Africa Awaits us

Anytime I perch, I think of tomorrow and anytime I think of tomorrow , yesterday pushes me away from today to get to tomorrow for tomorrow begins today. Of late, many resolutions are made;Hundreds achieved, thousands achieving and millions to achieve.

What the future/tomorrow holds for us is not within our grasp for it is said " No matter how tall you may be but you cannot look into tomorrow". It is therefore a step at a time not rushing because it is not always the fastest that win the race nor the strongest the battle but the smartest always prevails.

As rightly said, today holds its own characteristic problems, don't be worried about tomorrow's problems, solve today's problems and relax for tomorrow's problems for it is said "a rolling stone gathers no moss".

We are living in a technologically advanced world where everything from eating to marketing and virtually every human faculty is controlled by technology. This is the biggest challenge we face in Africa now. How do we as Africans advance with this technological world? How do we use these available resources to solve our problems?

Take a look around, poverty is rampant everywhere, child marriage is the talk of the day, contagious diseases are killing our very people, armed robbery is eating deep into our fibre, must these continue? The opportunities are numerous in this 21st century of ours where everything and everyone can be monitored.

All we need is proper leadership at the basis to help us grow with this technologically advanced world to help us eradicate some minor Challenges and to brace ourselves to aim for bigger and greater challenges to bring glory to the African people.

Let us prove to the white man that, slavery has not taken away our ability to reason, it has not taken our enthusiasm, it has not taken away our determination rather it has given us a renewed hope to progress more, a renewed spirit to aspire for better and a renewed and rekindled enthusiasm to work to return the glory of the African continent.

Now on, getting off track, Abraham Maslow's theory of needs is my guiding principle, scale of preference is my means and foresight vision is my destination.

Time to come, when you see me, Achievement shall be my factory, affecting generations shall be my products, Africa shall be my homeland and *_primus_* *_interpares_* shall be my name
Let's keep the fire burning for Africa.
# God bless us all
#God bless Africa
#God bless Ghana



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