“A friend called to tell me that there is something trending on social media that I engineered the killing of one Ahmed. First of all, the guy has never offended me in anyway,” he said.
“When I premiered the ‘Who watches the watchman’ at Oman FM premises, I was told that I know Ahmed very well because he has been coming to my station for money. So I ordered them to stop him [Ahmed] from coming there and ‘beat the hell out from him’ because he can fix secret cameras around. This is what I said,” the controversial lawmaker told host, Kwesi Aboagye in an interview.


Your Mindset is the moulding block of your physiological being and future.

It has been a while ever since I dropped my ink for some emotional and psychological reasons but as the popular Ghanaian's community saying goes, the downfall of a man is never the end of this life, in bouncing back to my passion, I would want to share with my dear readers a piece which I have entitled " Your mindset is the moulding block of your physiological being and future ".

In my experience and research, I have come across many writers who laced their words on motivational thoughts of which most of them in their messages try in building the self conference ,perseverance and determination level of their readers and on that, I got to realized for myself that, the whole secret behind every successful person lies on two key words which I termed as The Determinants of Future. The first key word is Determination and the second word is Mindset. I will first want to torch on the Mindset and deal with the Determination in my subsequent piece to come.

With the issue of the Mindset, in simplicity means your future lies in your Mindset. One other thing I have realized is that, the mind has never ceased a minute from working although I used to believe what my grandmother told me some years ago that your Mind rest or stop working when you are asleep I wish it was today, I would have asked my grandmother a simply question which is, if it is indeed true then why is it that when you sleep and had a dream, you are able to recall vividly whatever transpired in the dream? You see, the point is, you may failed to put the thoughts from your mind into coherent and judicious use and working hard towards it but that doesn't mean you don't have great mind because the controller of your physical body is the Mindset.

Henry Ford once said, "whether you think you can or you can't either way you are right" hence to live and enjoy the future you desire to see yourself can never be attained if you cannot see it for yourself today in your mind's eye. In the quest to become one of the icon in the society, try as much as possible to see yourself to be the person you admire and desire to be, work hard towards it and I assure you will certainly become that person one day. The obligation therefore lies with you to decide what you want. Believe you can have it. Believe you deserve it. Believe it is possible for you. Close your eyes everyday for several minutes and visualize having what you want. Feel it. Believe it is already yours and finally don't forget to pray over it. That is what I termed as The Psychological Block for Physiological Development.

In the biblical context, Proverbs 23:7, of the Bible says, " As man thinketh in his heart, so he is" the big secret is in your thoughts to backed this point, one Buddha ever sighted that, " all that we are is the result of what we have thought. It is founded on our thoughts and made up of our thoughts " my dear reader I want you to use a minute to take a logical review of your life today. Are you the person you thought of becoming some days or years back? What was the strategy you used in your quest to becoming that person you desire to be? Has the strategy work for you? If your answer is No, one thing I would want you to know is that no matter how best your strategy may be it still requires a lot of effort to ensure that your chosen strategy achieved the result you expected and all this depends on the Mindset.

One brothers of mine Joseph Ziekye ever told me that, "where there is a vision, there is a provision". And after the conversation, I keep asking myself a question that, where would the provision come from? Is it going to come from within me or someone else? But with the little experience that I have had from my interaction with people, I got to know that indeed I have great values in me just that, I have failed at many times to realize those values and that is my problem, yours may also be the same or similar to mine but today, I want you to know that everything we do is from the mind so change your Mindset today and it will change your entire life, your future and your destiny but remember to keep most of your plans to yourself that is the secret because not everyone you associate with want your success.

I would like to conclude by eating the words of one popular Ghanaian motivational speaker Emmanuel Dei-Tumi " we are in the era of mind power not man power. Developed your mind".

By: Yaro D. Clifford

Tel: 0201563016


In times when unemployment is on the rise, the efforts of any individual to reduce this unspeakable act cannot be overlooked. It is based on this assertion the people of Kulmasa cannot hide their joy for a son, brother, uncle, father, grandfather etc who has the society at heart and contributing significantly to the development of his community, district, region and Ghana at large. It is largely argued that most rich people do not give back to the society after their service to the nation is over, well Mr Kassim has made the story different. Read with me to know how this man has made the story different.

Mr Kassim is a 64-year-old man who have been very successful in life by reckoned of his hard work. He is a retired banker who has been in the banking industry for close to 34 years. After his retirement he could have stayed elsewhere but because of his love for society and his desire to make the world a better living place for others, he came back to his village where he was born and groomed to share with his people the little he has acquired. Most people cannot hide their joy and happiness whenever his name is mentioned. For the people of Kulmasa and its environs, alone this man would have been the first gentleman of mother Ghana because even with the little he has, he have proven his worth.

A year after his retirement he returned to his hometown to set up a water purification factory (pure water ) in the community of which he has employed several of our youth who were idling and becoming a burden on the society. He has also renovated an abandoned classroom which has been well furnished and stuffed with books for the community Junior High School. He did not stop there recently an NGO donated a number of computers to the community school at the district capital and he bore the transportation cost and the renovation of the computer laboratory for the installation of the computers. Again he has been helping to pay the school fees for people who would have terminated their education because of financial constraints. Due to his reputation and dignity in the banking industry he has also helped few people to acquire jobs in the sector. You can mention and mention a junk of societal problems this man has helped solved and will never get finished.

On personal basis you cannot count the number of people he has helped in their weddings, naming ceremonies, funerals ect. Just mention the personal pressing needs of our people that have been solved and he has a hand in it. He also ensures that workers posted to the community have the greatest hospitality and a conducive environment to work and stay comfortable for their stay. Also as part of his kind nature part of his "pure water factory " has been mechanised as borehole as a source of portable water for the community use. This has brought relief on many women who use to walked long distances for water and also reduce the pressure on our two boreholes. I call him a one-man crusader towards developing the society and the country. He is indeed following the principle of been the change you want to see in the society.

These are the kind of inspiring people we need in our communities to bring the change our society needs not politicians who only comes around for campaign after which the only person you get to speak to at his office is his secretary. My people lets wising up, lets stand for our rights and desist from dirty and politics of deceit. I also want to use this opportunity to create the indulgence of our youth to join hands and educate our parents that a bag of rice, a pack of Maggi, a pack of tea from a politician cannot bring us portable water, cannot bring us quality health services, cannot bring us good roads, cannot bring us quality education and that we won't vote for such politician because they are tempering with our future now and generations to come. It is often said that a society that does not celebrates its heroes is not worth dying for. Is on this note the people of Kulmasa and its environs cannot hide their joy but express their gratitude to you for your numerous developmental projects that have helped reduce unemployment, send children back to school, provide us with portable drinking water, ensure quality education etc.

We are indeed grateful and may the good Lord replenish all that you have lost in your quest to making the society a better living place for others. Also other few well-meaning people have also contributed their quota to the development of our community we say a big thank you. We also thank those who still intend to cultivate the habit of giving back to the society, because is the only way we can develop as a community, district and a nation at large and not through politicians who have nothing to offer than bags of rice and sugar. Abraham Lincoln once said that "you cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today. " Yes, it is our responsibility to develop our community lets face it today or never.

God bless Kulmasa, bless Sawla-Tuna-Kalba district, and bless our homeland Ghana.

Saakawahid29@gmail com.

Auditor-General submits special report to parliament

The Auditor-General has submitted a special audit report on Disallowance and Surcharge to Parliament, in fulfilment of the provision under Article 187 of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana.

A Statement signed by Mr Bernard Conduah, the Acting Public Relations Officer of the Audit Service and copied to the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Thursday stated.

The statement said the report seeks to draw the attention of Parliament and the citizenry to progress made so far on Disallowance and Surcharge, after the landmark decision of the Supreme Court on June 14, 2017, in a suit between Occupy Ghana and the Attorney-General.

It explained that the Attorney-General during the period, issued 112 Surcharge Certificates to individuals and organisations, and recovered a total of GHC67, 315,066.12 into government chest.

It said stakeholders and the public could access copies of the report from the website of the Ghana Audit Service at

A Plus petitions Special Prosecutor to investigate ‘corrupt’ Ursula Owusu

Kwame Asare Obeng popularly known as Aplus has said if 2018 saw him stand up against corruption, 2019 is the year that will see him fight one-on-one with corrupt personalities in the Akufo-Addo government without fear or favour.

Consequent to that, has confirmed that Aplus has authored a long petition addressed to the office of the Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu on alleged corruption involving Minister of Communication Ursula Owusu-Ekuful.

It is unclear what the content of the petition entails, but Ursula Owusu-Ekuful has been in the news for many good, bad and ugly reasons since she took over the Communication Ministry in 2017.

APlus who indirectly confirmed the petition to said in 2019 he wont be intimidated by anyone including Communications Minister Ursula Owusu-Ekuful.

Last year, APlus was sued by the formerly loudmouthed minister because Aplus had suggested she was a “thief” over some alleged shadiness in her handling of Kelni GVG contract which he a called “stinking coverup”.
Aplus said, “Kwesi Nyantakyi is only being sacrificed to cover up the 89/178 million dollars GVG Kelni Stinking scandal.”

Ursula Owusu-Ekuful demanded an immediate retraction and apology and threatened suit but Aplus ignored her. She went ahead and sued him but later withdrew the suit under dramatic circumstances.
A Plus is now serving her notice that 2019 cannot be a year of rest for her and that she cannot intimidate him.

“There is not a single person in this country who is paid with tax payers money who can intimidate anyone.” he wrote.
“Do not allow them to intimidate you like how Ursular Owusu tried to do with a court case she never followed. She thought Kwame A Plus was one of those coward. (I’ve even prepared a petition to Martin Amidu against her. She thought it’s over. ??????????????????????????????Wanya!!!)” he said.
“When she realised she could not intimidate me she run to court to tell the court she can’t find me. Liar liar!!! So I walked to the court and picked the writ up myself and she never came back. She has to apologize to me for wasting my time. If she want to follow it I’m here and ever ready to face her.” he jabbed.
Activism against Asenso-Boakye, Jinapor

A-Plus’ utterances sparked some controversy in September 2017, when he accused President Nana Akufo-Addo’s two Deputy Chiefs of Staff, Francis Asenso-Boakye and Abu Jinapor of corruption.
It later emerged that the accusations had to do with the two putting pressure on the CEO of Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Dr Felix Anyah, to back an on-site revenue-collection contract at the hospital to UniBank.

The Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) was later petitioned to investigate the case. They were eventually cleared of any wrongdoing after its investigations.

A-plus subsequently issued an apology for his comments, saying his approach was wrong.


Sam Korankye Ankrah reacts to Owusu Bempah, Badu Kobi’s death prophecies

Apostle General of the Royal House Chapel International, Reverend Sam Korankye Ankrah has rebuked the recent death prophecies by the so-called prophets.

According to the apostle, these prophecies are not from God but human manipulation taking advantage of the fear of people.
“All these are not from God. This is not the spirit of God. This is human manipulation taking advantage of your fears and your lack of faith and also what you want to hear. They are telling and manipulating you“, he stated.

He also added that people are defrauded by Pastors every day but they do not learn from it and continue to give their hard-earned money to them.
“People are listening to these warnings but they don’t take it. Every day things are coming out to warn us to sit up and work out our salvation with fear and trembling“, he added.

He, therefore, advised Christians to have faith in the word of God and be careful of these prophets.
“Put your faith in Christ and the word of God. Your prayer in your closet is enough. Salvation and the gift of the spirit is free. You shouldn’t be manipulated to give money to men of God”, he concluded.

Source: ghanapage. Com

My Assin constituents are lazy, ungrateful and wicked – Ken Agyapong spits venom

Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong has described his constituents as a bunch of lazy, ungrateful and wicked-minded people who do not want to work in order to fend for their families but are only interested in being dolled with money, reports.

According to him, he has consistently made an effort to establish a factory in Assin to employ residents but they have in one way or the other sabotage the efforts to the extent that they left parts of the equipment to be stolen rendering it ineffective.
In a recent interview he granted a local journalist in the area obtained the audio, a seeming angry businessman said he has been habouring the pain of the conduct of his people for long and the time had come to voice out his frustration.

“Truth be told, I will not establish the factory here. If you are serious and want me to buy your produce I will do that but to put up a factory here which will be destroyed I will never do that. I am not afraid of anyone and will speak the truth to your face. When they travel out of this town they are hardworking but when here they are lazy. I am not afraid of anyone. Will tell you straight else they will never change”, he angrily stated.

Explaining what has provoked his anger, the New Party (NPP) firebrand stated “I cultivated about 598 acres of rice which stretched from Assin Dompim to Assin Asempaneye with 800 workers but at the end, they didn’t even harvest 1000 bags of rice. You see that the Assin Nyankomasi fruit factory has also not functioned efficiently. One of the farmers said when he brought his oranges the guys who loaded the produce were not paid so he’s sending his produce to others in Burkina Faso. If you don’t change your bad mindset”.

Continuing his reason for lashing out at the constituents he said “When you are establishing anything here, the workers from the community feel they are doing you are favour. They are wicked-minded and hate to work. Look at the Dompem factory, later they allowed the machines to be stolen. I wanted to dash it to someone but they have stolen all the electrical panels. They used the ceiling to steal parts of the machine rendering the machine useless.

If you do not stop your wickedness, we will always come and distribute things to you this way and leave. I have haboured this issue in me for long. We all want to come home and develop but the mindset of residents of Assin makes it difficult for development to go on. I have seen you enjoy me coming around and dolling out money to you…carry on if that is what excites you. Unless you change, if you do not change, don’t expect anything good”, he advised.


The Unprecedented Orientation Of Lambussie Constituency NDC Branch Executives

The constituency executives of the Lambussie Constituency organised their maiden and unprecedented capacity building orientation for their branch executives. It was a well organised and power packed programme spearheaded by their dynamic and indefatigable youth organiser, Mr. Alipo, and the communication officer, under the theme: "The role of the Youth wing in rejuvenating the grassroots for speedy re-organisational process of the party. Operation heal all the wounds, cement all the cracks and be solid for victory 2020".

The programme which was held at the premises of the constituency chairman was well patronised by the branch executives, constituency executives, regional executives, the member of parliament and some other well meaning comrades. Indeed, the programme served as a projector that magnified their unflinching quest to recapturing power come 2020. It was organised with the core aim of fortifying, rejuvenating and equipping the constituency executives with the necessary skills in preparation for victory in the 2020 election.

The constituency youth commander, Mr. Alipo, briefing the audience on the purpose of the programme stated that the programme was the first of it kind so far. "This programme is the first ever being organised in the constituency. We organised it at this particular time to properly equip, fortify, rejuvenate and strengthen our branch executives to start championing the crusade of operation win hands down". He added, "this orientation will equip us with the necessary skills and some technical techniques that will automatically strengthen us and make our work towards the 2020 election simpler and easier. This will safe us from the convenient game theory of political deception from this substandard government ".

The first speaker, Mr. Prosper Puoire, the vociferous and dynamic Upper West NDC Communication Officer, spoke on the topic, "Equipping the youth with the requisite skills and aptitude to enable them participate actively in healing the wounds and cementing the cracks as part of the re-organisation process". He painstakingly took the audience through the enviable ideological orientation of the NDC. He further entreated those on social media to share the current happenings in this government with all party members at the branch level. "I plead with those of you on social media to update all our party members at the branch level, the current happenings in this government so that our people will be abreast with issues. This will enable them to communicate effectively to the people in and around the constituency. When this is done Ghanaians will not be deceived again". He said, "at any level you are speaking, the people look at where you are saying what you are telling them. They look at the personality doing the talking, that is who is communicating? And finally, what at all are you communicating to them"? Mr. Prosper vehemently stated "these are the basic things people look out from you executives".

Again, the regional communication officer charged the executives to start organising branch meetings if they have not started. He said, "you have to start holding branch meetings with our people at the branch levels if you have not started. It is very significant to meet often and discuss few things about the forward movement of the party. It is not only the duties of the constituency or regional executives to call meetings at the branch levels. We have to put aside personal issues and benefit greatly from the branch meetings. We must be hospitable not only to our comrades but also to non-comrades so that we can win more souls for NDC. This is the time. Our elders do say that slow runners begin running early, that they may reach the middle of their journey before the fast runners start their journey".

Mr. Prosper Puoire further admonished executives to be vigilant with hearsay because hypocrites are many. He said, "the NDC parliamentary elections will be coming off soon. We have to be very careful with hearsay. The hypocrites and hearsay at all levels are likely to take the center stage in our party in a no distant time as we journey towards this crucial exercise. Let us play crucial roles in electing credible and winnable flagbearer and parliamentary candidates".

The second speaker, the gallant and humble Regional Youth Organiser, Mr. Nicodemus Dery, spoke on the topic, "Conscientising the youth in social democracy ". He told the audience that each and everyone has a sacrosanct responsibility to ensuring victory come 2020, but the sacrosanctity of that collective effort can only be manifested if we ourselves make up our minds. He said, "each of us has a responsibility, our responsibilities are not to blame one another but to work for victory. We have to work so that we all will benefit from the party's development when we come to power. Anybody who fails to work will not benefit when we win. No contribution, no chop. He went further to ask a rhetorical question, "how are we re-organising ourselves to win the 2020 election?

He charged the youth to prepare themselves for the 2020 election. "We the Youth must get prepared to police the ballot boxes in the 2020 election. We will not sit down and allow the NPP and its invisible forces to hijack the electoral processes. We must not remain in opposition after the 2020 election. We will win the election but it all depends on us".

Commander Sylvester Bawilse Boyuo who is a former police commander took members through the topic, "Conscientizing the youth towards protecting the ballot box,
Presidential and parliamentary election 2020; the role of the NDC youth wing of Lambussie constituency". He said that the youth are the strong pillars in every vibrant political party. The victory of any party depends largely on the youth wing. One major key role the youth play is protecting the ballot box as polling agents or party agents during elections. He said that the constitution has given room for every presidential or parliamentary candidate to present agents to guard their boxes. It is the youth who have the strength and are also on the ground, so they know the nitty-gritty of the constituency, hence the need for them to be engaged in this regard. Commamander Sylvester Boyuo having taken the audience through the electoral processes, called on the youth to avail themselves for the protection of the ballot boxes in the 2020 election. He added that lack of party agents and less commitment displayed by some of the polling agents were some of the contributory factors to the party's defeat in the 2016 election.

The regional women organiser also charged the women to play active roles in the activities as the party tightens its belt to recapture power. She said, "we, women are numerically stronger than the men yet we don't see you in your numbers playing key roles in re-organising the party. We have lots of associations and women groups, let's use those groups to win more souls for our party. She concluded by challenging the women, "those of you women who will be able to win five new souls for NDC will be rewarded greatly".

The Regional Organiser, Hon. Nuhu Putiaha, represented the regional chairman, Mr. Bunas as he is famously called. In his speech delivered by Hon. Nuhu Putiaha, he commended the Lambussie Constituency Executives for their proactiveness. He said, "it has not been long when we were elected but this is the fourth time we are here for power packed programmes of great magnitude. This constituency has been the pace setter in the region. They chart the path for others to emulate. That is highly commendable.

"Again, chairman Bunas ask me to tell you that the NDC presidential and parliamentary elections will be coming off very soon, so we must not allow the love for our candidates to degenerate into a deep seated cracks among us. We have to be circumspect in our utterances so that we can still work together as a party after the primaries".
Finally, the member of parliament of the constituency, Hon. Edward Dery, added that the other executives should also try their best possible to win at least five new souls for the party to enable the party win the 2020 election.

Nandom Constituents Lauded Dr Richard Kuuire

It was a soothing, refreshing and scintillating atmosphere when the 2016 NDC Parliamentary Candidate for Nandom and his entourage got to the grounds where he sunk three boreholes. All the grounds were Characterised by exhilaration, joy, smiles inter alia.

Men, women and children across the communities were seen gathered at these villages waiting for Dr Kuuire. As excited as they were, it was practically impossible for these people to stand mute amidst the happiness that engulfed them. The grounds were charged with singing and dancing and that became the hallmark of the gatherings in the above communities. I must confess that our women are very creative in composing songs. Varieties of danceable local songs were composed and sang using the name of Dr Richard Kuuire. A classical examples are Kuuire is the saviour of Nandom, Kuuire (Kuuire ni a Nandom faare), come early and prepare the grounds (Dang waa wa maali azie), Thank God we have gotten His blessing (Barikaa Pupieeloo ti nye Naawmin maaloo...) and many more.

It must be stated that the gatherings was without any political colouration since the event was non-partisan. The people gathered are those who have been praying to God for portable water for a long period of time. Indeed, they struggled for portable water for such long time. They either travel long distances to fetch water from a borehole or they compete with their animals for water in either the dams or the river side.

The NDC 2016 parliamentary candidate for Nandom Constituency, Dr Richard Kuuire, who was touched by the plight of these people during his interactions with them in his bit to represent them in parliament, swiftly and positively reacted to their cry by putting smiles on their faces. This, he did by digging and mechanising three boreholes in each of the communities. These communities are Vapuo, Tome Zedaagang and Piiri Follow. You can now reason with them, over their loud celebration and exhilaration.

When the people were given the chance to express their feelings, there was one statement that was very loud and clear in all the speeches they delivered. That was, "thank you Dr Kuuire". The statement, water is life, was echoed and re-echoed at these three villages coupled with an indescribable expression of their sincerest appreciation to Dr Kuuire for his milestone magnanimity. This was what the people said, "water crisis has been an age-old problem in this community. We have prayed earnestly to God for this and today He has answered our prayer through Dr Kuuire. We have nothing to say than to thank God and Dr Richard Kuuire for this kind gesture".

Dr Richard Kuuire in his speech, acknowledged the contributions of friends outside this country who made it possible for him to achieve this milestone success. "I was able to sink these boreholes with support from some friends who are not Ghanaians. I am grateful to them and hope they will continue to support the people of Nandom in other areas of need". He admonished the people to take very good care of the boreholes so that they don't breakdown anytime soon. "I will plead with the chiefs and the committee to take very good care of these boreholes so that they don't breakdown anytime soon". He quickly added that the boreholes are for all members of the communities hence nobody should be discriminated upon. "I present the boreholes to the chiefs and the entire communities members so I urge you not to discriminate against anybody on any grounds". These statements attracted very loud and prolong clap from the crowd.

He used the event to tell the people the number of boreholes he dug for the good people of Nandom after his narrow lost in the 2016 general elections. "These three boreholes increased the number of boreholes I sunk and mechanised to nine (9) after I lost the 2016 parliamentary elections". This reminds me of what some people said about him sometime ago, that Dr Richard Kuuire is one of those when giving out something with his right hand, doesn't stretch out his left hand in anticipation of something. Dr Richard Kuuire told the people that he commissioned thirty-eight boreholes before the 2016 elections. This presupposes that he has not stopped his good works after he lost the election.

Dr Richard Kuuire again used the occasion to inform the people his decision to contest the coming NDC parliamentary race as well as the race for the member of parliament for Nandom Constituency. He promised the people his unflinching quest to contributing wholeheartedly to the development of Nandom which resultant effect will automatically be the transformation of the lives of Nandome.

Derbie Raphael

The 2016 NDC Parliamentary Candidate For Nandom Constituency, Dr. Richard Kuuire, Has Done It Again.

The 2016 NDC parliamentary candidate for Nandom constituency, Dr. Richard Kuuire, has not relented in his quest to salvage the good people of Nandom from water crisis, water related diseases and more importantly, the competition between them and their animals over water. Water, they say is life. This implicitly shows that this loyal and illustrious son of Nandom has realistically and wholeheartedly wants the life-span of his people to be extended.

Dr. Richard Kuuire who narrowly lost the 2016 parliamentary race for Nandom constituency remains committed to serving his people as a way of giving back to society, what society has given him. He has religiously demonstrated in deeds and words deep and profound love for his people. This affection is eternal and without prejudice or discrimination.

Typical of some people, many thought that this selfless servant of Nandom was going to neglect the plight of the good people of Nandom as others across the length and breadth of the country do, but Dr. Richard Kuuire proved them wrong by his continuous delivery of safe drinking water to "Nandome".

As further prove of his service, on Wednesday, 19tg December, 2018, Dr. Richard Kuuire has commissioned another three different newly sunk boreholes, one at Vapuo, one at Tome Zendaagang and the last one at Piiri Gbollo. This has added to increase the number of boreholes, sunk and mechanised to nine (9) boreholes since he lost the parliamentary elections in 2016. parliamentary race. What is more of a commitment than this? This is indeed a loyal son of the land who holds in high esteem the health of his people. His commitment to providing drinkable water to "Nandome" is in line with the saying that sound minds reside in healthy bodies.

As frank as he is, Dr. Richard Kuuire used the occasion to declare his intention to contest for the pending NDC parliamentary race and the member of parliament for the Nandom constituency.

This hardworking son of Nandom has dug thirty-eight (38) boreholes across the length and breadth of the Nandom constituency before the 2016 election. He did that after women and men cried to him during his tour of the constituency to seek the mandate of the people to represent them in parliament. Albeit his narrow defeat, he still remains unrelenting to providing drinkable water for all those who cried to him during his tour.

Dr. Richard Kuuire is not only providing water to his constituents but also helps in human resource development. This, he does by assisting the young once to furthering their education. He also assists them to put food on tables for their families.

In fact, we can not imagine the level of development Nandom will experience under the leadership of Dr Richard Kuuire.
We can foresee a bright and prosperous future for Nandom with this dedicated, experienced and service oriented servant, Dr Richard Kuuire, a true God sent saviour, at the helm as Member of Parliament of Nandom Constituency.


Nandom Deputy Youth Organiser

Yakubu Abdul Rahaman


Nandom Constituency Communication Officer.