​Focus on Wrestling Power  not Fighting Vetting – Cross Fire Ghana charges NDC Aspirants

Focus on Wrestling Power  not Fighting Vetting - Cross Fire Ghana charges NDC Aspirants

As the Vetting Committee of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) sits to approve aspirants vying for the various national positions of the party, members of Cross Fire Ghana, wishes to remind aspirants not to close eyes and ears on the 'party first' agenda. The party has structures to be followed in the wake of any,  misunderstandings, and uncertainties to resolve these issues.
The party's rules and regulations must be paramount in all our endeavours, to make NDC extremely attractive in the upcoming elections. Members of the NDC seeking to be elected as our executives, remember there is going to be losers and winners; but, that is individually, collectively as a party, no one loses, so, the agenda to wrestle power from mismanagement, gross incompetence and disrespect, plus the glaring corruption  the country has been plunged into should be your focus. After vetting unite, after elections unite, for agenda 2020 is the target. 
We at Cross Fire Ghana, congratulate those aspirants who are or have acknowledged the party's structures solving their challenges.
Ghanaians. are crying for alternatives, Ghana must be put back on the developing track let's settle internal wranglings and fight for the bigger agenda.
Long Live Ghana

Long Live NDC

Long Live Cross Fire Ghana.

Nana Osei Tutu

Convenor, Crossfire Ghana.

Contact: 0244506776

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